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  1. Bi-Weekly NSTs?
  2. impatience
  3. Should DH stay with me post op ?
  4. warm practical shoes?
  5. Coming home outfit for me? For baby girl?
  6. Labor? How do you know?
  7. Carrying out front
  8. did you have an early ultrasound?
  9. please rec your prenatal
  10. Ultrasound funny. AKA, DH is an idiot.
  11. prodromal labor
  12. Lower back pain
  13. Is it normal to feel like I need to cut WAY back on my activities lately?
  14. Uncomfortable waking - braxton hicks?
  15. Membranes Sweep
  16. Chiropractor when pregnant?
  17. Question about coming home outfit
  18. Did your DH go to all your ultrasounds?
  19. Glucose test results
  20. Totally overdid it today and I feel awful.
  21. Baby girl arrived
  22. DD2 arrived!!
  23. Baby girl came yesterday and is in the NICU
  24. Question about support belts
  25. Insurance related vents
  26. Is this early labor and what to expect at this point?
  27. Baby's head has been wedged under my ribs for 3 weeks.
  28. How can little hands hurt so much
  29. Starting to panic--are we ready?
  30. if you had a scheduled c/s
  31. Birth Story (Maybe TMI!)
  32. first prenatal questions?
  33. Gestational diabetes diet
  34. 41 weeks, waiting for labor to start. Anyone else in the same boat?
  35. Four weeks
  36. Elderberry Syrup?
  37. Baby Dropping
  38. ISO: Kick count app
  39. My belly is unbearably itchy!
  40. What do contractions feel like?
  41. Ugh, so frustrated! WWYD?
  42. 3rd trimester morning sickness
  43. Bostonsmama - how are things going?
  44. Pregnancy pillows?
  45. Update in #7--Lots of lower abdominal/lower back and pelvic pressure
  46. FDA warns against Zofran
  47. She's here! - Updated with photos
  48. ugh, morning sickness
  49. more naming angst (sorry, long) UPDATE!!
  50. How long did it take you to get pregnant w/o health problems or interventions,
  51. updated in #26 - naming help for me?
  52. Another naming post? ;)
  53. if you can bear another naming post :)
  54. scheduled induction!???
  55. Our little boy is here!
  56. Turning a posterior baby
  57. Our baby arrived!!
  58. Inducing before due date
  59. Weekly cervical dilation checks
  60. Miscarriage help - warning: sensitive
  61. Would you choose to be induced?
  62. Fever during pregnancy?
  63. I'm taking opinions on baby names...
  64. Our baby arrived
  65. Old placenta--how big of a problem is it?
  66. Need help with our baby boy's name!
  67. Slightly elevated blood pressure - any advice?
  68. fetal heart decelerations?
  69. Baby Matthew Arrived!
  70. Melatonin
  71. Castor oil success stories?
  72. Early labor/pre labor?
  73. Heart palpitations and breathlessness at 13w?
  74. Levi Marcel is here!
  75. TTC question
  76. what are the chances of having a c-section after a vaginal delivery?
  77. How long did you actively chart your cycles & use OPKs before officially TTC?
  78. Anyone ever taken older DC to hospital in labor?
  79. What face products do you use?
  80. TTC and charting questions - some TMI
  81. supplements for TTC
  82. Embarrassing wwyd...
  83. Never been so sad to see AF...
  84. Clogged milk duct during pregnancy?
  85. Subsequent SPD?
  86. Recent Research on Sutures vs. Staples for c-sections
  87. IV Iron Infusions...anyone BTDT?
  88. Too late to switch? Advice please!
  89. Very early pregnancy spotting and swimming?
  90. Miscarriage question
  91. Prenatal care after abruption?
  93. Contractions at 17 weeks?
  94. Pregnancy Colds
  95. Do I want an OB-GYN or a midwife?
  96. Placenta encapsulation?
  97. Horrible upper leg pain, suggestions?
  98. Did you have your tubes tied?
  99. End of 2014 Preggo check-in
  100. This is going to drive me crazy! Any BTDT or ideas?
  101. WWYD regarding early July delivery and OB options?
  102. Pregnancy = more irritable/annoyed?
  103. Peek at gender results before DH? Find out together? WWYD?
  104. Anterior placenta?
  105. You know you're pregnant when....
  106. Early pregnancy and Hypothroid
  107. Abdominal support bands/aids/wraps?
  108. Help! DS3 needs a name.
  109. Recommend your prenatal, especially for bad morning sickness
  110. The fatigue is starting to get to me.
  111. Scientific studies about elective inductions?
  112. Two questions - big baby and late c-section?
  113. Take home outfits and August babies?
  114. Labor question
  115. DD2 is here!
  116. Introducing DD5
  117. It's a boy!!!!!!!
  118. DS3 is here!
  119. DS is here!
  120. Amniotic sac detached from uterine wall?
  121. GI cramping/indigestion in pregnancy?
  122. Anyone here a lactation consultant? Could use some advice...
  123. If you had multiple high risk pregnancies...
  124. insatiable hunger...anyone else?
  125. Sweets taste bad
  126. So, uh... how to tell dh?
  127. Toddler proofing bedroom for toddler bed
  128. Phew! Just one baby after the IUI!
  129. What?? Two??
  130. Alleviating back pain??
  131. NICU questions
  132. How are all the pregnant BBBers feeling?
  133. Scar tissue? 20 weeks (Long)
  134. What movie for 5 yr olds?
  135. Recommend your nursing/diapering app
  136. Anyone carry their babies low?
  137. First Pregnancy
  138. Georgia Election suit
  139. please delete
  140. Girl name help! Update #19
  141. Would you do sibling class or skip?
  142. Led dance floor?