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  1. Three questions - help - long
  2. Do parents advocate for more special education staff?
  3. LD diagnosis. Does your child ever feel "stupid"?
  4. Magnesium supplement/Epsom salt bath?
  5. UPDATE: DD's ADD/ADHD (etc) Evaluation and Parent Meeting
  6. Tell me about Vyvanese for inattentive ADHD
  7. Would this be a true statement according to FAPE or anything else?
  8. If you medicate for ADHD
  9. Research Phase: ADHD Medications, Complementary Therapy
  10. Mini-Update: Medication Trial & Checkup
  11. Q about OT/Speech therapy resources for private school student
  12. New here... DD had OT eval - SPD and additional deficits
  13. Vyvanse now has a chewable formulation
  14. Do you know of a school?
  15. If your child sees a psychologist for ADHD...
  16. Late ASD diagnosis, questions
  17. Do we need to do more for DS2?
  18. Getting DC assessment/ neuropsych
  19. Strattera
  20. Considering medication-where to start
  21. Please help...14yo ADHD attitude.
  22. Bring DC to first IEP mtg?
  23. 504 suggestions for HSer??
  24. Any experience with an executive function coach?
  25. How do you handle your kids medication holiday?
  26. Wobble/balance board or sensory training to help ADD?
  27. Insurance denied coverage for ASD therapy
  28. CBD oil
  29. ADHD and Tantrums
  30. Teen wants to go off meds...self-assessment checklist??
  31. Smart devices to help with exec function? Experiences or brainstorm with me?
  32. Feeling overwhelmed and looking for dyslexia resources
  33. ADHD DS depressed?
  34. food allergy needs
  35. 3 year Speech IEP Eval
  36. update on dd's 504 saga
  37. DRIVING and ADHD
  38. Abilify?
  39. tying shoes and small motor skills
  40. Can I just say that I find ADHD meds confusing and mind numbing?
  41. Triumphs and Tribulations - Sharing Thread
  42. Anyone have any experience with ODD or DMDD?