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  1. Welcome to the Expecting 411 Forum!
  2. Cool! Shall we start with a pregnant mama checkin?
  3. Favorite pregnancy resources?
  4. What to ask on the hospital tour?
  5. Anyone else confused by conflicting information?
  6. For those of you who were around 40 when TTC
  7. Where did you order birth ball from?
  8. Hypnobabies - Worth the money?
  9. Breech Baby Flipped at 36 weeks!!!!
  10. How does your OB determine the position of your baby?
  11. So what's everyone having?
  12. "Morning" Sickness
  13. "Bacne"
  14. Voting while in labor?
  15. does anyone else have seasonal allergies?
  16. Anything know anything about Shettles?
  17. Biking While Pregnant?
  18. "Triggers"
  19. Embarrassing pregnancy moments?
  20. midwife/OB question
  21. Hiccups?
  22. Solutions for not being able to "go"...??
  23. Aaaaaack! Itchy!
  24. Man it hurts just to stand up!
  25. The thing I hate most about maternity tops
  26. It hurts when I sneeze!
  27. Brazillian Wax while PG?
  28. Is it safe to carry my 20 month old while pregnant?
  29. Pregnant and sick. Booo...
  30. Did you have someone take pictures/VDO while you were in labor?
  31. Need Relief at Work
  32. Mastitis at 16 weeks pregnant!
  33. nesting vs. so tired
  34. Feminine Pad Suggestions for Post Delivery
  35. Leg cramps!
  36. The Anticipation/Disappointment
  37. Stupid thing to worry about
  38. How long is it o.k. to sleep on my stomach?
  39. Homebirths/natural childbirths???
  40. Recommend your favorite cloth pads
  41. 3rd trimester insomnia
  42. Name proposal
  43. zofran?
  44. What is your birthplan for those who want to go natural but still be in a hospital?
  45. When to have showers?
  46. weight loss during pregnancy
  47. Push Presents
  48. Does anyone else have this issue?
  49. Best way to create a birth plan?
  50. what to expect with a "typical", planned c-section?
  51. Bladder issues
  52. UPDATE: Doula Hired! What Do You Wish you had Asked Your Doula for in advance?
  53. Does everyone tell you you are "cute"?
  54. What would you make of my OB
  55. It's a boy!
  56. iPod play lists for labor?
  57. Low Fluid
  58. Night Nurse: When to Start, How to Deal with BFing?
  59. Is anyone else useless at work?
  60. we had our u/s today and...
  61. DH is treating me to a babymoon (without the kids)
  62. Changing due date?
  63. Breasts changes
  64. Private Room or not?
  65. What are you craving?
  66. So when did your heartburn start?
  67. When did you start to show?
  68. Did anyone use any other birth positions beside laying on the back?
  69. Receive a $20 gift card when registering at BRU or TRU?
  70. Bring breastpump to hospital?
  71. Cankles at 21 weeks?
  72. What do you like & not like about pregnancy?
  73. I am loosing my mind.............
  74. So I am wondering if my water broke....
  75. quick ?: dayquil
  76. Ouch! He is kicking my cervix--anything I can do?
  77. BFP and started period on same day??? Help!
  78. Does the heat bother you?
  79. Do you use your own nighgown/robe at the hospital?
  80. Massage!
  81. Baby Dropped - 2nd Pregnancy - how long?
  82. Flip Baby!
  83. For anyone who thinks most cesareans are unnecessary
  84. Lopsided baby bump
  85. I'm having one of those days...
  86. Um, seriously?
  87. Just waiting and waiting...
  88. how far away is your OB's office...?
  89. Confused: Pelvic Tilts (Bradley vs Harvard vs Prenatal Yoga)
  90. For mom with positive GBS, will you go to hospital early?
  91. When is the GD test usually?
  92. misguided on prenatal - help please
  93. what should i bring when i go to labor?
  94. Random comments I've heard today...
  95. Failed 1hr Glucose Screen!
  96. Belly Button?
  97. If you have older children, are they unusually lovey dovey?
  98. 37th week n anxious!!
  99. leg cramps...............
  100. Newborn home & my toddler WON'T EAT. I think she wants to nurse...
  101. uggghhhhhhh...digestive issues while pregnant (perhaps TMI)
  102. When was the first time you felt baby move?
  103. I'm going to have a BIG baby!!!
  104. *pant* *pant*
  105. Baby powder - what's it for?
  106. Vision issues?
  107. Migraines anyone?
  108. I think I might be in labor...
  109. Help! I can't sleep on my left side.
  110. Anxious DHs?
  111. make milk delicious!!
  112. How do you deal with people who creat negative environment when you are pg?
  113. (Blush): Contractions after intimacy?
  114. I had my baby girl!
  115. Any advice for sciatica in pregnancy?
  116. Braxton-Hicks fan club
  117. Pregnancy Test Result...
  118. Big mama panties
  119. Bikini wax while pregnant?
  120. What are you using for a going home from the hospital outfit for baby?
  121. Low-lying placenta
  122. baby footprints!!!
  123. did u shave??
  124. question about pushing(sorry TMI)
  125. Farewell, wedding rings. And shoes.
  126. need rec for pregnancy pillow
  127. My 20 month old has decided that sleeping is boring...
  128. When'd you get the linea nigrea? (sp?)
  129. Any luck with insurance covering...?
  130. Loose tummy skin?
  131. Required to see family if in town?
  132. Does anyone know much about ectopic pregnancy?
  133. Chocolate Cigars, Lolipops?
  134. when will be the day!!!
  135. When in pregnancy were you the most/least hungry?
  136. Boobs
  137. Recs for belly/back brace
  138. glucose test ?
  139. Birth Positions for Bad back
  140. New guidelines aim to reduce repeated C-sections
  141. have you been to Disneyland/world while pregnant? update in 1st post
  142. Sore crotch at 27 weeks?
  143. narrow pelvis n birthing ball!!
  144. Nervous About Weight Gain
  145. How did you know you were in actual labor?
  146. Is clumsiness a pregnancy thing?
  147. 4 lbs! YIKES!!!!!
  148. Varicose Veins?
  149. What have you heard/experienced about preventing tearing?
  150. I have a serious nesting issue...
  151. Do you like being pregnant?
  152. When did you stop strenth/weight training?
  153. another question.....
  154. Hypnobabies
  155. Sore inner thighs after workout?
  156. How soon did you "show" with #3?
  157. What is your plan for this?
  158. I take it back about not loving pregnancy.
  159. Do you feel some doulas/midwives/advocates are TOO anti-intervention?
  160. How did you find your VBAC OB
  161. For those of you at the end, what are you doing to prepare for labor?
  162. This week . . . weepy with insomnia
  163. do i need a doula?
  164. Is this normal?
  165. S/O: Doula vs. Midwife
  166. Any tall snoogle lovers?
  167. Very sore inner thighs
  168. Home Birth - - What Medical Options/Tech do you Lose compared to small hospital?
  169. Not a fan of Motherhood Maternity.
  170. Toiletries during pregnancy
  171. What will I forget to pack?
  172. Push gifts
  173. not good company
  174. anyone opt out of testing for gestational diabetes?
  175. Anyone had experience with acupuncture to induce labor?
  176. A list of standard test during pregnancy
  177. Generic tucks from Target
  178. Scheduling problems
  179. interesting article about ttc after m/c
  180. Special Gift Suggestions for OB
  181. Your post-partum daydreams?
  182. Hormonal, Pregnant Rant...
  183. Is it normal that I can't breathe?
  184. Pump ? for NFTMs
  185. post partum pain!!
  186. baby shower blues
  187. What kind of breast pump for SAHM hoping to BF for 1 year?
  188. Prenatal massage "toxins"--seriously?
  189. Maternity splurge idea?
  190. drinking until BFP
  191. LOL: "So you're probably not going to get any bigger, right?"
  192. 2 week post partum appt?
  193. Swelling
  194. Group B Strep What Should I Know?
  195. Vitamin B12 deficiency & Prego - anyone have/know anything about this?
  196. Eat or not eat before GD/glucosa screen?
  197. question about conception...
  198. Birthing Center?
  199. so tempted to take a mini road trip during the 3rd trimester ?
  200. sweeping the membranes
  201. Anyone wear a maternity belt regularly? Tips?
  202. Very very NOT fun!
  203. ugh...feeling green
  204. Taking a not so mini trip in the 3rd Trimester
  205. What's on your nesting list?
  206. 3rd trimester- how are you feeling?
  207. Could this really cause complications during pregnancy and delivery?
  208. OK, baby, I'm ready for those 4 am feedings!
  209. Cramping & Bleeding at 5 wks
  210. Would you eat ceviche
  211. Registry/getting ready for baby list--feedback?
  212. Update: am not lunar freak, am actually gestating elephant
  213. So I have my GD 3 hr test results...but don't know what they mean
  214. burning at episiotomy site!!
  215. Taking DHA vitamins and listening to Classical Music while Pregnant
  216. did you opt to have the level II ultrasound? update in 1st post
  217. GD anyone else? What diet do u follow?
  218. LMP when you have funny cycles--did you "catch up"?
  219. morning sickness remedies that are ok for BF'ing?
  220. 3D/4D Ultrasound experience
  221. Instructor Never Showed Up to Childbirth Class through my Hospital
  222. Stocking up on Diapers
  223. How are your children reacting to your pregnancy?
  224. what are your tentative plans (w/ regards to childcare when you go into labor)?post16
  225. deli meats ?
  226. Needing Some Encouragement
  227. Bruising in groin area
  228. if I'm uncomfortable now...
  229. Ugh! False alarm
  230. Need advice for stocking up nursery while on hospital bed-rest
  231. So darn TIRED.
  232. 40 weeks?!
  233. What is your comfort level with number of weeks overdue?
  234. Painful lump in armpit
  235. Emotional stress, contractions...how to deal?
  236. Is this nothing...or something to be concerned about?
  237. Nursing Bras
  238. Best friend's dumb comments - what would you do?
  239. insomnia
  240. Rash
  241. ? for you (maybe TMI)
  242. Resisting the urge to augment my registry
  243. TMI? Colostrum at 8 months pregnant??
  244. Certain TMI - Charlie horses in my groin
  245. sste- baby news?
  246. Can a DVT, or more specifically -- a pulmonary embolism -- resolve on its own?
  247. Has anyone had an amnio around 36 wks to check lungs?(warning:loss mentioned)
  248. Do you have a cut-off date for sex in the third tri?
  249. weight gain (or lack of) during the 3rd trimester?
  250. Update in post 91:Baby Clara Birth Update (warning no loss but potentially upsetting)