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  1. Time for another DivaCup thread.....
  2. Weird Diva Cup Question
  3. Have you had an Ablation?
  4. Birth control post-DC?
  5. holy never-ending period, batman!
  6. Armour thyroid, anyone?
  7. ?? on birth control pills
  8. Wart? I think I have one on my finger??
  9. Diva angst
  10. Is there any reason not to
  11. Birth control options?
  12. Did you get vaxed for smallpox?
  13. A TMI Thread: Monogamy: Monotony or Mandatory? Care to "share"?
  14. S/O - How do you want your Three Way?
  15. Care to Diagnose?
  16. When Sex Isn't An Option
  17. So let's just say hypothetically that you have caught your child's HFM Disease ...
  18. Constipation/Bloating Breastfeeding
  19. TMI thread: Anyone have surgery to tighten things up? or other advice...
  20. Tubal Ligation? Too young?
  21. What brand of Vitamin D supplement?
  22. Role-Playing
  23. What could cause my thigh aches?
  24. Are these endometriosis symptoms? TMI?
  25. How long does it take you? (sex)
  26. Ulcer Anyone?
  27. Implantation bleeding or early period
  28. for those of you who think your starting menopause, HELP.
  29. Work out videos
  30. Does increased discharge necessarily mean you're pregnant?
  31. Do you know what this means?
  32. Yeast Infection
  33. Google Health is being discontinued :(
  34. How long did it take to get AF back?
  35. Has anyone had a sigmoidoscopy?
  36. s/o: Nipples (IGNORE)
  37. s/o: Nipples
  38. Laser Hair Removal, any regrets?
  39. vertigo?
  40. WWYD - Mammogram vs. breastfeeding
  41. Thyroid - further reading recs ?
  42. What do you take for menstrual cramps?
  43. What kind of multivitamin do you take?
  44. What to do when AF is MIA for no apparent reason?
  45. Lump got bigger
  46. Please help me with the Diva cup
  47. Sleepwalking in an adult?
  48. What could I possibly be allergic to?
  49. Advice Needed from those who've had Gestational Diabestes
  50. How will 50,000 iu of Vitamin D help me?
  51. Gah!! WHAT is going on with my uterus? (Possible TMI)
  52. Cyclical fatigue?
  53. Diagnosing achy stomach?
  54. Quick question: When to start BCP?
  55. really serious belly button pain
  56. Diagnose this rash
  57. Hashimoto's and gluten
  58. Bathroom Irregularity...TMI :)
  59. Return of Period?
  60. Playlist for the bedroom?
  61. insomnia and menstrual cycle?
  62. thyroid testing info - VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE!
  63. Weird period. Please advise.
  64. is melatonin safe while breastfeeding??
  65. Diagnosis this: Peeling feet 6 yr old
  66. Clumpy periods - Way too much information
  67. Anyone well versed in headaches?
  68. How often is IT really good?
  69. Holy moly, I really need my thyroid meds
  70. OUCH! How do I un-clog my ear?
  71. At what age will IT stop being good?
  72. Calcium supplement or multi-vitamin?
  73. When did you get your period back after birth?
  74. Should I reschedule my mammogram?
  75. Never mind I cannot figure out the poll option
  76. Speaking of "It," does anyone else just have no desire for it?
  77. Can you lose weight without hitting the gym?
  78. Dull ache in upper breast
  79. Immune System boosters
  80. High Cholesterol
  81. Over the counter cough suppressant?
  82. Should I ask for meds before getting my IUD?
  83. If you don't take a multi vitamin what do you take?
  84. Essure - any recent BTDT?
  85. Spotting before AF-perimenopause?
  86. Need help from Diva Cup users
  87. Magic Powder question
  88. Start pill mid-cycle or wait
  89. NovaSure - any advice on it?
  90. Night teeth clenching
  91. Psoriasis treatments?
  92. Steady, dull pain under both ribs
  93. "cramping" sensation with ovulation
  94. Can birth control have this effect? urg.
  95. After Mirena - wait to TTC?
  96. Have you ever heard of menstrual cycle syncing??
  97. This is a first (Diva related)
  98. Thyroid experts
  99. Menstural cup comparison links?
  100. S/O So how did you choose your menstrual cup?
  101. 3rd sinus infection of 2012
  102. Diva cup and changes in cycle flow- anyone else?
  103. How do you get motivated to lose weight?
  104. what was the one thing you did that really helped you lose weight?
  105. Question(s) about ovulation
  106. What do you do for TOTM headaches?
  107. viagra?
  108. Anybody use Waterworks?
  109. deleted
  110. S/O Shaving bikini line (TMI?)
  111. Digestive enzymes
  112. Found my new favorite body soap for me!!
  113. s/o: what do you use for menstrual protection?
  114. Shorter cycles something to worry about?
  115. Reusable Instead Soft-Cup
  116. Fifty Shades of Grey--what are
  117. If you are not on birth control, are you overweight?
  118. continual b/c
  119. Anyone have Raynaud's disease/syndrome?
  120. Breast pain
  121. Experience with the mini-pill?
  122. Welcome back AF!!!
  123. How much is too much? (rectal bleeding) TMI ALERT
  124. magnesium supplement? (update #9)
  125. Pms
  126. What should I do next...to further test or not?
  127. Really frustrated: Need Diva cup help
  128. Is abstinence unhealthy for adults?
  129. UPDATE: post 9 - Experience with lightbox therapy (UVB) for eczema or psoriasis?
  130. Tips for dark skin in arm pits?
  131. Treating eczema while nursing?
  132. What is the difference between traditional PCP and family practice/doctor?
  133. Doing my own gel nail polish???
  134. Paraben free lube?
  135. Any one had a Hysteroscopy done? Need Advice/Reassurance Update #11
  136. Bloated, TMI....wondering any BDTD
  137. postpartum prolapse??
  138. what do you take for irregularity?
  139. Is this normal?? heavy bleeding while on mini pill - a little TMI
  140. Oh my gosh, how do you forget this?! TMI alert
  141. The Rabbit (possibly offensive to some)
  142. Celiac disease cookbook recommendations?
  143. Pain
  144. Just saw a sign for a Men's Brazilian wax.... dare I ask...
  145. S/O Manscaping....
  146. Teeth whitening recs?
  147. deleted
  148. What's your cup size?
  149. Give it to me straight--having a hysterosalpingogram
  150. Weight Watchers Activitiy points help
  151. First post-partum AF?
  152. Gyn or internist
  153. Hormonal IUD and lower sex drive?
  154. Foot Care Question - Ingrown Toenail
  155. Donating your eggs
  156. S/O: Copper IUD a good idea?
  157. What do you use to wash...
  158. What facewash do you use with your Mia?
  159. **WARNING TMI** How often do you (poll).....
  160. S/O:TMI How often do you...
  161. Al -anon?
  162. If you're not that physically attracted to your DH anymore,
  163. S/O: Has the number of sexual partners affected your attitude toward sex?
  164. Did you go down a bra cup size, if you lost weight?
  165. Thyroid issues?
  166. A hooch hat?
  167. If you are done having kids...
  168. s/o New Recs on Yearly Paps and Annual Physicals
  169. Doing the deed?
  170. Super-stuck IUD - Help?!
  171. Yeast infection help...tmi warning
  172. Gold Bond Body Wash recommendation
  173. maybe tmi high libido when pregnant
  174. Fem-Dophilus instead of Metronidazole?
  175. Talk to Me About Lactose Intolerance
  176. Diagnose me: HFM or Pox?
  177. Racy dreams: Who's got the lead role?
  178. Recommend your best deodorant/anti-perspirant
  179. Can you feel when you ovulate?
  180. TMI: if you use Align how long did it take you to feel normal?
  181. What's going on.....TMI
  182. Does your DH have less interest in DTD
  183. Anyone been to The Pretty Kitty Waxing Salon?
  184. Perimenopausal? Other??
  185. ignore.. forget poll
  186. Longest time with no sex since being married, excl medical or other issues
  187. Diva Cup ?'s
  188. Who would I go to for this (warning, sensitive!) and would it even help?
  189. Anxiety meds? Long.
  190. Recurrent YIs?
  191. What do you do to keep it hot with SO?
  192. Thyroid bloodwork
  193. If I stop eating bread, pasta, and rice...will I lose weight?
  194. Arbonne products?
  195. Periods after baby - do they get better?
  196. Menstrual cup users - help please!
  197. Why AF midway through BC pack
  198. No dairy diet for acne?
  199. DTD with baby in the room????
  200. Extreme cramping
  201. Moms over 35...can we talk about cycle changes you've experienced?
  202. Stinky Me
  203. PP Hair Loss
  204. Mitchum
  205. Hypothyroid help please!
  206. I should know this--Cycle and BC Help
  207. Mirena and nursing
  208. Cup users - help please!
  209. Migraines and periods, I can't take it anymore!!!
  210. Speak up girls - your favorite moisturizer for dry skin (face)
  211. Glominerals?
  212. *update post #10* Juice fast
  213. Short cycles?
  214. Teeth whitening at home
  215. Embarrassing Sex Question
  216. Nutrition quiz
  217. Oh carp am I starting perimenopause?
  218. Changing thyroid meds
  219. If you use a menstrual cup, which fold do you use?
  220. looking for something larger than Diva cup- Fleurcup?
  221. Treating thyroid antibodies only (other tests negative)
  222. So, is it true that everything is better with bacon?
  223. Which dr for a cyst?
  224. When you say you can't feel your Diva cup....
  225. High Sex Drive
  226. I feel like I have something stuck in my throat
  227. daily apple cider vinegar
  228. Hair advice.... Frizzies
  229. After stopping Breastfeeding when did your milk dry up?
  230. Carpal tunnel
  231. Dark spot corrector?
  232. How do you lose weight if you have...
  233. Update #10=Anyone else have these perimenapausal symptoms? I'm a lilttle nervous.
  234. Anyone use implanon while breastfeeding?
  235. Blood work to determine heart attack risk
  236. Heart Palpitations While Sleeping
  237. Whaddya know - it WAS the thyroid!
  238. What contact drops do you like?
  239. S/O sex, how old before DC hear/ know what you're doing?
  240. High five! Hand stand!
  241. Recommend your multivitamin NYT article
  242. Toothpaste recs for me--Xylitol, Fluoride, oh my!
  243. Which electric toothbrush
  244. Pap every 3 yrs????
  245. Can you learn to be a good lover?
  246. Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms
  247. Advocare 24 day cahllenge
  248. Any umbillical hernia experience?
  249. New-onset joint pain
  250. Are IUDS covered by Obamacare?