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  1. Fitbit friends
  2. favorite facial moisturizers with broad spectrum protection?
  3. Adult Multivitamin Recommendation Needed-Top 8 Free (Nut, Dairy, Soy, Wheat, etc.)
  4. At what point should there be a talk? (TMI--men's libido)
  5. Why the heck are my hips so tight?
  6. Thyroid Help
  7. Need a SPF moisturizer for daily use/paraben free
  8. Anyone experience sacroiliac issues?
  9. Product Rave
  10. Vulvar varicose veins
  11. mirena and weight gain/trouble loosing?
  12. Gluten sensitive and that time of month!
  13. what could be wrong with me
  14. Tips for jumpstarting weight loss?
  15. Stopped BC pill and now shedding more hair. Is that weird?
  16. Whole 30 anyone?
  17. Any runners dealt with hip bursitis
  18. Gas relief?o
  19. mid-cycle cramps?
  20. Itchy, itchy, itchy!!
  21. BBB DietBet
  22. How do you deal with adema in the feet?
  23. Uterine Ablation to End Periods?
  24. If you workout at work...taming post-workout sweat
  25. Probiotics and skin health
  26. PMS/MS symptoms question
  27. Daily moisturizer with SPF?
  28. I'm in constant pain and no one can help...
  29. Quick period question....too late?
  30. First period after coming off BCP?
  31. Allergies...or not
  32. Not sure what to think...
  33. Diabetes diagnosis
  34. Under eye brightener or concealor help
  35. Anyone have brittle hair?
  36. dermoid ovarian cysts?
  37. cloth pads -- newbie
  38. non-breastfeeding nipple blister
  39. Question for those of you with low thyroid
  40. Has anyone ever had c diff?
  41. Perimenopause? Shorter cycles
  42. REALLY sore boobs before period
  43. Cloth pads for pregnancy?
  44. party in my pants
  45. Perimenopause and other issues of being 45
  46. NYT: Up to 14 Years of Hot Flashes Found in Menopause Study
  47. Any advice on ulcerative colitis?
  48. spotting?? WTF?? perimenopause
  49. Questions about using magnesium for constipation
  50. Has anyone tried/know about the Hormone Reset Diet?
  51. Have you used medication to delay the onset of your period?
  52. 36 and Wacky periods
  53. Poll (TMI?): Ob/GYN yearly checks
  54. App for periods?
  55. Anyone else take Mylan birth control pills? Do you like them?
  56. Well that explains the weight gain!
  57. Extreme Exhaustion
  58. Is anybody doing the latest version of weight watchers?? And if so...
  59. Critique my diet!
  60. Critique my diet--Revised!
  61. What to do about dry heels?
  62. Diva cup rave!!
  63. Do you take calcium supplements?
  64. Wrong Post location
  65. Pap question
  66. Acne!!
  67. Is there a test for early menopause?
  68. cloth liners?
  69. Causes of periods every two weeks with increased anxiety?
  70. how long does your AF last?
  71. Tmi tmi tmi
  72. Eva Cup?
  73. WTD about callouses?
  74. Constipation
  75. Homestead Emporium (cloth pads) co-op
  76. Experiences with the Depo shot?
  77. Questions for those with celiac
  78. vegetarian grain-free breakfasts? Is it really ok to have eggs every monring?
  79. Dark spots - does anything REALLY work?
  80. If you get cold sores, I'd love some advice!
  81. Okay Tri ladies - in case of Heavy AF
  82. How do you find a good therapist (for adult)?
  83. more hormonal?
  84. Update: Perimenpause and/or too many periods--need support
  85. How do you motivate yourself to exercise?
  86. TMI - hemorrhoids
  87. 41 is too young for this, right?! (maybe tmi)
  88. Shaking
  89. Calling all thyroid experts
  90. Hysterectomy questions: Da Vinci Robot specifically
  91. Any tips for working out early in the morning?
  92. Ashermans syndrome? What is going on?
  93. Recommend your probiotic
  94. HELP: TMI question regarding possibly "lost" tampon?
  95. Just ordered a Diva Cup. Tell me what I need to know.
  96. Surprising update #8: Is this normal for perimenopause/menopause
  97. sweat inducing exercise ideas while 6m pregnant
  98. Menstrual Cups....
  99. MRI for paresthesia
  100. how well do you know the esthetician that waxes you.....r/o (a little tmi)
  101. Hot flashes at night, apparently. Any tips?
  102. Is this iron level too low?
  103. Delay period naturally ?
  104. Menstrual cup for low cervix? Any recommendations?
  105. Help! Hair loss!
  106. AF hasn't come to visit since November- should I be worried?
  107. If you've had a kidney stone
  108. Anyone ever had a period with lots of clots
  109. anemic
  110. Ovarian cyst?
  111. Birth control pill for endometriosis
  112. day 11 of period WWYD (TMI)
  113. low iron levels and other blood issues
  114. Iron infusion -- BTDT?
  115. Root cause for iron deficiency identified
  116. Update post 11: I'm the Goldilocks of menstrual cups!
  117. Horrible cramps
  118. Rash that looks/itches like mosquito bites?
  119. Help from the iron experts please!
  120. Thyroid Question also!
  121. Plateau
  122. Have you used douche?
  123. Does anyone take progesterone or do any other hormone balancing?
  124. Anyone know about the MTHFR gene mutation?
  125. Kegel beads, do these work?
  126. Waist Reducers-do they work?
  127. Sudden painful heavy breasts?
  128. Coincidence? Question about bacterial vaginosis (sorry TMI)
  129. Hemorrhoids?
  130. Ovarian cyst removal?
  131. Warts?
  132. Ears draining
  133. Krill oil? Best brand, where to get?
  134. Probably finally in menopause! Questions-
  135. Old Lady Acne
  136. leaking pee
  137. Way TMI-- what to do about increased odor?
  138. Body Fat scale/monitor
  139. Birth control implant?
  140. mammogram irregular any insights? Update in #10
  141. Cost of Estrogen medication?
  142. Favorite Mama Cloth brand?
  143. Do I still need a prenatal vitamin?
  144. Arthritis already?
  145. When stress effects sleep--any suggestions?
  146. Painful breast lump
  147. Period ever 2 weeks- menopause?
  148. Anyone with low iron/ferritin figured out root cause
  149. Getting vague symptoms checked out?
  150. Hair loss??
  151. Icing on cake?
  152. Dry skin surrounding underarms?
  153. Other symptoms during your periods?
  154. Anxiety question
  155. Is anyone else doing the melt method or know about it?
  156. Low Body Temp
  157. Tachycardia
  158. Low Iodine Diet - Help
  159. Tubal?
  160. Nauseous, but negative pg test... anything else it could be?
  161. Adult acne
  162. Nightsweats
  163. Article about estrogen therapy during perimenopause and decreased risk of Alzheimers
  164. What's your flow like on your heaviest day(s)?
  165. Shingles vaccine for 50+?
  166. Varicose veins
  167. Any knowledge about micronutrient testing/Spectracell labs?
  168. PMS symptoms changing
  169. Depression symptoms can include anger which is often misunderstood
  170. High Cholesterol
  171. Stay on BCP or not?
  172. Does Skyla last more than 3 years?
  173. No period but not menopause?
  174. Hormonal weight gain?
  175. Menopause: anybody starting?
  176. Meditation Youtube Videos for my Mom?
  177. Vitamin D3 needing K2; how do you get it and is really important?
  178. OTC Progesterone Cream
  179. Revaree - perimenopause and painful sex
  180. What menstrual products to use with IUD?