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  1. How late is too late to hire a doula?
  2. headaches
  3. Flu Shots in Pregnancy - 3 Trimester
  4. So my belly is sitting ontop of my lap...
  5. Postpartum Joint Pain
  6. update your BRU registry for a free $10 gift card (TRU/BRU)
  7. Epidural vs natural birth
  8. Any interest in a birth story thread?
  9. Birthing/ Exercise ball: which size?
  10. Can You Recommend a Baby Book?
  11. OMG, somebody turn my brain OFF. Is this a pregnancy thing?
  12. Hilarious Song
  13. heartburn
  14. Hormones at the grocery store
  15. GBS came back positive
  16. Doula hired! (A few more questions for you...)
  17. "Things could always be worse."
  18. Shoulder dystocia in second birth?
  19. So how do you know if it's real??
  20. Should I get packing?
  21. Holy cow, they're HUGE!!!
  22. Blood test showing possible abnormalities in a baby?
  23. Tomorrow is the *BIG* Day!
  24. *stay in stay in stay in stay in stay in....
  25. Is it normal
  26. Random Pains
  27. organic raspberry leaf tea
  28. hip pain at 6 weeks?
  29. What's the latest on Acetaminophen vs. Ibuprofen while pregnant?
  30. Announcing DS, who decided to show up a bit early
  31. the arrivals of 2nds...
  32. This means nothing, right?
  33. This is the best ever nursing bra-and its half off!
  34. IBS? Stress? Early labor?
  35. Birth Story
  36. Morning sickness at 36.5 weeks?
  37. Making a teeny bit of progress...
  38. This exhaustion is making it difficult to function!
  39. My high-tech version of the "nesting" urge..
  40. Where can I find...?
  41. Lovely nursing pajamas
  42. Who knows about the RH shot?
  43. What to make of this: contractions w/ activity
  44. Breastfeeding after breast lift?
  45. Sudden Foot Swelling
  46. Anyone not hear a heartbeat at 15 weeks?
  47. I'm still pregnant.
  48. Signs of labor?
  49. Still undecided about flu shot...what are you doing? (UPDATE in post #17)
  50. is it unreasonable... post 38
  51. Yay! No gestational diabetes!
  52. Stabbing pelvic pain at 37-38 weeks
  53. Pelviectasis
  54. What am I forgetting???? (9 days to go)
  55. Baby Will arrived... epi failed!
  56. Can the Level II ultrasound be at 21 weeks?
  57. All over itchiness with no rash?
  58. end of pregnancy weight gain
  59. Fighting the nesting instinct
  60. If I'm ever expressing a desire for #3...
  61. *still* pregnant
  62. abnormal blood test results (update post #12)
  63. Listen to that little voice
  64. so were you late, early or on time? how did you feel?
  65. Microscopic blood in urine?
  66. Hemmorhoids -- help (possible TMI)!
  67. Membrane sweep
  68. anyone have a longer second labor than first?
  69. Good article on why it's so important to be informed
  70. He's here!
  71. Whew, finally!
  72. discharge at the end...
  73. Brand-new moms: what are you wearing?
  74. Another Nov addition :)
  75. today is my due date...
  76. anyone successfully use hypnobabies for their birth?
  77. Late AF!!!! Can anyone help me???
  78. prenatal yoga dvds??
  79. How early did you start getting pregnancy symptoms?
  80. when did you head to the hospital (w/ regards to experiencing labor symptoms)?
  81. natural birthing mamas...how far overdue were you?
  82. VBAC mamas
  83. Postpartum bleeding (lochia)
  84. My babies are here...msg
  85. our baby girl was born yesterday :) (thank you & positive update - post 52)
  86. ? For those with dx cholestasis
  87. Symptoms of hormonal surge during early pregnancy??
  88. Pelvic pain when going potty?
  89. Any need for routine checkup when 20-week u/s is next week?
  90. Our baby girl is here!
  91. I delivered my child myself. Not on purpose.
  92. Another baby girl!
  93. Oblong shaped head at 31 weeks
  94. jaundice risk question, sibling factor?
  95. I'm holding my miracle
  96. Did you cut out caffeine entirely during pregnancy?
  97. 36 week growth ultrasound? Thoughts requested.
  98. Do you get fundal height measurements?
  99. Sciatic nerve pain?
  100. s/o: so did you drink alcohol during, and after pregnancy?
  101. What should I bring to the hospital?
  102. Pre-E
  103. BAD hip pain
  104. Blood behind the amniotic sac?? Info needed
  105. Tell me what you are eating for lunch?
  106. Pelvic exams question
  107. Sharing the News Xmas Morning
  108. More thirsty when pregnant?
  109. UPDATE: Bloody show question
  110. I am freaking out! Help...
  111. lower pelvic pain
  112. Nausea at 35 weeks?
  113. Vitamin B6 and unisom for morning sickness?
  114. Big baby worries!
  115. Laundry detergent
  116. Do you think exercise can bring labor on early?
  117. Hurray!!!!!
  118. Pregnant and so thrilled!!!
  119. meeting OBs
  120. s/o: do you have a male or female OB, or midwife?
  121. When did you have a name picked?
  122. If you have an iPhone
  123. Childbirth Education
  124. A little worried... movement at 36 weeks?
  125. Starting to feel excited - update
  126. Any recommendations for slip-on sneakers/tennis shoes?
  127. And yet another question...
  128. Cervix in Early Pregnancy?
  129. Dry cleaned clothes during pregnancy...
  130. Morning Sickness?
  131. No drinking for me tomorrow night!
  132. Food Aversions
  133. I don't know how much more I can take.
  134. Water temp when showering...
  135. Guess what we are having?
  136. anyone deal with PUPPP lately?
  137. how did/will you choose betw natural or medical birth and caregiver?
  138. For those that have had an epidural (TMI)
  139. Moisturizer/Face cream recs during pregnancy
  140. Shorter Cervix? (long, but I'm scared)
  141. H1N1 flu shot
  142. Not Feeling Attached?
  143. early pregnancy symptoms
  144. Nesting "must-do" tasks?
  145. the joys of the first trimester
  146. Update: Do we ever talk about miscarriages?
  147. pregnancy/maternity pillow
  148. Would you find out if its a boy or girl?
  149. I took a test
  150. You won't believe this advice for pregnant mamas!
  151. What do you do when a wave of nausea hits at work?
  152. colostrum at 28 weeks?
  153. All pregnant women are not a size 14 or smaller
  154. advice for bedrest?
  155. Please Help!! CONSTIPATED!
  156. Any one else contracting ALL the time?
  157. Just tested positive! :)
  158. What do you give in to when you're pregnant?
  159. It's just unpasteurized soft cheese right?
  160. Anyone else really cold in 1st trimester?
  161. Any Seaband wearers? Question.
  162. Pregnant and sick....
  163. How did you announce to the family you're pregnant?
  164. Elected C-sections before 39 weeks
  165. DEAD appetite...
  166. Lovenox Injections
  167. exposed to fifths disease...28 weeks pregnant. anyone BTDT?
  168. For Fun: Crazy Pregnancy Side-Effects
  169. When did your "boobs" become less sore/tender?
  170. How much folic acid is in your prenatal vitamin?
  171. bedrest not needed? and bedrest exercise
  172. B6 & unisom daily dosage for morning sickness?
  173. Vitamin B level during pregnancy
  174. Update: Induction already? (sorry, long)
  175. After pregnancy issues/symptoms
  176. when did you start to "help" your baby into the right position?
  177. Stay or go?
  178. Flying with a Newborn
  179. Sick, no pregnancy symptoms, and perhaps, have fever
  180. I dont' think I was ever appropriately sympathetic to those with constipation
  181. Why do I want to eat COMPLETELY different foods?
  182. Is diarrhea a sign of impending m/c?
  183. What special things did your hospital do?
  184. s/o: what did you not like about your hospital/birth center?
  185. 35 weeks along and fell yesterday
  186. Foley Catheter to Induce Labor
  187. Vitamin D levels in pregnancy
  188. anyone else with early Braxton-Hicks?
  189. Zofran users, please help me
  190. Is there such a thing as too big to come out?
  191. Losing mucous plug
  192. Early Pregnancy Cramping
  193. sad about the gender that never was?
  194. Showing at 7 weeks?
  195. No Insurance All of a Sudden and Desperate ...
  196. Delayed cord clamping after birth?
  197. TMI...question about odor
  198. No pregnancy symptoms--the norm?
  199. Acne Treatments while pregnant
  200. First prenatal appointment?
  201. Did anyone opt to get a CVS?
  202. Talk to me about MiraLax
  203. Early on and worried about all kinds of things
  204. How to get rid of a crick in your neck??
  205. Pink eye while pregnant
  206. overactive gag reflex??
  207. Just for fun - old wives tales re gender prediction - were they true for you?
  208. What stretch mark lotion/cream/butter do/did you use?
  209. Cooling Technology in the NICU
  210. What Prenatal do you take?
  211. What's the deal with HIGHLIGHTING while pregnant?
  212. Duke study links pitocin to post-partum hemmorage
  213. When do you tell others? Thinking of telling a little early...
  214. Sore throat while pregnant
  215. Last possible date to travel by AIR when pregnant?
  216. How do you decided when to get induced/C-section?
  217. Is this M/S?
  218. Just found out it's a boy!!
  219. We're having a girl!!
  220. For those of you who had a baby @ 35 & older
  221. how to make BH contractions less uncomfortable?
  222. S/O: Creative ways to tell
  223. Did you do a birthing/Bringing another Baby home - type class for #2+
  224. Name Spelling?
  225. Post-partum question: when does that line go away??
  226. Was there a correlation between your weight gain and size of baby?
  227. how much weight did your OB/midwife/etc. tell you could gain?
  228. Tips for TTC
  229. If your first went past your due date...
  230. finding support while TTC
  231. How early for BHx?
  232. Can you hear h/b at 6 wks?
  233. When did you first feel your baby move?
  234. Favorite Pregnancy and baby books?
  235. How to keep toddler occupied at OB office
  236. How to survive 1st TRI with no hair color
  237. Maternity Leave/FMLA Leave question
  238. Hynobabies self study or Bradley method
  239. anyone nesting?
  240. We might be having a...
  241. Are you extra fertile after having a baby?
  242. Is this real labor? How do I help it along? (Possible TMI)
  243. When did you outgrow your "regular" jeans?
  244. Help me have a better labor
  245. CVS vs. Amnio
  246. NT Scan results
  247. what can i do to keep my blood pressure low?
  248. high resting heart rate?
  249. Nursing bra???
  250. Since its not ok to take Vit A during pregnancy...