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  1. Question about aspergers?
  2. Need input/advice from parents of children with special needs...
  3. Halloween and Autism....
  4. introduction
  5. Anyone travel for services for their kids?
  6. FSA coverage of PT/OT items used at home?
  7. Financial Planning
  8. How do you all handle those situations when you kid is doing their thing, and
  9. Moms of DC with anxiety issues.....advice please
  10. Resource links
  11. Need more BTDT advice
  12. Need ideas for holiday gift for OT
  13. Is this going to be my child? Picky Eater Adults
  14. Free ship code for specialty PT/OT products?
  15. ASD kids and holidays
  16. Fleece sheets at Costco
  17. gymbofriends
  18. Toddler on the Spectrum vs School Age
  19. Holiday school break - there goes the routine
  20. DS was denied life insurance
  21. advice on a developmental ped visit
  22. A little less than 12 hours away
  23. Clothes for kids with sensory issues?
  24. Read anything good lately?
  25. DS told me he was sad!
  26. Picture schedules: is it just me, or does anyone else
  27. Don't want to jinx myself, buuuut
  28. Sensory question: cross-sensory issues
  29. I'm not the mother I thought I'd be, but that's okay...
  30. Playdates...what is reasonable?
  31. Heather (HIU8) - how did it go at KKI?
  32. Feingold Diet
  33. Taking DD ice skating for first time today
  34. KKI Experience?
  35. NeuroNet
  36. Finding a psychiatrist for medication management
  37. General venting and looking for input
  38. Looking for advice on moving DS from small private to regular public
  39. Sensory Processing Disorder
  40. Rare Disease Day - Feb 28, 2011 (X-Post)
  41. UPDATE: Decision Pretty Much Made..................School readiness question...LONG
  42. Good Children's Books About Autism?
  43. Did anyone hear or read the piece on NPR about ADHD and special diets?
  44. Update 2 in Post 19: Wandering/Elopement
  45. Does anyone know the main difference between ADHD and EFD?
  46. perseverative behavior
  47. Transitions
  48. Has anyone tried GFCF with no luck?
  49. keep her in k4 again?
  50. We survived dentist!!
  51. Opinions, aid or no aid
  52. ADHD--role of medication
  53. Any experiences with an educational eval?
  54. questions about suppliments
  55. Lying and ADHD
  56. Please help me with evenings with DS...He cannot function
  57. class type chosen!
  58. IEP v. 504
  59. It's another holiday...
  60. Anyone have issues with anxiety meds?
  61. Wilbarger Brushing Protocol feedback?
  62. Updated: Auditory Processing Disorder Testing
  63. Any experience with a behavior specialist?
  64. Am I Missing something?
  65. It's frustrating when friends just don't get it
  66. A child doesn't feel pain - teaching empathy?
  67. OT gym?
  68. ARe there some OT's out there who only focus on fine motor issues?
  69. Does your child or their classroom have an aid?
  70. talk to me about deep touch and joint articulation for sensory issues
  71. Piano and ADHD?
  72. Happy Post about a Quirky Kid
  73. What does your ESY (extended school year) look like?
  74. Educate me, please - new neighbor's son has autism
  75. Preparing SN kids for religious milestones
  76. How do you deal with FA in groups?
  77. What's working for you right now? What are you trying new?
  78. ADHD and tantrums
  79. Constant Eye Blinking---new behavior
  80. States with best Special Needs Programs
  81. Questions about supplements
  82. Has anyone attended a Wrightslaw Training Program?
  83. I keep bursting into tears today
  84. Overwhelmed
  85. Does your spouse understand your child's needs/issues as much as you do?
  86. Managing your kids and your ailing spouse
  87. Amazing Conference
  88. Responding to his name
  89. Kiddo with anxiety and migraine questions...Also testing???
  90. Stroller for tall kid with low tone
  91. Any thoughts on the Brain Balance program?
  92. Does your non-SN child mimic your SN child's behavior?
  93. Prozac for kids?
  94. need Advice
  95. My 8-yr-old may have mild aspergers--any recs for good links to read more about this?
  96. Interesting Dialogue about Advocacy
  97. Sticker Chart Disaster
  98. Plaase explain DAN
  99. anyone have experience with focalin xr?
  100. Fantstic visit with an Occupational Therapist today.
  101. Do you have a "special" car magnet?
  102. Action Alert: Changes to NCLB
  103. Recommendations for good noise-canceling headphones?
  104. Sensoryspot.com
  105. UPDATEif your child as taken focalin xr-how long before you saw results (pos or neg)?
  106. Face blindness (autism)
  107. AAC Device
  108. IEP for add/ADHD and or learning disabilities
  109. PDD-NOS... What should I know?
  110. Learning issues
  111. ADD and school expectations
  112. Does melatonin really work with kids?
  113. Trying everything before meds, when to do meds?
  114. Marbles
  115. Weighted Blanket restored sleep to our home!
  116. EI therapist WDYT/WWYD
  117. Update in #17 - Mainstreaming Difficulties (long)
  118. Starting meds this weekend
  119. Dysgraphia
  120. Please help me build a resource for parents - sensory processing
  121. Just had my DS's first IEP meeting.
  122. What do you like about your SLP, OT, PT?
  123. Question for those of you with DC on ADHD meds
  124. I want to cry. Having DS evaluated for Aspergers again.
  125. Baby Einstein: Baby Neptune totally random Q
  126. DD graduated from OT yesterday!
  127. Update in Post 10: IQ Testing
  128. Chores for young, impulsive kids?
  129. Who prescribes your child's ADHD meds?
  130. What sports/extra curriculars is your ADHD child doing?
  131. Social Thinking Curriculum
  132. Digital Waterproof watch...
  133. Video blog/poem: I stim therefore I am
  134. What a difference a year makes
  135. Online Computer Rehab Program
  136. Where do you start?
  137. An update on my DS
  138. My DD Has Just Been DX'd with ADHD
  139. Med woes
  140. I am meeting w/ Psych. D. for DS tomorrow
  141. Sigh.
  142. Summer childcare - Update in #11
  143. Public school services for 3-4 year old kids with Autism diagnoses
  144. How to deal with DS while waiting for a diagnosis
  145. Can I please vent and ask for advice (re: school)?
  146. Taking a medication break
  147. Bit of an update
  148. Wow - AAC devices
  149. Vent: She NEEDS to qualify for EI again.
  150. Brainetics?
  151. Social Communication Disorder
  152. Has anyone here used any type of music therapy with their child?
  153. Social Skills Group
  154. DS just qualified for services!
  155. So tomorrow's the day...
  156. Couples counseling and SN issues
  157. Question about different therapy options
  158. Anyone here familiar with Astronaut Training?
  159. Low iron, ADHD symptoms, and sleep problems
  160. Not a fan of autism awareness day
  161. Adding another diagnosis
  162. Target has compression shirts and shorts
  163. What does aba teach?
  164. Autism Awareness is Not Enough
  165. DS completed Psych. Testing
  166. First day on Concerta
  167. Touch Queue Diagram for Verbal Apraxia?
  168. high functioning Autism
  169. Therapeutic Listening
  170. Executive functioning impairments
  171. weighted vest
  172. An Anniversary and a Milestone
  173. Mother's Day Hints for Men
  174. help me strategize, please
  175. IEP/School questions
  176. Need some ideas to help DS get used to his shin guards
  177. help me work with DS
  178. "Time Timer" ?
  179. Next year's IEP is finally done!
  180. What is your strategy for waiting room time?
  181. Headphones/earplugs for classroom issues?
  182. yawning and not very active
  183. How do I do this?
  184. 1 step forward, 2 steps back- how common is it?
  185. Please share your experience with social skills classes
  186. Swim help
  187. Play dates with NT kids
  188. Update in #7-fired dd's therapist
  189. summer camp question
  190. Need some BTDT experience
  191. So many appointment and never any fun.
  192. What does your child with Sensory Integration issues eat?
  193. Suggestions for a timer that a smallish child can read?
  194. Conversing with DS
  195. Loss of a therapist
  196. We've been sick
  197. Inexperienced "therapist"
  198. Playdate
  199. Autism Treatments - Sharing Research
  200. We might be dealing with aspergers - looking for some resources
  201. xpost in Lounge- Need ideas for 1)a sensory bag and 2)a sensory table
  202. What do you share with the school?
  203. Does your child with Sensory Processing Disorder have trouble potting training?
  204. DS had a great 1st day in school!
  205. Can school insist on an IEP amendment midway through its duration?
  206. Autism resources
  207. Well, this is new- Asperger's Diagnosis
  208. Turn taking
  209. Organization help
  210. An article on just how far a child with autism can go
  211. Meds, Day 1
  212. Forum for ADHD Support
  213. Bookshare!
  214. New Autism diagnosis.
  215. Good insurance companies for autism spectrum treatment coverage?
  216. Share your favorite blogs, books, resources for autism & parenting
  217. Noise cancelling headphones to help with concentration?
  218. Ways to prepare my child with SPD for Kindergarten
  219. If your child wears weighted or compression clothes....
  220. Updated in OP: Experiences with sedated MRI?
  221. under armour for motor planning/sensory issues
  222. Psychiatrists Revise Mental-Disorder Categories
  223. Please come pick up your son
  224. Looking for pretend play toys "school"
  225. Do you tell friends and family about your child's special needs?
  226. School - WWYD?
  227. UPDATE IN OP They want to move my 2nd-grader to a self-contained classroom
  228. Any recommendations for Ipad or Kindle apps to improve reading comprehension?
  229. If you were building a new house, what would you do different for your child?
  230. OP Updated: weighted blanket night 1 (thanks Gina!)
  231. UPDATE-Can anyone help me figure out meds issues?
  232. when did you put your DC on meds?
  233. can we talk fish oil?
  234. Feeling overwhelmed by all the resources - how do you sort through it all?
  235. Suntheanine (l-theanine) supplement for attention and anxiety
  236. Textured sheets?
  237. What is/how to locate Target's compression clothing
  238. Hiring a shadow for help in school
  239. Wrightslaw's Top 10 Lists
  240. Anxiety & OCD
  241. IEP question: specific accomodations for autism?
  242. Update on school situation with DS
  243. verbal behavior mapping
  244. Andy Cutler's low dose chelation
  245. Does looking at the "pattern of strengths and weaknesses" apply here?
  246. Parenting and other help with ADHD (likely dx) with poor impulse control
  247. XP with Bargains: Compression clothing sale
  248. How specific is your child's IEP?
  249. Wonderful new book about Autism Spectrum Disorder
  250. If it's relevant: Does your child know they have autism?