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  1. Third trimester/energy level and party planning
  2. Breast pain
  3. s/o and x post Does breastfeeding hurt at first?
  4. Where do you find boy names?
  5. Please help me pack a bag for delivery!
  6. Anyone tried the Amazon registry?
  7. News today regarding miscarriages and Ibuprofen
  8. Have you colored your hair during pregnancy?
  9. If Overdue and Inducing - which method
  10. Swaddles - what is needed
  11. x-post: Nursing Bra suggestions for large bust!
  12. In the latent phase and stressing
  13. Serious question: Why can't I wear makeup to my c-section?
  14. Anyone get hormonal BEFORE the baby is born?
  15. Really upset about planned c-section
  16. How to prep hand me downs for newborn
  17. Pregnancy apps
  18. IV fluids linked to newborn weight loss
  19. For mama's worried about C-sections
  20. Pink discharge at 5.5 weeks
  21. Good Luck and Congratulations to the Mama's Having Babies Today
  22. Insmoniaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  23. Anyone have any experience with enlarged ventricles or genetic counseling?
  24. Constipation-Help!!
  25. I ate a quart of gazpacho.
  26. Do NOT eat any sweets before 1 hour glucose!
  27. Update on the 2nd c-section
  28. Any experience with birthing ball or stability ball in late pregnancy?
  29. Dear Extreme Hunger; Piss Off, Would Ya????
  30. What are you wearing to the hospital? Especially plus moms
  31. Jury Duty--Seriously?? Update post #17
  32. Less morning sickness with #2?
  33. I had my baby....
  34. Anyone 35+ weeks - how/what are you feeling?
  35. Please welcome....
  36. I have a 10 day old! Long post with some issues resolved...
  37. She's Here!!!
  38. Baby's here!
  39. Anyone else having (or had) back problems?
  40. Anyone have Braxton Hicks that felt like bad lower back menstrual cramps?
  41. Remind me again about breast changes and bras during pregnancy?
  42. Question about TTC
  43. Help! Need feedback on boy name...
  44. When is enough enough?
  45. Moms, when did you stop carrying your toddler?
  46. where do you take newborn babys footprints in hospital?
  47. A message to my belly
  48. 37 weeks and cramping - is this standard?
  49. Induction Tomorrow
  50. Early preg systems, but way too early
  51. Aching tailbone: what can I do?
  52. When will DH be able to feel DS2 kicking?
  53. Work vent
  54. Gifts for older sibling (from the newborn)
  55. Failed Glucose Tolerance test ...
  56. What can I do for this cold?
  57. WWYD - late u/s finding
  58. Lightning Crotch?
  59. How much water did you actually drink (or are you drinking)?
  60. What is this I am feeling? Abdomen tightening
  61. Combined update to water & BH threads
  62. Recommend your prenatal
  63. How to keep the bump hidden for a few more weeks
  64. Sciatica, anyone?
  65. 39 Weeks 5 days - Any way to get comfortable?
  66. Birth plan: What am I leaving out?
  67. Yeah! I got in with a midwife!
  68. First trimester mamas: How's it going?
  69. Maternity tights
  70. When are you telling?
  71. C-Section tomorrow
  72. Some maternity item "Love it"s !
  73. DId you use a belly binder? Can you recommend one?
  74. Anyone tried this pillow?
  75. Stocking up in advance?
  76. Anyone have to have a DNC after full term L&D?
  77. Failed the FFN. Ugh. Anyone else with btdt?
  78. Wwyd? Tell my kids I'm sick because I'm preggo?
  79. BBB Due Date Roster
  80. Subchorionic Hematoma and blood clot? Any BTDT
  81. What is this muscle & how can I strengthen it?
  82. Is this normal @13 weeks?
  83. So how bad is it...
  84. Ugh. I lost 3 weeks. UPDATE in OP
  85. My eye is twitching all the time, could it be related to PG?
  86. A Recommendation to Order This Great Baby Planner
  87. Maternity pillows?
  88. Contraction timing app?
  89. S/O: Any experience with SPD- Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction?
  90. Craving Fresh Peaches....
  91. Anyone having trouble sleeping?
  92. Hemroids? Maybe TMI
  93. Nonstop coughing! Can I use vicks vaporub?
  94. Can I mope, just for tonight?
  95. Do you consume pregnancy no-nos?
  96. How to pull down a wall?
  97. Not bonding during the 2nd pregnancy?
  98. TMI...who's having pains
  99. Anyone else getting leg cramps?
  100. Anyone else miserable?
  101. When do you go to the dr for a cold?
  102. Weight gain while pregnant
  103. Update - passed 3 hour!! Argh just failed first challenge
  104. need your opinion-UPDATE in original post
  105. O'douls
  106. Caffeine during PG
  107. Heavy lifting at 38 weeks - really scared myself reading on internet!
  108. Is Hollie pregnant again?
  109. Oh, so this is how it is now?
  110. Registering...mucho early. What are the must haves?
  111. You know you're pregnant when...
  112. Can't find my go-to thing
  113. Metal Detector Safe?
  114. Posterior, closed cervix at 38 weeks and 4 days
  115. Oh, come ON already!
  116. ugh, can I just whine?
  117. Crazy Hormonal Crying....
  118. Progesterone shots?
  119. Deleted
  120. Facebook/Babycenter FAIL
  121. That pregnancy body pillow thing?
  122. Changing Doctors
  123. Packing for L&D:what for me and for the kids?
  124. Hypnobirthing
  125. How many size newborn diapers??
  126. Hypnobirthing Instructors / Bith educators
  127. Do you publish your pregnancy on facebook?
  128. What does the finger prick feel like?
  129. Bloody show for 24 hrs?
  130. Mamas due in May: have you done any prep. or bought anything?
  131. Abx during the first trimester?
  132. NYT article re. benefits of delayed cord clamping
  133. First time labor & delivery
  134. Miracle Balls?
  135. Is this the baby?
  136. I'm bleeding. Update in OP!
  137. Update in OP. Natural Induction - What do you think?
  138. Is this my first or second baby?
  139. Glyburide?
  140. UPDATE IN OP! - Water broke 10 hours ago, no contractions
  141. pink blood at 29 weeks
  142. It happened. 25 weeks. Bedrest.
  143. Hernia and maternity support belt?
  144. Contractions?
  145. Daniel Maxwell is here!!
  146. Which tea ingredients are safe (or not) for PG?
  147. Blood sugar meter readings keep changing - sugars too high
  148. Another SCH question
  149. Should I be worried?
  150. Nausea after stress & exertion?
  151. Had my baby girl!
  152. Must "look-ats" in store vs. online?
  153. Rules about Lifting When Pregnant
  154. It's a boy...
  155. Does anyone else NOT know the sex of the baby?
  156. Tell me about water birth
  157. UPDATE: Could I be pregnant?
  158. when did you start showing/wearing mat clothes w/ your 2nd?
  159. It's a girl!
  160. 2+ time moms...
  161. Insulin, anyone?
  162. "intermediate risk" for combined NT/blood test
  163. No, the vomiting is supposed to be done!
  164. Really Sick need opinions
  165. whoa - weight gain in the last few weeks?
  166. Recc's for maternity support stockings?
  167. The joys of maternity panties - favorite brands, recs?
  168. Recs for Vaccine Research please?
  169. Does anyone else experience this?
  170. Baby's Abdomen Measuring Large...
  171. Holy Moly, I see a line! - Updated
  172. Shameful vent
  173. Can someone remind me...
  174. How do you stay comfortable at the end of pregnancy?
  175. Is this sciatica?
  176. Making, sewing, planning to craft for new baby?
  177. So annoyed - insulin not working!
  178. Whats an evap line look like? UPDATED - PAGE 2
  179. We're having a girl!!!
  180. To mamas of preemies and then full-term babies
  181. Has anyone done an HBAC?
  182. Ache/soreness....sorry tmi - UPDATE in OP
  183. "Burning" feeling?
  184. No HB at 6 weeks (exactly), what do I do?
  185. Insomnia wwyd
  186. Help with bumper pads or not?
  187. So Happy
  188. Nosebleeds....TMI
  189. Freezing pads with witch hazel?
  190. How many Newborn diapers?
  191. What did you buy/prep in advance for #2?
  192. Really odd pain
  193. Nipple irritation in pregnancy....obviously, TMI
  194. Fifth disease in DD's classroom!!
  195. Prenancy Porn - Funny - Thought of all of you
  196. Baby Apps?
  197. Going into labor?
  198. Maternity photos?
  199. So here's a weird one...
  200. tips for finding a doula?
  201. ideas on how to reduce the panic?
  202. Add your pregnancy BP here!!! (Dumb Sonic)
  203. CMV scare in pregnancy
  204. Love the Pregnant Chicken
  205. Be honest! What foods did/do you avoid during pregnancy?
  206. Hospital tour questions
  207. Headache cures?
  208. deleted
  209. amnio?
  210. So what do you still need for baby?
  211. I just need to say
  212. Finger Pricks Not Clotting & Runny Blood?
  213. I'm a little bummed....
  214. Has anyone heard of new rec AGAINST swaddling?
  215. How much discharge is normal?
  216. Short limbs in fetus
  217. Diflucan in 3rd Trimester
  218. Preganacy brain getting to anyone?
  219. WWYD: RE Doctor switch
  220. Any tips on how to turn this baby around? UPDATE!
  221. NOW WHAT? Pains, aches...is this pre-labor or something?
  222. 32w. Admitted. Dang!
  223. Implantation bleeding?
  224. Heartburn.
  225. Is anyone taking (has taken) Evening Primrose pills?
  226. Cool TED talk on fetal learning
  227. What are you craving?
  228. Silly question - How long was I in labor?
  229. Just passed out at grocery
  230. Xpost: Any recs for prenatal workout DVD's?
  231. Waxing? Update!!
  232. think good thoughts for me, if you've got them to spare
  233. How bad is it to eat scallops?
  234. Now it's just become funny....borderline anemic
  235. Did you see signs of BF-readiness? Anything to help before birth?
  236. Successful breastfeeding with flat nipples ?
  237. Weird dreams?
  238. V-Bac moms please educate me
  239. Does your face get fat during pregnancy?
  240. Hee Hee Hee!
  241. late Jan & Feb mamas to be-how are you doing?
  242. P&PTs please: Update in OP
  243. So what, if anything, should I be on the lookout forů
  244. Target cowl neck shirts on clearance-works for early maternity
  245. Bedrest, can't do childbirth class. Tips?
  246. Anyone have a doctor and midwife?
  247. Incentives for baby registry?
  248. Anyone hear of wrapping post childbirth?
  249. Joules - thinking of you!
  250. Mommylamb... How's it going today?