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  1. New forum! Check in!
  2. 13th birthday gifts (daughter)
  3. best blemish regime?
  4. How old is too old to trick or treat?
  5. My baby is NOT ready to pilot a death mobile!
  6. Emergency bag for tween girls??
  7. Removing earrings from newly pierced ears?
  8. Are teacher gifts still a thing in Middle School?
  9. Tween Slumber Party- Recommendations for movie and games
  10. Sibling rivalry in the tween set
  11. What is your 5th grade tween daughter into?
  12. Teen boys and clothing
  13. How do you deal with "leggings are not pants"???
  14. Ideas for tween girl Christmas?
  15. Any good natural deodorants for tween girls?
  16. Snapchat?
  17. Tween sewing birthday party ideas?
  18. Hair Gel for Boys
  19. Grrr common core math!
  20. Does anyone else celebrate Chanukah only with their teens/tweens
  21. My tween has an 'F' in home room and I'm not sure what to do about it.
  22. Braces/eating at school/brushing - not happening!
  23. Helping with/checking homework
  24. Any ideas of what to do with tweens/teens to hang out at home?
  25. Slim fit sweatpants
  26. My Son lies.....
  27. Very Skinny Jeans
  28. what is your tween girl wearing for the holidays at church or celebrations?
  29. Young teen purse recommendations
  30. How to balance gaming
  31. Free time and the teen/tween
  32. deva cup and teenagers and first period supplies
  33. Is your tween girl hard to fit in jeans? Try these!
  34. Jeans for short tween boy
  35. Stages of puberty in girls - how long from breast buds to periods?
  36. If you have teenagers and a pool
  37. More horrible 12 y/o preteen attitude, how would you handle this?
  38. Good parenting books for tweens/teens?
  39. Tween-appropriate books for an advanced reader?
  40. Bras
  41. Teen boy's haircut styles
  42. What advice to give my middle schooler about how to handle bad language?
  43. The Internet Ruined My Life tv series
  44. Discount prom dresses
  45. Tampons
  46. Too much time on internet!!
  47. Journaling
  48. X Post: Do you have a child with ADHD? POLL
  49. Where to shop for...?
  50. Being supportive versus being realistic?
  51. How are you navigating new friends?
  52. S/O first period
  53. What does your tween boy wear to sleep?
  54. Anyone else feel like their kids are at a rough stage physically?
  55. Updating bedroom
  56. Conservative Prom dress for tomboy??
  57. OMG...He WON'T WAKE UP!!!!!
  58. What is normal for a 13 year old boy?
  59. How to help guide DD in choosing her swimsuit & clothes
  60. What About Long Pajama Bottoms for Teen Boys??
  61. Rules for texting?
  62. What age for texting?
  63. Purse rec for tween?
  64. Books on Adolescent Brain Development/Normal Growth
  65. Internet usage/rules?
  66. What are tween girls using for backpacks in middle school?
  67. How much should I (or shouldn't I) moderate junk food for a 10 year old
  68. Anyone done a clothes allowance?
  69. Locker shelves?
  70. Tween store - Justice
  71. Underarm hair for girls - razor? electric trimmer? where to start?
  72. How do you deal with the "I don't know why" answers?
  73. Not sure what to title: moms and tween/teen friendships?
  74. Need acne help
  75. Where to buy tween girl clothing that is "cool" but not hoochie mama?
  76. Store suggestion for hard to fit teens and women, small/short or tall/big
  77. Would you sit separately from an 11 and 14 year old at a concert
  78. Need advice re: emotional outbursts
  79. is there a parent manual to survive the teenage years?
  80. Expectations/how to handle tweens/teens cleaning up after themselves
  81. Bras WITHOUT removable cups
  82. She said – she said : need perspective from both sides of this issue
  83. Sizing: Transitioning for Big Boys to Men's sizes
  84. Party favors for 11 yos?
  85. Perfectionist kid and homework
  86. Other than screentime, what else do your kids do with their downtime at home?
  87. When did your dd start developing?
  88. What boxer briefs after XL Hannas?
  89. Summer school anyone?
  90. Multivitamin for tween/teenage years
  91. Leggings for super skinny tweens?
  92. Bras for full chest?
  93. Wear to shop - Clothing for 6th grade dance and graduation
  94. Girls' (Good Arch Support) Tween Shoes: Where to shop?
  95. What summer shoes does your 11 yr. old wear?
  96. 8th grader and Formal...please help this mama.
  97. Hobby suggestions
  98. Do you let your pre-teen/teen sleep in?
  99. Early middle school start time- probably should be in BP
  100. Where to find bathing suit ..tankini for tween
  101. best zipper binder?
  102. UPDATE IN OP: Lunchboxes for high school boys
  103. WTB jeans for short boys?
  104. High schoolers and rules around phones/devices?
  105. classic clothes for larger size (16 plus)
  106. Pimples!
  107. Ideas for teen garage hangout
  108. HS Spirit Week - Pajama Day
  109. Home Coming Dance
  110. Do you have this issue with your tween/teens and their friends? (Kind of long)
  111. Does anyone limit their teen's device time or is that just a loosing battle?
  112. Chromebook vs Laptop
  113. What study books/software are good for AP courses?
  114. Hair removal for upper lip on a girl tween?
  115. Lack of hobbies/interests
  116. 13 yo DD accidentally shaved part of her eyebrow off
  117. kids starting at a new school: backpacks
  118. How many hours of sleep for your teen?
  119. My kid can't sing...
  120. Teen girl PJs?
  121. High schoolers and bedtime
  122. Thoughts on Planet Fitness free summer gym use for teens?
  123. Teen vaping
  124. COVID has destroyed my son !