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  1. s/o for ADHD do you tell siblings? How?
  2. Finding a school that meets your child's needs
  3. Adderall: we are starting, any tips or suggestions?
  4. Therapy - is this progress or a "honeymoon" phase?
  5. Full of Gas...Help!
  6. Omega 3-How long do notice affects?
  7. Autism and Potty-Training
  8. wiggle seat/cushion
  9. IEP meeting-finally progress, but so exhausting
  10. Help with evaluation review
  11. Organizing medical files
  12. Chewing on Everything?
  13. Any experience with beta blockers?
  14. house rules
  15. Non Verbal Processing Disorder and ADHD -- btdt?
  16. Sorry, a different friend, ABA floor therapy or other?
  17. Resources for a friend
  18. Cross posted in BP-Agency A, please talk to agency B
  19. Anxiety/Depression and the Decision to Medicate
  20. Growing up
  21. Auditory Working Memory Problems - How To Proceed
  22. aide, teacher, parent duties
  23. Celebrating Unusual Interests
  24. insurance coverage for group speech
  25. discounted iPad apps
  26. What If...
  27. Anyone use Vayarin for ADHD or autism?
  28. Yale's Autism & Related Disorders class free on iTunes U
  29. Breakthrough!! Greenbean pooped on the potty!
  30. Child's disability and my work
  31. services and down time
  32. visual instructions
  33. ADHD... and sleep... and medications
  34. instructional aides
  35. Noisy classrooms and helping SN kids cope
  36. Update and more questions!! DS behavior and a starting place
  37. what is CBT?
  38. gah! is this even legal?!
  39. New Behavior, not sure what to do
  40. ADHD meds question
  41. Help...First grade, suspensions
  42. Ideas on how to organize dd's file/evals, etc
  43. Do you force your kids to go to school?
  44. Fidget toys
  45. Potty training a special needs kid
  46. Funny conversation at doctor's office
  47. PhD made progress with the school for us
  48. What causes the oral fixation?
  49. Some kids like going to the zoo...
  50. Update: Is there ever a reason not to get evaluated?
  51. Update on DS
  52. IEP for "very low IQ" ?
  53. Some concerns about 4.5yo DD
  54. Are there School Services I Can Access?
  55. daily home OT for regulation
  56. struggling with immobilizing fears
  57. Weighted blankets
  58. IEP response timelines
  59. Does your family/DC participate in research projects?
  60. An open letter to a parent of a child with speech delays
  61. interesting autism research
  62. How do you cope with the uncertainty?
  63. Starting over with supplements. Anyone BTDT?
  64. to prompt/correct or not?
  65. Moms of ADHD kids: Any luck with Stratera?
  66. Suggestions for Lycra swings for in-home therapy use?
  67. small problem - any ideas?
  68. anyone here done MB12 shots?
  69. end of my rope
  70. Technology for handwriting difficulty: Alphasmart Neo/Dana, other?
  71. UPDATE: Already Referred for IEP -- What Do I Need to Know, help please!
  72. Generic Concerta?
  73. Vyvanse, anyone?
  74. C8 Sciences Activate program?
  75. Advice on coaching a soccer team - second grader with autism on the team
  76. Ever felt like just giving up?
  77. Daytrana Info
  78. Need help with handwriting- any suggestions?
  79. Dear Special Ed Administrator
  80. Experience with non-stimulant meds for ADHD
  81. What does this test result mean?
  82. Anyone ask for a new placement
  83. 3rd update/dilemma/ in #22-progress undone -IEP changes made without my consent
  84. What to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a spec ed lawyer?
  85. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  86. Update in #15 - Use of voice to text software in school
  87. Email from OT - How Would You Proceed
  88. Tell me about hiring a tutor for a special needs child
  89. DS is chewing/fiddling like crazy
  90. Gifted screening...again (plus ADD)
  91. Title 1 schools--helpful or not for kids with learning disabilities
  92. jekyll & hyde
  93. IEP strategies link
  94. Weighted blanket recommendation?
  95. How to approach/what to ask prospective middle school principals
  96. Childcare for older kids?
  97. Are there other conditions that seem to be frequently found in kids with SPD?
  98. DS1 dx with dyslexia -- BTDT?
  99. is this typical-2 weeks for report from testing?
  100. Looking at middle schools--what do you think
  101. g&t?...where to try and start...
  102. Spec ed teacher thinks dd is just avoiding :-(
  103. Audiory processing/other special ed apps?
  104. update-first day of meds: so we have an official diagnosis!
  105. ADHD plus anxiety?
  106. "disabled" child and taxes
  107. social skills groups?
  108. Considering the next level up (of service)
  109. Tell me about Developmental Pediatricians
  110. Intermittent FMLA
  111. Special dyslexia school/labeling
  112. How did you find a good child CBT therapist?
  113. Inclusive school
  114. tics with ADHD meds?
  115. academics for 5yo with ASD
  116. DS2 likely has language based learning issue ENOUGH ALREADY
  117. WWYD: Spec ed teacher leaving right after promises were made?
  118. Children with Dif. Interests from Peers . . . and Strain on Parents!
  119. How would you have handled this situation?
  120. Can anyone help me understand C-TOPPS scores?
  121. Nighttime Bedwetting Help
  122. Autism like symptoms but without the language or social delay?
  123. Behavior change w/ ADHD meds
  124. has anyone had their child on intuniv?
  125. Dr. Lorna Wing - R.I.P.
  126. starting an eval process - any tips for first appt
  127. therapy and practice at home
  128. How Do You Keep from Blowing your Top with Therapists, Schools??
  129. Just registered DS for 2 weeks of overnight camp - excited and nervous
  130. Updated Down the services rabbit hole -- help with an IEP first time?
  131. Anxiety meds
  132. any thoughts on these specific "tests"?
  133. New to IEP process, question about ESY
  134. Planning for the future (care and money)
  135. check in!
  136. Preparing for another round of no answers
  137. Finding the Best School District to Deal With Your Child's Needs
  138. Fast ForWord
  139. What form(s) does your child's anxiety take?
  140. 2 questions
  141. does anyone have a good source for understanding therapy
  142. Visual Processing Disorder
  143. Dyslexia web site
  144. Anyone Tried Yoga Class for their Kid?
  145. Anyone familiar with non verbal language disorder?
  146. How do you keep yourself from getting hurt feelings from a child?
  147. update in OP DD diagnosed with ADHD too...
  148. Summer homework?
  149. Update in #10--try to stick with this agency or not
  150. Having my initial IEP meeting this afternoon...
  151. advocate help -- totally worth it! any experience with interm plan pre IEP?
  152. Controlling emotions during therapy or other meetings when DC is present
  153. FAPE violation in the county where we used to live--not surprised.
  154. ADHD Meds...Having Trouble Finding the Right Balance
  155. When, if at all, did your DC develop social issues?
  156. thank you!
  157. X-Post What is legally required to revoke permission to exchange info
  158. Advice for evaluation, possible dyslexia - not for me
  159. Could really use some guidance here...
  160. not great start
  161. Ideas about what to request for Handwriting Accomodation/Help?
  162. Which Wrightslaw video for training?
  163. UPDATE: Reading Recovery Program? Advocacy tips? Talk me off ledge
  164. IEP Parents: Do you refrain from complaining?
  165. low adaptive score--and I'm sad
  166. Busy Toddler - may have sensory issues
  167. DS2 behavior
  168. Middle school confusion
  169. how do you manage your other kids
  170. Finally good news from school
  171. Are there any good on-line schools for kids with learning disabiliites?
  172. Autism services and accommodations in middle school
  173. ARGH IEP is killing me
  174. Anyone Have Thoughts/Experience re 2E Kids?
  175. deleted double post
  176. I can't stand the (mis)behavior. LONG.
  177. Who to talk to/how to handle this school issue?
  178. Any experience with ED classrooms? Update in #16
  179. Pragmatic Speech
  180. Summer Care for SN children
  181. THAT kid article
  182. S/O Meds: Before and After?
  183. Low tone or core strength
  184. How Much Do You Spend Out of Pocket per year on Child's Special Needs?
  185. WISC Results Help
  186. Supposed to start dd on methlyphenidate--lots of hesitation on my part
  187. What would you say to this mom/friend if anything?
  188. If you have a special needs child,
  189. Samsung releases app to help autistic children
  190. At a loss of how to teach DS self control
  191. UPDATE in OP: handwriting grip
  192. Did I do the right things/questions about re-evaluation
  193. Does the parent "case management" load ever decrease?!
  194. Update in 1.....Test Results, How long did you wait.
  195. Finding reading material for an advanced but young reader
  196. What are you doing to maintain/increase weight for your ADHDer on a stimulant?
  197. Thoughts on this outside the box placement idea (Long)
  198. Selective mutism
  199. Hearbuilder Question
  200. DS Reading on Grade Level Now!
  201. Do you have to do a lot of reminding/be the tickler system for your child's team?
  202. How Long did it take your child to go through Wilson Reading?
  203. Making a 504 plan?
  204. DS1 is being mainstreamed! First day in a general ed classroom is tomorrow.
  205. Kids with ADHD and homework. Any tips so I don't lose it?
  206. DS2 is having a bad day
  207. Adderall and Tics
  208. Autism Acceptance Day - because awareness is not enough
  209. Have social/language groups helped? How?
  210. What distinguishes ADHD from high functioning autism?
  211. Official diagnosis -- sad
  212. How do you prioritize short term and long term support needed?
  213. Did Sensory OT work for your kid?
  214. IEP meeting help please-- feeling stupid and inadequate
  215. WWYD DS2 says his teacher is "threatening" him
  216. Can an IEP meeting result in a 504? *UPDATE in #8
  217. What a difference a year in the right school makes
  218. special needs and other parents, help me think through this possible job/relocation!
  219. Finally we are going to get some answers!
  220. UPDATE: Math people help me out here!
  221. Bookshare! It's amazing for anyone with a print reading disability!
  222. Not dyslexia/dysgraphia, but possibly attention, tracking, processing speed!
  223. starting Tenex tomorrow...I'm nervous
  224. WWYD: Band or support class?
  225. Re-eval and what would you ask for?
  226. Moving at time of IEP update??
  227. Meeting Notes
  228. Dragon naturally speaking software
  229. Tablet help for special needs children
  230. Update thread
  231. tenex and/ior clonidine - OPPOSITE effect on sleep...anyone else?
  232. atlantic article on schools and IEP/504 plans
  233. puberty and special needs
  234. WWYD: dd clashing with special ed teacher
  235. Aphasia
  236. The end of an IEP / Resource Room
  237. Auditory Processing Disorder evaluations
  238. Please help - do you have any opinion about therapeutic school?
  239. What do you do when the teacher has a "bad" report?
  240. oops, double post
  241. IEP help
  242. ADHD supplements?
  243. Going to be starting ADHD meds, need some hand holding
  244. Evekeo? Update in 2 & 6
  245. Advocacy Resources...
  246. Any BTDT Focalin XR?
  247. Update in 8. And now Intuniv, could use some P & PT this goes well
  248. Recommendations for ear plugs or ear muffs?
  249. neuro psych eval results - zoloft? ADHD, Anxiety, Intermittent Explosive Disorder
  250. we're adding Ritalin...what to expect