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  1. Tag Rippers-Plumed Serpent in Connecticut
  2. Bridal shops in Boston?
  3. Marshall's (strange, but true)
  4. honest bridal shop in LA?
  5. Bridal Shops in Dallas
  6. Bridal Factory Warehouse
  7. Wedding gowns in greater DC area
  9. Jons Bridal in Tampa
  10. steaming wedding gown
  11. Summer Bridal--SLC, UT
  12. Do you have the dress, but not the man???
  13. Bridal Boutique in Newington, New Hampshire
  14. Seattle's Worst Bridal Shops
  15. Pearl's Place in Louisiana
  16. RE: Florida Brides: BE AWARE
  18. Bridals by Roma, NJ --Deceitful
  19. bridal gown alterations
  20. Bridal factory Wearhouse
  22. Cincinnati Brides Beware...
  23. The best and the worst of bridal shops, both in Santa Ana, CA
  24. Horror House of Brides in IL
  25. Honest Bridal Shops in the Bay Area
  26. Flowerama Bridal Plaza
  27. RK Bridal in NYC
  28. Great Shop in Sacramento, CA
  29. It never hurts to ask - sample gown bargain on Lazaro
  30. KC Bridal Resale shop: Kansas City area - need infor
  31. KC Bridal Resale shop: Kansas City area - need infor
  32. Bridal shops in Baltimore
  33. Discount Bridal Service
  34. experiences with "Brides International" chain (California)?
  35. David's Bridal - DC
  36. Allusion's Bridal in S. California
  37. HORRIBLE service at La Reine on Newbury St!
  38. Barbie's Unique Fashions
  39. Barbie's Unique Fashions
  40. La Reine on Newbury St. (Boston) is a Gem!
  41. Honest bridal shops in Connecticut/Western Massachusetts
  42. Julies Bridal in Detroit - TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE
  43. House of Brides in Schaumbug, IL
  44. Here Comes the Bride in Chicago area Wonderful
  45. DC Dressmakers
  46. Houston bridal shops
  47. help in colorado
  48. Brides Beautiful - Atlanta
  49. Jeanette's Bridal and Tux
  50. Rental Bridal Shops in New York City
  51. Hats off to Park Avenue Bridals of Verona, NJ
  52. David's Bridal - Cautions
  53. Caution about House of Brides - Schaumburg, IL
  54. Group USA.......where can i find one.......
  55. Kleinfeld's Problems
  56. Something Special in Wyckoff, NJ
  57. any comments on Josie Bridal Salon in CT?
  59. Don't shop at Princess Bridal in Salem, Oregon!
  60. Maggie Sottero Tiger Lily dress
  61. Help in Raleigh, North Carolina
  62. Help in San Jose, CA
  63. Internet purchasing
  64. Bridal shops in Boston?
  65. seeking reliable bridal gown shop in San Francisco area
  66. Sarasota/Bradenton Fl Brides, Have I got the place for you!
  67. David's Bridal - St. Peter's, MO - Bad Experience
  68. I found a great seamstress in Yonkers, NY
  69. Alfred Angelo Bargins
  70. Don't Shop at Bride and Belle boutique In Medford MA
  71. Country Weddings, Hingham MA
  73. Custom Made Dress in Northern CA
  74. sample gown switch-er-oo victim at MaryLinn's Bridal
  75. Storage Fees
  76. Great Bridal Buy in NJ
  77. Julies Bridal in Michigan
  78. a Good Deed in NYC :)
  79. Hudsons Bridal in Portsmouth, NH
  80. Main Event Bridal Shop Closing in Tampa Florida
  81. Creative Weddings latest bridal biz to close in Tampa
  82. Victoria's Bridal Couture, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  83. Davids' Bridal is terrible in Chicago
  84. Pearls Place--Metairie LA
  85. House of Hilton in Toledo, OH - TAG RIPPERS
  86. "good" shops in the Cleveland/Columbus, OH area?
  87. Good Bridal stores in DETROIT area?
  88. Any experiences with Priceless Bridals in Reseda, CA?
  89. Good shops in Northern CO
  90. Any experience w/ Precious Memories Boutique in Malden, MA
  91. wedding dress
  92. Custom Make a Wedding Gown in Boston??
  93. Finishing Touch, N. Reading, MA
  94. Any Boston seamstress recommendations?
  95. DBS vs. Bridal Quote
  96. Any suggestions in Vermont or Montreal?
  97. Denver Seamstresses?
  98. Buying from Canada
  99. Sonia's Bridal in Boston or other custom dressmakers?
  100. Want to get married on tv?
  101. bridal factory in allentown, pa
  102. recommendations for Southern California?
  103. Dina's Bridal in Santa Monica
  104. Kleinfeld is helping Saymel brides!
  105. plus size gowns in Los Angeles
  106. Good Bridal Salons In Windsor,ON
  107. Northern CA Bridal Nightmare
  108. Brides House in St. Louis is great
  109. Plus size brides in Chicago
  110. Austin Texas Bridal Salons?
  111. The Altered Bride, Boston MA-- any experiences?
  112. Connecticut brides
  113. Jefre Bridal in Greenbrook, NJ?
  114. Do Some Bridal Shops Have Exclusive Designers?
  115. Northern VA Shops
  116. Cincinnati Bridal Shops
  117. RK Bridal vs Pearl's Place to order from
  118. Let's Work Together to Stop the Bridal Shop Scams
  119. Bridal Outlets
  120. Bridal Stores in Wisconsin
  121. Gown Rental in Wisconsin or Chicago?
  122. Pearl's Place Not Exactly What It's Cracked Up To Be
  123. Seamstress Needed in SF East Bay Area
  124. RK Bridal
  125. Great Bridal Shop - Chicago suburbs
  126. America's Bridal Discounters
  127. Cache in Boston
  128. Bridal shops
  129. How to store a dress before the wedding....
  130. Pearl's Shady Quote Experience
  131. Experience w/Savvy Bridal or Upstate Bridal
  132. any problems w/gownsonline.com?
  133. Good bridal shops in Portland, Oregon?
  134. gownsales.com
  135. Calling manufacturer to check order
  137. NJ Dressmakers
  138. Anyone been to Bridaltown in Penn.?
  140. Bridals by Roma in NJ
  141. Boston Tag Ripping
  142. John's Bridal in Holly Hills FL
  143. Rebecca Richards in Sherman Oaks/L.A.
  144. bridal shops in NJ??
  145. The Best Place to Go in Central NC
  146. Here Comes the Bride Salon
  147. Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, GA
  148. A Dayton, Ohio bridal shop reveals why they rip tags!
  149. bridesmaid dress scams
  150. Looking for a great, reputable seamstress near Southern NJ
  151. Yeah! Yolandas in Waltham MA
  152. Any custom dresses in PHILADELPHIA?
  153. Jon's Bridal Warehouse Tampa, FL
  154. Pearl's Place
  155. BridalMart in North Carolina
  156. Bridal Stores in SC
  157. Vows Bridal in Newton, Mass. ?
  158. Advice for Rochester NY area?
  159. Alteration costs
  160. A+++ For DBS representative Debra LaSpina
  161. My experience with David's Bridal (Chicago)
  162. Brittany Leigh Bridal in Atlanta (Dunwoody), GA?
  163. Brides For The Cure
  164. RK Bridal NY
  165. Was this a bait and switch? I wonder...
  166. What happened to the jazzy green on the sample BM gown?
  167. Macys bridal salons
  168. Anyone bought gowns from these MD, DC, VA. stores?
  169. Discount Bridal Service
  170. my trip to Bridal Boutique in Eureka, CA
  171. Great Experience in VA
  172. Paula Varsalona Showroom
  173. Petite Brides
  174. Great experience at Fiori Bridal in Essex Junction, VT
  175. Frustrated with consultants in NJ
  176. Bridal Shop that sells Essense?
  177. Anyone shopped at New Natalie's in Atlanta?
  178. The Good and Bad of Bridal Stores in Detroit, Michigan
  179. Dolores Bridal in Edison, NJ
  180. Reputable Salons in Dallas-Ft.Worth?
  181. Mother of Bride/Groom
  182. Bridal Shops
  183. LONG ISLAND bridal jackpot!!
  184. Questions and Comments about Bridal Shops in the DC/Baltimore Metro Area
  185. Mori Lee Dress - help me find the style number or additional info!
  186. Info on vendors in the Rochester, NY area
  187. bridal salon
  188. HELP! I need to find this dress
  189. Don't be taken advantage of at Kleinfeld
  190. "My Daughter's Wedding" bridal store in englewood, nj
  191. Columbus Ohio alterations etc
  192. Bridal Shops in Atlanta, GA or Cleveland, OH
  193. BEWARE Online Gown Scams! Knock-off dresses!
  194. Timeless Bridal Shop in NYC
  195. Great shop in Chicago
  196. Storing dress until big day??
  197. Wedding Gown Superstore Rating?
  198. Jessica McClintock is great
  199. David's Bridal Horror Stories
  200. Bridal Shop Blacklist - Bellevue Bridal, Bellevue, WA
  201. Blacklisting Minnesota Shops
  202. Best Shops/Deals in Orange County CA?
  203. Nice bridal salon in Pittsburgh
  204. a good tailor in orange county california
  205. RK Bridal Alert
  206. Beware Bianca's: Modesto, CA
  207. Beware Trudy's: San Jose, CA
  208. House of Fashion, Sacramento CA
  209. Ana Hernandez, designer and bridal shop in Boston
  210. alterations
  211. One Night Affair in LA-Should I Trust Them??
  212. NM Shops
  213. BridalTown inCollegeville PA
  214. Davids Bridal Austin - Any one with thoughts???
  215. Reporter looking for brides
  216. La Reine on Newbury Street in Boston
  217. Jessica McClintock Stores are RUDE!!!
  218. tekay designs
  219. Nathans should be blacklisted
  220. Kleinfeld Bridal - Brooklyn...
  221. NYC Metro area
  222. Important info regarding online bridal shops
  223. I beat the bridal shop scam!!!!!
  224. Online veils
  225. Alterations in Maryland/DC
  226. Bridal Salons in Rhode Island - MA area?
  227. Bridal shops in Central VA
  228. Happy Surprise from a Bridal Shop in CO
  229. Bridal Reflections in Massapequa, New York
  230. ABC News doing story on wedding rip-offs, wants to interview brides/grooms
  231. Honest Bridal Shops in San Francisco
  232. How to Hire an Artist?
  233. netbride.com
  234. avoid Elle Bridal in Tuscon
  235. A Bridal Bargain
  236. Do NOT use this bridal salon!!!!
  238. Any horror / success stories in Los Angeles area?
  239. For any Brides in Iowa
  240. Need info
  241. Tamara's Bridal Shop is GREAT!
  242. Stay Away from Ventura's Bridal Salon in Houston, TX
  243. Any Experience with Jaclyn's Bridal in Santa Ana, CA?
  244. Looking For Info on Bridal Salons in Michigan
  245. Looking for Bridal Salons in NYC/Long Island Area!
  246. Good seamstress in Colorado
  247. House of Brides in the Chicagoland area
  248. Bridal gowns in Chicago & suburbs?
  249. Celebration Bridal and Prom in Clinton, IA
  250. I wouldn't use Pearl's Place in Metarie, LA