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  1. 4 Months pregnant and not gaining weight
  2. PSA if you are due close to election day
  3. Is this labor?
  4. OMG where is AF!!!!
  5. How hard to get pregnant in your late 30's
  6. Overdue when to have tests done?
  7. Normal for labor to start then stop?
  8. Postpartum weight loss secrets
  9. To my very well meaning family members... (a PG BP!)
  10. Best time to schedule external version?
  11. The stranger bellyrub
  12. It's a GIRL!!!!
  13. Help me be get past birth not going as planned
  14. Pain after delivery? Update in #8 and advice for treating abrasion
  15. Hypersensitive gag reflex - need suggestions!
  16. Help! Sudden postpartum blood loss
  17. Nervous for today. (Update)
  18. Can't sleep
  19. Upper belly pain?
  20. Post partum headaches
  21. Third trimester mood swings?
  22. Overweight before getting pregnant?
  23. FYI: Breast pumps covered as of 8-1-12 under new healthcare laws ("Obamacare")
  24. DD2 is here!
  25. Looking for recommendations for a good ob/gyn practice
  26. Book Suggestions?
  27. When did you start showing?
  28. Anyone had the flu shot in 1st trimester?
  29. Nausea at 27 weeks
  30. Pregnancy concerns for older moms?
  31. If pregnancy was rough for you, did you go through it again anyhow?
  32. Charlie horse
  33. Secondary infertility anyone
  34. Third trimester - irritated by everyone
  35. Heard the heartbeat today!
  36. Due tomorrow and no signs of labor...so many questions
  37. Eye twitching anyone?
  38. Tell me about delayed clamping
  39. birthplan
  40. DS #2 is here!
  41. When to pack my bag for the hospital?
  42. Why I am so freaking cranky!!!!
  43. Do I really need a child birth class?
  44. Baby Shower help
  45. Panic Mode
  46. Here we go!!! Pregnant with #4!!
  47. If you had severe nausea, what worked for you?
  48. Antibiotics 2x already in pregnancy...
  49. First Braxton Hicks
  50. PSA make sure you floss after morning sickness!!
  51. Those who gave birth in a birth center with a tub..
  52. UPDATE - Markers on ultrasounds - need advice
  53. Suggestions for getting labor started?
  54. Prepaying Hospital Bill for Delivery
  55. Finally pregnant with our first!!
  56. Bloody show?
  57. Annoyed with my health insurance
  58. OMG - ginger ale!!!
  59. Anyone ever GBS+, and not get antibiotics in time?
  60. Would you change practices?
  61. Pregnancy and Zumba ?
  62. Hello secret belly panel, my long-lost friend...
  63. 14 weeks and BH already...
  64. Interesting article: Fetal Monitoring Often Tips Scales Toward Cesarean
  65. Anyone here opt out of all the screenings?
  66. Magnesium for inflamed hip and thigh from sciatica
  67. Laying on back and stomach
  68. How early did you "show" with 2nd or subsequent pregnancy ?
  69. Leaking fluid or is my bladder getting weak?? Should I call the DR?
  70. Ugh, can't keep my pants up!
  71. What's the danger of lifting heavy things?
  72. FB official :p
  73. For fun: What keeps you up at night?
  74. SPD...shoot me!
  75. Aren't you supposed to feel better?
  76. This isn't normal, right?
  77. Hyperthyroidism??
  78. Fantastic!! Uti.
  79. For Fun: My pregnancy is sponsored by...
  80. Ow ow ow! 17P shots anyone?
  81. Expecting 411 - the book?
  82. It's a.............
  83. Normal, or something to worry about?
  84. My fave pregnancy bras
  85. Well, hello there little munchkin!
  86. *TMI* Nipple question
  87. Update in Original Post: Mojo/Positive Thoughts
  88. Sciatica ? and Advice
  89. Long shot but anyone here thalassemic minor and gone through pregnancy
  90. For those late-night cravings...
  91. 5 pounds in a week? Are you kidding me?
  92. How much pressure is too much pressure in the pelvis?
  93. P&PT please - persistently elevated AFPs - UPDATE OP!
  94. success with second pregnancy after primary infertility?
  95. How big of a deal would choosing a provider one hour away be for you?
  96. And...it's a....
  97. "Normal" Pregnancy Weight Gain
  98. Zumba during pregnancy--if you are just starting!
  99. I think I cracked a rib from coughing too much
  100. Bringing food/treats for the nurses?
  101. how common are evap lines
  102. UPDATE: Low Iron and how to up it through diet
  103. Maternity Pillow Recs
  104. My guilty little secret...
  105. Crazy pregnancy dreams
  106. Early pregnancy symptoms
  107. The Very Hungry Mommy-pillar
  108. When do you tell?
  109. Prenatal Depression
  110. How bad is caffeine
  111. Weight gain in the early weeks?
  112. Pregnancy heimlich PSA
  113. Hospital bag: remind me what to pack!
  114. need to convince DH not to travel internationally
  115. Pregnancy Health and Beauty info on Pinterest?
  116. Still nauseous at 13.5 weeks
  117. oh my gosh! THE BABY JUST MOVED!
  118. Good Big Sister Books for Toddler
  119. Brownies or molten lava cake?
  120. Allergy medication during pregnancy
  121. How early did you start "nesting"?
  122. Sequential screen, yay or nay?
  123. Not ready for him yet! ...3rd update, he's on his way...
  124. Updated: talk me down...or not...ultrasound
  125. free 20 pregnancy test strips
  126. DS2 is here!
  127. Update in OP. UTI with no symptoms? And a vent.
  128. Nooooo! Failed the one hour glucose test...
  129. Fear of flying - what can I take?
  130. I failed the one hour glucose test too... :(
  131. Shrimp Sensitivity and Going to the Beach
  132. Suggestion for Sticky: Jellybean Glucose Test?
  133. Big sigh of relief + happy dance!
  134. She's here!!!... **update #9** with more pics!
  135. Pregnant mama roll call...
  136. Is corned beef a "deli meat"?
  137. Eating nonstop
  138. Sushi
  139. Can we talk stretch mark prevention?
  140. Interesting Article About Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)
  141. PLEASE tell me...
  142. test results show gestational diabetes
  143. Nursing bra without any metal?
  144. Tell me all your positive stories about placenta previa
  145. The hospital bag...
  146. Prometrium during pregnancy
  147. For those early in pregnancy...do you ever feel not pregnant?
  148. Having Babies in mid 40's
  149. pregnant after ectopic--WWYD?
  150. oh my goodness this kid better be a soccer star
  151. Anyone else not feeling inspired with names?
  152. Struggling to buy something for baby. can anyone relate?
  153. Anyone want to play? I can tell I'm pregnant because...
  154. Velamentous Cord Insertion (VCI)? Anyone with any experience?
  155. Feels Like My Belly is Going to Explode!
  156. I am not ready for this baby! I need a take home baby!
  157. Third baby, having a shower...what do I need to register for?
  158. Is it crazy to try for baby # 2 at age 44?
  159. I'm dying with the heat and humidity
  160. Morning sickness..how do you cope?
  161. name help....
  162. S/O names... anyone want to share ideas or lists?
  163. Insomnia sucks.
  164. If you have had multiple pregnancies, when did you start having BH?
  165. In subsequent pregnancies, when did you first feel the baby move?
  166. When did you start wearing maternity clothes?
  167. What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.
  168. Yup, I'm out of room...
  169. I think I'm starting to show...
  170. Weight gain
  171. anyone else re: baby kicks
  172. So tired
  173. can we talk bras/boobs?
  174. Our Gender Reveal Announcement
  175. For fun: What are your cravings/aversions during pregnancy?
  176. What are you looking forward to after you deliver?
  177. Best post-partum pads
  178. Yikes!
  179. 3 hour Glucose Testing Instructions - help needed
  180. Foods to combat heartburn?
  181. does anyone want to do an update thread?
  182. 36 weeks! Not much longer though!
  183. Can we talk doulas?
  184. Sadie Lynne arrived this morning!!
  185. sacrum/coccyx...i don't know (maybe TMI)
  186. Don't you just hate when you read an article saying your baby will have defects
  187. UPDATE: Menstrual like cramps
  188. Not ready! UPDATED in OP
  189. Quick picture of my little princess
  190. Tips/Tricks for getting a better night's sleep?
  191. What did you wear/plan to wear in the hospital after baby's birth?
  192. Did anyone get *less* uncomfortable later in pregnancy??
  193. push presents
  194. anyone know anything about cervical length?
  195. I think...I think I just felt the baby move!
  196. NSTs twice a week???
  197. For those of you who wore yoga pants
  198. Failed 1-hour glucose test
  199. what is reasonable or what are your plans for reaching your partner?
  200. Uneasy feeling?
  201. Post deleted
  202. Welcome home Katherine Alexandra! Pictures and quick birth story
  203. What are your plans for older sibling(s) when you go into labor?
  204. Anyone have to take Flagyl while pregnant?
  205. Birth plan, do you recommend it ?
  206. We had our anatomy ultrasound
  207. GBS Positive :(
  208. When it is cold, what do you wear under a dress while pregnant?
  209. Worried about very smelly nail salon
  210. TMI question--but I need help
  211. Why am I still pregnant?
  212. Anyone else getting cold feet?
  213. Pregnancy:
  214. My baby finally arrived!
  215. I'm looking super ugly all of a sudden!
  216. Labor mojo...please?
  217. Serious name conflict, anyone?
  218. He's here!
  219. Ivy for a girl?
  220. HPT turned postive after 10 min mark?
  221. BH Contractions v. Real Contractions v. Hard Kicking
  222. menstrual-like cramps
  223. Introducing Matthew Denis (and a birth story)
  224. Preparing for the c-section birth
  225. Low AFI
  226. Experience with faint lines???
  227. Sore throat & headaches
  228. Turning a Breach Baby and what is a NST?
  229. Labor Poll
  230. preparing for miscarriage
  231. C-section recovery question?
  232. Posting labor pics on social media
  233. Dental x rays
  234. Induction and Preparing DD (almost 3)
  235. what should I have done? what do you have done?
  236. Update in #11 - Fetal echo?
  237. UPDATE Abdominal Exercises During Pregnancy and dueling OBs...
  238. Which is better as a bridesmaid in an out-of-state wedding, pregnant or with newborn?
  239. Edema tips and tricks
  240. Low iron
  241. Labor?
  242. Fear of Water Breaking/Going into labor early - Irrational?
  243. DD2 is here!
  244. Gender reveal ideas
  245. When do you call the OB's emergency line?
  246. What is causing all this achiness??
  247. what did you eat during first trimester?
  248. For fun, least favorite pregnancy symptoms
  249. GD question
  250. Kick counts--when to worry?