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  1. They are stealing my name......
  2. lost ebay bid to the SAME person TWICE!!! GRRRRR
  3. Close friend is pg and I'm not--pooh!
  5. When does the "feet" stage end?!?
  6. Booo -- I got burned on Gymborebel.
  7. DD is making me INSANE
  8. DD is not sleeping
  10. Freecycle/Craigslist gripe
  11. Sad also:( Not sure I should be???
  12. Trying to organise the house around DS
  13. Why can't they have pants for kids in different lengths
  14. I've been BANNED!........
  15. stressed
  16. I don't even know what to answer to that
  17. How to drive your daughter in law to drink.
  18. Anti-bitch about the Olive Garden
  19. Feeling snubbed and ignored
  20. Tiny Kids
  21. Boscov's Bitch that turned into a semi-rave
  22. My Dairy, Egg, and Soy-Free Pity Party
  23. Neil Diamond and other songs stuck in my head
  24. What was UPS thinking??
  25. Freaking Air Show!!
  26. Don't order from Kidsurplus if you are in a time crunch!
  27. Why does DH procrastinate? (WARNING VERY LONG)
  28. Craig's List and MIL
  29. It's cold!!!
  30. Avent/Enfamil/Similac ect selling our info..I think...
  31. Dr. Ticked me off!!! Now I don't know what to do! Warning Long Post...
  32. Illustrations not matching the story
  33. Real estate listings are so irritating!
  34. I hate scary Halloween stuff
  35. What do you hate about your kitchen?
  36. I am a Ticket Magnet
  37. Appliances that don't last
  38. I hate the mall rant
  39. DH has ticked me off!!
  40. Teething fever means DD can't go to Daycare?
  41. DD's stuff going MIA at daycare. How to handle this nicely?
  42. Ebay listing mistake!
  43. DH just 'suggested' our chosen baby name to a friend!
  44. who else had a terrible day today?
  45. UGH ANOTHER PARTY the night befor first day of school
  46. Overstock grr
  47. Stupid punks broke into our cars last night!
  48. Doctor Update! Not sure if this should be here or the lounge...(LONG)
  49. here is something for the bitching post... another ped gone bad
  50. They have been back in school 1 week already selling stuff
  51. UPDATE/WALK REPORT - Frustrated with my friends - kind of long
  52. sleep deprivation sucks
  53. I hate toile
  54. Potty training sucks!
  55. May I whine, please?
  56. in laws/dh
  57. My boobs are broken
  58. DH Lost My Son's New Shoes
  59. Don't register at Target!
  60. A b!tch about my sisters piece of &^%$*&^ husband.
  61. Just plain annoying...
  62. Separation/stranger anxiety in 6 month old - going back to work is hard!
  63. Please tell me I did the right thing (long)
  64. Come ON already.
  65. Tough day!
  66. General whinge
  67. Ok I don't know if this belongs here....
  68. My husband watches sponge bob square pants
  69. would u be thrilled , so many cupcakes ?
  70. Tip buckets
  71. I'd like to hit Bobby Flay upside the head with a frying pan
  72. Dear DH (TMI)
  73. I admit it!!! I have a problem...
  74. mysterious funky smell in the house!
  75. UPDATE - I lost my wedding ring
  76. NO MIL - I'm not going to a DH's cousin's wedding.
  77. don't you hate it when
  78. grrr DH
  79. While we're talking about men and toilet training...
  80. A scorpion in the diaper
  81. Grrrr.... Macy's!
  82. Ebay bitch, and a question about unconfirmed address
  83. *shakes head** DH DH DH
  84. Will my naked/deck humiliation never end?
  85. DH is making me hate sports
  86. My MIL is driving me crazy.
  87. What the Heck???
  88. So what if we gave DS a mohawk?!?!?!
  89. ARGH! I am sick AGAIN.
  90. UPDATE: Bad Sitter Interview (VENT)
  91. Just a silly vent...getting tired of reading the same book!
  92. Authentic Italian, whatever!
  93. I Hate the Post Office!!
  94. join me in sharing a stupid vent (or 3)
  95. Gah! Parents' house is driving me nuts
  96. horrible month so far (ETA: warning, loss mentioned)....
  97. Do you ever just want to tell a freind to shut-up! Long
  98. Will it ever end?
  99. Am I being overly sensitive??? Sorry so long...
  100. Kids today have no respect and how I became the mean lady at the playground (Long, but a good story...I think)
  101. My bad night.
  102. Elmo TMX and people trying to make huge profits...
  104. DH and taxes
  105. Wah! I think AF is back already.
  106. My very first bitching post. What would you do? Looong
  107. Men Are Babies
  108. DS got bit at daycare - for the third time
  109. My Vacuum Sucked Up A Playsilk!!
  110. Just for fun - ridiculous advice stories?
  111. A bitch and need advice
  112. Oh angel butt, dear sweet baby boy of mine
  113. Heading towards car naps three days in a row!
  114. What am I supposed to do now?
  115. DD will ONLY wear Hanna playdresses
  116. I am breaking down
  117. How hard is it to write a thank you note?
  118. Is this IBS? Warning... wayyy TMI
  119. I have insomnia
  120. My DVR missed the 4th quarter of the ND-MSU game!!
  121. UPDATE: She sends the fearmongering urban legends...
  122. Does it bug you when people buy things you don't need/want fro your DC?
  123. What the f*&^ with credit card companies due dates on a SUNDAY???
  124. Freaking CBS!
  125. It never fails...
  126. My first bitch --> Crocs
  127. MIL, why bother asking me?
  128. cold medicine for kids
  129. terrible twos?
  130. Christmas Birthday Bitch
  131. I hate the "New" PBSkids format!!
  132. Does anyone else detest savings bonds?
  133. Enough with the freaking drama!
  134. I am now craving fruity tootsie rolls..
  135. On DH's Behalf:
  136. COME ON BABY!
  137. I have cankles.
  138. SIL Vent
  139. If you throw it away...replace it!
  140. Mad about Shoes.com Jumping Jack $6.45 Deal!!! (Xpost Reality Layette)
  141. Time for another Pity Party--wanna join me?
  142. DH: You're not allowed to make travel arrangements ANYMORE!
  143. DiscountMagazinePublications.com sucks!
  144. What the heck is wrong with DH?
  145. Help...vent about me and needy friend...
  146. Just my own little pity party
  147. Who washes silk in machine? 3 tops ruined
  148. People who don't call OR Show up!
  149. Grrr... Salespeople who refuse to think
  150. I hate Blue Cross!
  151. DH and bleach, a lousy combination
  152. Anyone else to take a while to get pregnant?
  153. I hate MIGRAINES!
  154. Children's Place and Customer Service
  155. When you're out and your DC makes a mess do you clean it up?
  156. I hate Toys R Us.
  157. Anyone find it hard to leave the house?
  158. Advice for Craigslist posters...
  159. disapppointed
  160. Piece of c*!p PBK ! UPDATE!
  161. When it rains it pours!!!
  162. An opposite of bitching post.....
  163. Bad Day (update)
  164. pediatrician's office won't call in refills
  165. Dh and shopping
  166. Totally stunned
  167. I can't stand my dad... (long, long, long)
  168. I have the worst luck when it comes to shopping online...
  169. Teething sucks!
  170. Who forgot to refill the toilet paper, people?!
  171. 5:00 house crazies
  172. Gripe on Britax
  173. It never fails...
  174. Stealing from little kids!
  175. I just "fired" my mom from babysitting...sad but relieved
  176. A bitch against myself...
  177. I've lost my driver's license.
  178. Annoyed with Babar the Little Elephant
  179. Am I the only one who thinks this fundraiser STINKS! *MAJOR VENT*
  180. Parents who don't supervise their kids
  181. DH is addicted to monopoly
  182. Children Stores that aren't "Child Friendly"
  183. Why can't people walk on the right side of the hall????
  184. I need to move.
  185. X-post...tricky ebay situation
  186. First Time @ the Park Alone with my Twins---Mean Kids!
  187. Daycare is taking sick kids. Don't know how to handle this one. (sorry - long!)
  188. Preemptive bitch
  189. I finally told my mom the way I felt and yet I'm the bad guy
  190. It's winter cold and it's mid October only
  191. DH, what were you thinking!
  192. deleted to protect the innocent. ;)
  193. What were they thinking!? (RE: Son's school photos)
  194. DS sick again
  195. There is a MOUSE living in my car!
  196. My New Camera Broke..........
  197. sick...again
  198. A bitch about grandparents playing favorites
  199. The dog ate my Preschoolians
  200. This child will use my uterus as their first apartment in college.
  201. Small preschool vent
  202. Stupid, stupid, stupid satelite TV!
  203. just need to vent
  204. I am a bad, bad person. . . .
  205. Grr, still no power after 7 days! (UPDATED)
  206. If you're not supposed to say it's candy, why make it taste like candy???!!!
  207. When you child got their 1st flu shot-did you pay for each dose?
  208. Why me and why now?
  209. Frustrated and a bit worried... (may be long winded!)
  210. My DD knows who Elmo is!!!
  211. Don't upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0
  212. Teething, runny noses, screaming and fussing. The sounds of love.
  213. My mother and her advice
  214. My Sister....AGAIN
  215. Well, I've been forced to upgrade my cell
  216. Politics In The Workplace
  217. I don't work - get over it!
  218. Just remembered something from long ago and it bugs me...
  219. Family Talking Behind My Back
  220. DH was right (hate it when that happens)
  221. UPDATE And I'm not supposed to be mad?
  222. HGTV shows
  223. I HATE bugs!!!!!
  224. A whine, not even a whine, but I'm here anyway.
  225. Am I the only one who finds this weird/kinda creepy?
  226. Throw the toy out already!
  227. tired of arguing with dh over RF carseat
  228. Frustrated and a bit worried :UPDATE:
  229. Cleaning lady picked the wrong day to ask for a raise...
  230. Really disappointed...
  231. Insomnia sucks!!!
  232. Just a bitch
  233. Yes, I'm still nursing my two-year-old. Go mind your own business!
  234. WWYD? Another MIL b!tch. Pun intended. (LONG)
  235. My husband lost his cell phone
  236. Urgghh...Sleep issues...me and dh
  237. Uh, thanks DH for cleaning up but...
  238. If someone invites you to something
  239. Happy Birthday to me...I'm hosting a pity party...
  240. Dear DH - This is why I tell you to do things ahead of time!!!!
  241. I may, in fact, kill DH (long)
  242. Pee and Poop and Laundry, OH MY.
  243. Whine... I have a head cold...
  244. FELT on the bottom of Payless shoes? My kid keeps slipping. Xpost Layette
  245. Oh DEER!
  246. seperation anxiety=i get no time ALONE!!!
  247. Time change. 'Nuff said.
  248. Stop killing so many freakin' trees
  249. Why us? UPDATED
  250. stupid weekend