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  1. Grrr... DH is lazy and forgetful
  2. Why do they always seem to get horrible colds on major holidays?
  3. Thanks honey!
  4. My MIL rant (long tme coming, I guess)
  5. Okay- my turn!!! (long, too)
  6. My first b*tch...pregnant & "punched" in stomach...
  7. Why are people so rude? (or maybe I'm just tired?)
  8. I hate being ungrateful, but...
  9. Enough already!!!!
  10. Should I be annoyed by?
  11. TOO MANY presents!
  12. Family Christmas Fuss..
  13. grab bag hum bug...i get scr#wed almost every year!
  14. No I don't actually eat bon bons all day
  15. What exactly was she thinking?
  16. What a waste--follow up Dr. appt.
  17. Why do people try to pull in the parking space beside me...
  18. Mood swings, oh GLOORIOUUS mood swings.
  19. broken toys already
  20. how to ignore slamming and ranting ?
  21. I normally don't bitch, but please, God, put me on a plane to Hawaii...
  22. Netflix
  23. And you think I'm going to give you money now?!?
  24. big sigh....
  25. really stupid complaint
  26. Grrr! DH "forgot" to pay our 2006 property taxes!
  27. Babies R Us Online - X-post with CyberBaby
  28. TRU Return Policy!!
  29. CALGONE!!!! take me away.
  30. Please RSVP next time!
  31. rackin frackin varmit dog started eating DS's fav puzzle!!!!!!!!!!
  32. UPDATE!!!!! - Uncooperative Unborn Child!!!!!
  33. That does it, I am throwing away anymore cards before I open them.
  34. FREAKIN' mouse did $800 worth of damage to my car!!!!
  35. credit card offers
  36. All around bitching and whining
  37. What would you do if your DH forgot your BDay two years in a row?
  39. cafe con leches are NOT corto ditos
  40. Petty: Ebay AND Paypal fees
  41. She did it AGAIN!!!
  42. Dear Coworkers....
  43. Stupid deer are going to give me a complex
  44. Baby's First Christmas Ornament Died A Quick/Painful Death
  45. Mad at cable provider
  46. Getting jerked around on ebay
  47. Dania ordered and delivered the wrong colour chair!
  48. I know this is horrible, but... (gastric bypass envy)
  49. can't he do anything but nurse???
  50. where the &#$* are my gymbucks?!?
  51. I love my husband. (No, really, I DO.)
  52. This may be out of place here but...
  53. I lost my diamond stud earring :(
  54. I am a bit perturbed... weird situation
  55. Mad at myself! - Picture Added
  56. Kiwi-Kid.com sucks!
  57. Actual quote from my boss:
  58. Hey, I stepped in poop today!
  59. Can I have a petty pity party?
  60. My uncle is a putz.
  61. I feel like such a bad Mom
  62. My silent bitch.
  63. Today was going to be picture day....
  64. I'm done with craigslist.
  65. Silly Complaint about the weather
  66. Freaking ESP, you think I would have slowed down.
  67. DH's Business trip
  68. I know I shouldn't be mad but...
  69. It's January and still NO SNOW!
  70. My favorite NFL team choked!
  71. I didn't get a chance to agree...
  72. Disappointed w/ Gymboree...
  73. deleted thread
  74. Oh, come on. This is ridiculous.
  75. Baby shower bitch (or why won't people call me back?)
  76. MIL is driving me nuts! RE: Labor
  77. Annoying SIL and her I know everything about children crap
  78. Diarrhea....
  79. Dear Lands End,
  80. Dear dog, if you do it again, you will get kicked
  81. My first "bitch"
  82. DS's New Favorite Game
  83. Ok, I know it's my own fault....but can you give me a break?
  84. I'm P!ssy
  85. UPDATE: UGH! Someone hit our car in the parking lot...
  86. What is that SMELL?! And a preschool b*tch.
  87. shut up shut up shut up!!!!!!
  88. Why are people so discouraging?
  89. Can you PLEASE just EAT?!
  90. DD has strep and now I do - this stinks
  91. MIL is mean and crazy and it's really hard.
  92. my dog drives me nuts... or, my mailman....
  93. ooo..I am so mad at DH right now!
  94. Bring food when I babysit your child...
  95. Unclaimed property - no wonder it's unclaimed!
  96. idiot,idiot,idiot husband-how could you let her do that?
  97. My poor, poor baby boy
  98. Do men revert to children once married?
  99. Dear Similac,
  100. my sister doesn't care about my DD
  101. Crying?
  102. I'm such a clutz!
  103. Really bad haircut
  104. Anyone else clean their cat's litter boxes with gloves and clorox?
  105. Birthday B####ing
  106. Full of bitches today... pull up a chair, might take a while...
  107. DH just thinks the Saints have it bad!
  108. L-I-S-T-E-N TO ME!
  109. I hate people who think I work for fun. . .
  110. whoa!!! - what are they doing at my preschool? rant!!!
  111. MIL
  112. Special justice for celebrities irks me
  113. I'm so stressed, and I'm taking out on the wrong people
  114. teeny one
  115. HUGE Taget bitch -- Employees smoking by the front door
  116. Aaargghhhhh! missed taping today's Oprah!!
  117. Why won't SIL let me babysit?
  118. need some cheese with this whine
  119. The time has come....
  120. Disgruntled with gap.com and oldnavy.com
  121. Crazy FIL....
  122. Well, my husband is a butt!
  123. mad at myself. :P
  124. my awful vegas weekend :(
  125. If Marcel wins Top Chef....
  126. I hope this is temporary...need to vent...long
  127. DH and sleep issues....
  128. i can't (OK, a bit more info - REALLY long)
  129. an old e-mail with classic line
  130. Don't beg for $ and then give me an attitude...
  131. Good grief.
  132. Stupid stupid stupid small towns!
  133. Stroller Shopping!
  134. Could someone please tell my face I'm not a teenager anymore?!
  135. No name, No sleep... a silly rant.
  136. Arrrrgh!!!! VCR rant part II, starting to hate my TV system
  137. My muffin top...
  138. D'Oh! I got hosed out of my Ebates!
  139. Let's play the glad game!!!!
  140. I smell cat butt
  141. my tooth hurts. a lot. a whole lot. really, really bad.
  142. You selfish, irresponsible, FOOLISH woman
  143. Garbage bags!
  144. I hate it when I do that!
  145. *&^%@@ Creepy Grocery Store!
  146. we did it again
  147. Hang up when you are backing out of a parking space
  148. Oh boy what did I get myself into...a rant about a crazy psycho mom
  149. I lost my only stroller
  150. marching band outside window
  151. Okay, Mr. Windshield Replacement guy...
  152. My big feet grew - shoes don't fit!
  153. Evil Glare AND the Silent Treatment from another MOM(!)
  154. Oh, will somebody just go ahead and call CPS on me already?
  155. Really Upset - Need to Vent (VERY VERY LONG)
  156. You know you're really stressed and depressed when............
  157. Lovely McDonald's Farting Toy
  158. bed rest & carpal tunnel grumps
  159. Am I being selfish??
  160. Someone "stole" my craigslist picture
  162. Where am I supposed to put all the stuff MIL bought for DS?
  163. Shower cake VS. Mouse...guess who won???
  164. I want to kick my sister in the shins (long)
  165. I miss you guys.
  166. let's try this one more time. stupid furnace!
  167. Two years three months later, AF is back :(
  168. A big fat bitch - job, health, home...
  169. Health insurance rant
  170. Taxes
  171. hmmm... interested in your opinions...
  172. Gasp! DH ordered the wrong Girl Scout cookies!!!
  173. Honestly, it's not that big of a story!
  174. Update on Board Maintenance
  175. I am being a total b^%$! but I'm pg and hormonal so bear with me!
  176. What is the worst non-registry gift you've received?
  177. Craigslist Vent
  178. Are DH and I lacking common sense???
  179. Mommies are not allowed to get sick...
  180. DS dunked my cell phone into a half-full glass of milk... enough said
  181. Grrr...someone broke out most of the windows on our 4Runner.
  182. stupid,slow,why am i paying for this isp?
  183. My dog had a seizure last night
  184. CHEAP MIL
  185. Darn mosquito!
  186. I'm not your tech support
  187. Can you stand another MIL-means-well post?
  188. Where the h*ll has customer service gone?
  189. Dear DH: Would you PLEASE HELP?!!
  190. UPS lost my package!!!
  191. Announcing the discovery of a new species: The Clingosauros
  192. don't feel sorry for me, i'm a proud single mom
  193. Just a whine
  194. Charriol Customer Service Sucks!
  195. I shouldn't complain IRL, so I'm here
  196. I think I committed war crimes in a previous life...
  197. We're so pathetic!
  198. "hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm...
  199. I'm so mad at myself. DS' surgery has been rescheduled for April!
  200. I can't believe it, I let myself get so chubby
  201. Pettiest b!tch ever.
  202. parents who suck up
  203. AAGH...car dealerships
  204. i think i have an eating disorder... I CAN'T STOP EATING!
  205. For the love of God!!! Cats!!!
  206. I can't sleep!
  207. I *hate* our neighbors!!!
  208. will only eat for nana....
  209. MIL Vent
  210. Mom from hell has arrived...how long can I last
  211. I REALLY REALLY hate smoking!!!
  212. So bummed...
  213. DD doesn't sleep anymore.....
  214. I have no self control
  215. Just having a pity party for myself
  216. My DD is pulling her hair out!
  217. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  218. Things that bug me today
  219. Things NOT to tell your daughter about your labor experience ...
  220. Researching schools is stressing me out
  221. Add Your Monday Woes Here!
  222. BRU Return Procedures
  223. Married 3 months and now an annulment!
  224. Disappointed in my best friend (long)...
  225. Uh, could you insult me when I'm not standing right here?!
  226. Kicked when down
  227. Apparently, my kids are suffering...
  228. Disappointed in mothers who judge other mothers
  229. Wayyyy TMI...
  230. Where is my freaking shoe??????
  231. My husband is a workaholic! Am I crazy for not being supportive?
  232. Vent about MIL's (yes plural!!!!)
  233. Did she really just say that?!
  234. WHY does a double stoller equal TWINS??
  235. Here's my biggest pet peeve - adults that verbally pick at their kids
  236. Just another weather bitch!
  237. Have a Little Sympathy!
  238. My 2 year old is on her third hour of TV today...
  239. It's 2:30 AM and DH is still not home...
  240. Someone stole my CC number and my DD is sick
  241. since I lost the whole post
  242. comparative pregnancy 101
  243. irs incompetance
  244. My Own Mindlessness
  245. Soooooo tired
  246. I think my heads going to explode
  247. I didn't sign on to be "The Joneses"
  248. Daycare party, DS and DH.
  249. always a size 7
  250. A boys clothing gripe...