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  1. I don't want to be at work today!!
  2. DD is throwing up, sigh...
  3. Why did I let ds pick?? What was I thinking?!
  4. I'm in so much pain right now....
  5. Am I ever going to sleep again?!?!!
  6. Whine - Can't DH get a LITTLE excited sometimes?!
  7. Another Pediatrician vent
  8. thanks so much...
  9. WAAAHHHHHH...update
  10. Ummm.... could we be any more picky???
  11. Ended a wonderful Halloween evening with...
  12. Whine -- Worried about my health
  13. Someone egged my house last night!
  14. Where did my nice daughter go?
  15. Angry on behalf of my DH
  16. Baby Catalog already charged me for an out of stock item
  17. thanks for the advice
  18. Way to squash his imagination and creativity lady
  19. A bitch about my bitching...
  20. schuyler just woke up dylan
  21. Working on my dissertation is driving me nuts
  22. Why can't they make children's clothing in different lengths?
  23. Trying to keep my mouth shut (warning long)
  24. No recess :(
  25. I hate my cat. Anyone want him?
  26. Is it too much to ask that DH use the cupholders?
  27. i have begun to HATE weekends because DH is such a grouch
  28. I have stopped answering the phone
  29. Not that I want to complain but man what a lousy birthday
  30. Gotta get rid of critters! WWYD?
  31. Am I wrong to be annoyed or is this my fault?
  32. Full of bitches today
  33. Over-emotional
  34. I do believe the love affair is over.
  35. Why does DS not nap on days I have an exam?
  36. Feeling really crummy about money...
  37. Underwear Sizes
  38. Wanna read what DH gave to DD for dinner tonight while I was gone???
  39. You won't believe what the nurse said at my dr appt.
  40. i can't take it anymore
  41. DH vent and whine - I am sick
  42. 4500 spam email in my mailbox
  43. I just need to whine......long............
  44. Burned on a swap. Blech!
  45. Very sad tonight...Sensitive topic
  46. These. Children. Are. Going. To. Drive. Me. Insane.
  47. Pet groomer GRRRRRRR!
  48. No, Don't listen to you DIL the ICU nurse, listen to your friends
  49. I just broke a piece of DD's nebulizer
  50. Doctors that think they know it all are wasting my time!
  51. How I wish I didn't feel the stress of the holidays
  52. Duncan Hines cake mix @#!%&
  53. Checking account charged twice for same check!
  54. Petty MIL Bitch
  55. Did she have to cut DD's bangs so @*$*#& short?!?
  56. (WARNING LOSS MENTIONED) Can't Get This Accident Out of My Mind
  57. Sigh....people.
  58. I am the bitch (LONG)
  59. Foul! Neighbor has Santa on his rooftop already!
  60. MIL vent, not really mad, just very hurt.....long
  61. DD's naptime is 12:30pm. What is so hard to remember about that?
  62. GRRR, DH why are you so angry?
  63. UPDATE (2): Lack of committment from playgroup is driving me crazy
  64. DH going through thirty five year crisis
  65. I hate my husband
  66. I refuse xrays - dentist refuses to clean!!!
  67. I Just turned in a really crappy paper and its all my fault UPDATE
  68. I Despise Best Buy!
  69. why do i STILL feel like i am going to hurl?
  70. Double standards for kids vs. adults
  71. Furious at DH
  72. What the heck?????????
  73. Another irriated with DH
  74. So I'm the only one who can't always control a preschooler??
  75. Came home from date night and mil still had kids up at 11pm!!!!!
  76. Stupidest Pregnancy Complaint Ever...
  77. Tell me if I am being unreasonable.
  78. AAgh...cluggy rice and blocked sink...
  79. Dollhouses and family values
  80. Yet another nervous issue
  81. It's like a Clash Of The Titans
  82. Poop
  83. Exasperated mother gives up. Four year old for sale on Ebay.
  84. Two days with DH and now...
  85. Lets cheer, cheer, cheer, the holiday drama is already here!!!
  86. I just need to vent!
  87. Soooooo tired.
  88. I am not ok. I HATE Thanksgiving.
  89. First AF in 18 months, both kids sick, have to work X-mas!
  90. Backed into a dumpster - IN MY DRIVEWAY!
  91. I appreciate the inlaws' help, but...
  92. Dishes go IN the sink!!!!
  93. "I'll take care of the wine," says MIL (weeks ago)
  94. GRRR DH complaint (what's new)
  95. Why can't I just let this go? (long)
  96. Want to slap the jerk in front of us on the plane (long)
  97. My SIL is INSANE!!
  98. Stop making me feel bad.
  99. BBB, give me strength...
  100. *DELETED* Silly B!TCH!
  101. Vent about work
  102. UPDATED: DH: Okay so I F'd up, do you have to make me feel like a walking pile of crap
  103. HATE Traveling to In-Laws House for Thanksgiving
  104. No he doesn't talk yet . GET. OVER. IT.
  105. Why do I always think of something else to get *after* free shipping expires?
  106. GRR-if i believed in it i'd put a hex on my dh's boss.
  107. What is up with Happy Feet promotions around Santa at the mall??!!!
  108. My boss is an earwig.
  109. My parents' christmas decorations are going to kill me!
  110. can you say FIASCO boys and girls????
  111. Just feeling bitchy
  112. My mom totally rearranged my pantry. What did your crazy mom do over Thanksgiving?
  113. Micro-poops
  114. Good Updates :) I hate playing catch-up.
  115. Whine... whine... whine...
  116. MIL Vent - Xmas Presents
  117. Liquid (hand) dishwashing soap in the dishwasher....(mild b*tch at myself)
  118. Bad Timing! Sick kid and broken washing machine
  119. Cant men hear?
  120. I wish I was cuter
  121. sick and dh leaves
  122. Doggone work holiday parties
  123. Grab some cheese...I have lots of "whine"...
  124. DH raining on my parade
  125. Silly B*tch, no avi is not a girl
  126. Feeling guilty: Someone please take our dog..
  127. I need to step away from my credit card
  128. Alright that's it I HAVE to say it....
  129. I don't hate winter but a week ago it was 70, now it's 9!!
  130. You know it's going to be a crappy day when...
  131. Please mind your own business!
  132. Ohh Bah HUMBUG!
  133. Norovirus!
  134. I'm too fat! No, wait, I'm too skinny!
  135. OK, now I'm mad.....another ebay transaction gone bad
  136. A round of applause
  137. Freinds(just another dysfunctional family) Secret Santa..warning long
  138. I hate Mannheim Steamroller
  139. You Freakin Hypocrit!
  140. I locked myself out of the house this AM with the twins still inside
  141. Christmas cards with out a greeting
  142. A vent...
  143. flu shot gave me a rash
  144. Wait a second!
  145. long cathartic btch. join in if you want, or ignore. :)
  146. 21 and pregnant - and yes, I actually PLANNED it!
  147. ARG!!! Nothing fits anymore
  148. can I have the salvation army pick up my husband...
  149. Driving rules if I have to share the highway with you
  150. Why are women at the gym so inconsiderate?
  151. No, it was not an accident!
  152. DH wants me to include ex's boss' girlfriend in all my Mom activites.
  153. I'm living Everybody Loves Raymond!
  154. My kid is weird
  155. Santa is not universal
  156. Update:Semi- B*tch, why do i waste time with doctors?
  157. whine-why am i the only one who cleans?
  158. I lost a family heirloom
  159. Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards...
  160. a month of a period
  161. Thanks for the "favor" DH!!
  162. My gathering was a bust....
  163. We send pics EVERY year....
  164. Me again, hitchin' to the bitchin' post...DD sick :(
  165. I hit a deer tonight!!!
  166. Semi- Update.....How could someone do this?!?
  167. More of a whine - Would the Boden sale please START already?!
  168. Feeling hurt- Did I do something to offend EVERYONE I know!?
  169. Caterer cancelled AT THE LAST MOMENT
  170. Winkflash never printed my order and it's already 12/11
  171. Irresponsible/Neglectful Parents!!!
  172. Screwed for being nice! Is it just me?
  173. working mama blues
  174. I am not sad
  175. No Nap on exam day
  177. Losing another pediatrician
  178. I guess this is a bitch...
  179. Would you be willing to pay more $ if it meant no more phone trees?
  180. Yippee...he's three!
  181. You bought your parents what??!
  182. Whimper-i feel so small at preschool functions:-(
  183. I hate being a military family.
  184. Why always a downer?
  185. Can I make a confession from a former newbie to a now moderate poster?
  186. I need some advice - long post
  187. I HATE TARGET (but I love Target...)
  188. I can't sleep
  189. My brother is useless
  190. i feel awful. i think i have strep. dh comes home to help and...
  191. WTH? Why can't I have anything fragile?
  192. I Hate Money Issues
  193. My regifting story
  194. Visitors' (relatives and not) kids running all through out the house
  195. Is Dorothy the Dinosaur on crack?
  196. Do I deserve compensation?If yes,what?
  197. Whoever took my brain, could they please return it?
  198. I screwed up..big time...
  199. Umm no we aren't changing the secret santa to everyone buys for everyone!
  200. Not a b*tch, but funny- had to share!
  201. dh is forgetful
  202. Joe Dirt is not a good movie to watch w/ 2 year old son
  203. Whine(!) My Christmas gift isnt here yet and it was ordered over a month (!) ago!!!
  204. 2 Year Old Twins Go Wild! Never Leaving the House Again . . .
  205. Left stranded without a phone call
  206. Lack of naps is going to kill me...
  207. This drives me nuts... Online Retailers
  208. Will someone please notice that I cut FIVE inches off my hair 3 days ago?
  209. I hate ants
  210. My head is going to explode!!
  211. 45 minutes with phone company
  212. A stupid bitch: I had it in my shopping cart but didn't check out fast enough
  213. talk to my face
  214. I Have To Overexplain And I Don't Like It
  215. Right. Obviously, as her mother, I am clueless about her needs!
  216. Good god... someone put me out of my misery
  217. Why do I always have to buy new clothes in the middle of the season?
  218. My Neighbors Officially Think I'm Crazy
  219. You should be able to buy coats in the wintertime.
  220. and the grinch award goes too...
  221. Did he REALLY just say that to me?!
  222. PET PEEVE why take an animal home u know u wont keep !
  223. DH gets the Grinch award in our house. - updated
  224. Am I depressed because of hormones or because my life stinks? (LOOONG)
  225. 35 weeks pregnant and stupid things DH says
  226. oh. my. gosh.
  227. I hate icy roads. Grrr...
  228. Grrrrrrrr...Exposures and FedEx (long and petty)
  229. question:
  230. Packing peanuts everywhere!!!!
  231. I'm tired. whine.
  232. Screwed up package deliveries
  233. I'm TIRED of being sick!!!!
  234. Minor being sick b*tch
  235. DH is acting like I'm a Grinch
  236. "Are we not as important?"
  237. OMG, DH, Learn how to put on a diaper!
  238. I just want to cry (stupid medical insurance rant)
  239. When you're driving through a dark wooded area...
  240. If I don't laugh, I'll cry
  241. Not a bitch, maybe at myself -- I might have ruined Christmas
  242. I HATE this flimsy, cheap-a$$ wrapping paper!!!
  243. Petty bitch - about Mother's Day, of all things
  244. Why do people go crazy during the holidays?!!
  245. I'd like to know where my post went.
  246. This is me judging another person.
  247. *&$#-ing Magic Cabin!!!- update
  248. Another holiday, another SIL chapter
  249. Stupid comments about not doing Santa
  250. Frustrated after doing a good deed!