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  1. Any recs for prenatal yoga DVDs...
  2. Ttc tmi
  3. Anyone else have no change in bb's?
  4. Is diarreah a sign of labor?
  5. Is this normal or should I contact the doctor?
  6. Hypnosis Birth Preparation cuts caesarean rate
  7. Low Energy all the time
  8. Guaifenesin and amoxicillin during pregnancy?
  9. Anyone else doing the 2 week wait?
  10. Post for a friend TTC-She's REALLY late!
  11. Nothing seen at 6 wk u/s--Update waiting to m/c
  12. Childcare During Labor & Delivery
  13. How much were you showing....
  14. Swelling
  15. Feel like my stomach is getting smaller
  16. A little itchy down there?
  17. restless legs and leg cramps
  18. Freaking out - 30 wks and I don't like my OB practice
  19. Breast feeding help
  20. BFP yesterday!
  21. second miscarriage
  22. What will you be wearing in the hospital postpartum?
  23. DH want me to opt for an elective c-section after first birth
  24. Difference between round ligament pain and cramps
  25. Should I worry about this?
  26. TTC after Mirena removal...some questions
  27. NT Scan Results
  28. How did you prepare your DC to be a sibling?
  29. Dental x-rays while pregnant...
  30. S/O and PSA - NT Scan Results
  31. Asthma meds and pregnancy...
  32. Kick counts
  33. Strep Throat
  34. Interesting c-section study
  35. Can you get waxed when pregnant?
  36. urinary incontinence pads...
  37. Please Share Your Experiences with Nifedipine for PTL
  38. What have you been eating?
  39. Nipple Cream-Breastfeeding?
  40. Should I be worried?
  41. You got bigger!
  42. stripping membranes?
  43. Is this pregnancy or cold related?
  44. Help, Easter announcement & SIL's baptism
  45. JFF: how long did you wait to announce your pregnancy
  46. Oh, my aching back!
  47. Staying Fit While Pregnant
  48. Airport body scanners while pregnant
  49. Not gaining weight
  50. Baby kicking more painful the second pregnancy?
  51. Honey Baked Ham
  52. If you had morning sickness did you have it with all pregnancies?
  53. Heartburn Remedies (...w/o Sugar)
  54. Planned C-Section with Twins
  55. Am I oversensitive? MIL & Mom rant
  56. Finding out the Gender tomorrow...
  57. Do you know the gender/well being of the baby? Intuitively?
  58. Braxton hicks contractions at 20 weeks prego with #3....Normal?
  59. Belly Bump Support Belt or Bra type thingy
  60. Baby kneeling in u/s?
  61. Gender Prediction Poll
  62. How many pregnant ladies on the board?
  63. Specific Birth Month Groups?
  64. Inguinal Hernia
  65. How similar were your children as babies?
  66. Cravings
  67. Strange question...just curious
  68. How accurate are u/s at determining gender?
  69. Can't find newborn baby boy clothes I like.
  70. Nursing Pads Necessary?
  71. Would you go (work event)?
  72. Finding a Doula and cost of one?
  73. How to calm down about appts?
  74. Chronological due date list
  75. Logistics of a Christmas birth
  76. is nesting a myth????
  77. Baby girl is home and doing well
  78. ultrasound pics
  79. Labor & Notifying Family
  80. Prolapsed...
  81. Testing results back
  82. Anyone have to go back for newborn screening tests
  83. Excessive amnio fluid?
  84. 8 weeks and severe heartburn
  85. online birth class?
  86. cramping and diarrhea - TMI
  87. C-Section Recovery Belt?
  88. Gestational Diabetes
  89. How important is timing of 20 weeks scan
  90. What do you wear to the hospital?
  91. Induce or not? WWYD? update 25, still waiting
  92. Hemorrhoid help!
  93. Vent: do people get up for you on buses/trains?
  94. Iron supplement?
  95. when to start maternity leave?
  96. Athlete's Foot Treatment while pregnant?
  97. How did you prepare your body for pregnancy?
  98. Anyone else have a problem with...
  99. Anemia PSA
  100. I just want to feel this baby move.
  101. Vegetarian During Pregnancy?
  102. Heartburn?
  103. gift for midwife
  104. Speaking of hemorrhoids, do they ever go away?
  105. Help please...diarrhea remedies
  106. How to Prep 17-month old for new baby??
  107. Nightmares, Anyone?
  108. Lifting during pregnancy
  109. Dry, itchy eyes during pregnancy
  110. Medium/Medium rare beef?
  111. Is/has anyone done a pale blue/pink nusery (for a girl)
  112. Recommend a pregnancy journal
  113. What's on your 'to do list' before delivery?
  114. When's the latest you've switched OB"s?
  115. How are you guys handling the HUNGER?
  116. Get this baby OUT!
  117. Low PAPP-A...anyone else have this problem?
  118. Bumpy Boat Rides during Pregnancy
  119. I have ankles! Thank you compression stocking!
  120. Supporting the Woman with an Epidural
  121. Working til the End
  122. birth without epidural after pitocin
  123. Hospital Bill- watch those IVs
  124. IMAX in the final weeks?
  125. The best early pregnancy shorts
  126. Home pregnancy tests on the cheap?
  127. Quick update on the pregnancy that will not end ;-)
  128. Weight gain
  129. The baby who waits
  130. Feel contractions in legs???
  131. Baby Shower for #2?
  132. pregnancy swelling
  133. Head drop
  134. Muscus Plug
  135. Clearly...this is what all of us need....
  136. Any recommendations for an impending cold?
  137. First ultrasound at 12 weeks instead of 8?? [Update in #20]
  138. Holy Hunger!
  139. How do you handle the alcohol issue at parties (early pregnancy)???
  140. IUGR babies?
  141. App is too short to search
  142. vulvar varicose veins....
  143. Early labor
  144. Nitrates in meat
  145. Anyone spotted for days at a time (perhaps TMI)?
  146. Baby Boy is home
  147. Pre-order a copy of the new Baby 411 today! Ships July 29th! (Pin to August 1)
  148. I am a bloated, farting, first trimester mess.
  149. Hip Pain HELP
  150. What foods are you avoiding?
  151. What bottles will you use?
  152. Update: S/O Would you eat homemade Mayo?
  153. One of my quotes was featured on 'My OB said What'
  154. Fall on Abdomen at 28wks
  155. Daily contractions
  156. New Baby List
  157. DTD positions while big and preggo (TMI)
  158. Only a few weeks in...
  159. When did your baby turn?
  160. Stomach virus/gas symptoms...
  161. Any other soon to be Sept Moms getting cranky?
  162. Is this "normal" early pregnancy fatigue?
  163. What side do you sleep on?
  164. Ovulation and DTD
  165. 14 weeks and still sick all.day.long
  166. Baby movements feel like contractions?
  167. Full Moon and labor
  168. How many nursing pads would you buy?
  169. weird feeling of fullness
  170. Amazon baby prices?
  171. cord collection- viacord
  172. How long in hospital after c-section??
  173. Newbie!
  174. Early Gestational Diabetes?
  175. I'm feeling conflicted about a baby shower...
  176. Another TTC post...
  177. Failed GCT Argh! Darn you 3 hr GTT!
  178. 19 minutes later
  179. Cord clamping
  180. Freezing Meals before New Baby Arrives
  181. To Fast or Not To Fast: Mixed instructions before glucose test?
  182. Routine ultrasounds?
  183. Pregnant with an active toddler
  184. Water Breaking at Work
  185. Back Pain
  186. Possible chemical pregnancy--next steps?
  187. WWYD - doc near work or home?
  188. False labor, early labor, stalled labor
  189. Any tips to get to GBS-Negative?
  190. Birthday!
  191. So Tips on preping under 3 yo for a new sibling?
  192. Early Pregnancy Worries
  193. Scared to death
  194. Side sleeping
  195. Nuchal translucency screening?
  196. Birth plan - What did you include?
  197. CDC report on lack of breastfeeding support in hospitals
  198. Joint Commission SPEAK up campaign RE: breastfeeding
  199. Caffeine at 34+ weeks
  200. Need OB Recommendation on S.I.
  201. How much time off did you have to take for morning sickness, doctors appts, etc?
  202. Do (did) you have a doula and why?
  203. Migraines and headaches during pregnancy?
  204. Anyone else cranky as all get out??
  205. Heartburn Tea?
  206. Do I go w/specialist or stick with my Midwives?
  207. Preeclampsia symptoms without preeclampsia?
  208. When does the shedding stop
  209. Android App: Hospitals Near Me
  210. Any preseed users?
  211. Heads Up: "1 Month of Make-Ahead Meals" in Sept Rachael Ray magazine
  212. How early did you find out the gender?
  213. Does your dr. do ultrasounds in 3rd trimester?
  214. I'm as big as I want to be--and I have four more weeks!
  215. Packing for a Scheduled C
  216. Post partum c-section belt???
  217. Holy Wacky Cravings!
  218. Why am I procrastinating so much...
  219. Oddest but most helpful pregnancy items
  220. Scheduling a c-section
  221. Baby Drop & Labor
  222. nose bleeds?
  223. Mucusy discharge?
  224. Name Agony
  225. Ovulation Prediction Test kit question
  226. 12 more hours!
  227. Insomnia in very early pregnancy?
  228. Labor vibes please!
  229. Relief! Bring it on #3!!
  230. C-sections and subsequent pregnancies--more questions
  231. Breast Pump Preps
  232. Boobs after breastfeeding
  233. Seeing Spots?
  234. Nursing while pregnant
  235. VBAC vs. scheduled c-section...any BTDTs?
  236. Weight loss
  237. Side effects of birth interventions and Business of Being Born
  238. How many c-section can you have safely?
  239. Switching OBs or other strategy??
  240. What would you like to learn about in a breastfeeding class?
  241. Labor vibes worked! :-) Announcing...
  242. In the hospital, not in labor...
  243. breast feeding book suggestion?
  244. Does generic Zofran work as well as brand?
  245. Post c-section swelling
  246. Bad Cold and 38 Weeks Pregnant
  247. 9 months pregnant?
  248. Did you get a new outfit for DC2, 3, etc?
  249. Group B strep in urine
  250. Did you have to mail order your Rhogam?