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  1. Eczema question
  2. Stays dry, but never ASKS to go. . .
  3. Anyone else deal with "potty gymnastics"?
  4. Cloth Pull-Ups/pockets/trainers - Snap-EZ??
  5. Any thoughts about the Tot-co Potty
  6. Toddler Tub?
  7. Bath toys for 14 month old.
  8. Huh. I think he's potty trained!
  9. Huggies or Pamper or other brands that don't leak.
  10. Dare I even try to potty train my almost 2 year old?
  11. Parents Magazine Brand Potty?
  12. First Years Soft Trainer insert
  13. Non-slip bath mat?
  14. has anyone tried these OSA training pants?
  15. Potty seat recommendation for elongated toilet
  16. Cotton Training Pants
  17. She pees on potty but poops in diaper during nap & night time
  18. Toilet inserts on padded toilet seat?
  19. Bummis vs Fuzzi Bunz for potty training?
  20. Anyone used Goodnites?
  21. How do I help her over the "hump?"
  22. Looking for a travel potty...
  23. Vacationing with a newly potty trained toddler
  24. Does deflector in Baby Bjorn toilet trainer insert cause problem?
  25. recommandation of good Potty seat
  26. Question about the redesign of Baby Bjorn bathroom products...
  27. Anyone have the Freedom Trainer Potty Seat?
  28. Safety First Potty N' Step Stool - good choice?
  29. Contoured cushie tushie
  30. Signs of Readiness for PT?
  31. Is two year old ready for potty training?
  32. Do I have everything I need for PT & when to use Easy Ups?
  33. Peeing on the door mat - What do I do? - UPDATE
  34. Anyone use Once Upon A Potty?
  35. Bathtime hassles are getting me down
  36. At my wit's end and need advice Re:PT
  37. ISO wooden step stool w/ rubber on feet
  38. Big toilet at home, little potty on the road?
  39. Major setback in PT- what to do?
  40. Night-time help needed
  41. Potty Setback - Aquini Doll?
  42. Potty training destroyed bedtime routine
  43. How do I transition DS from naked PT to clothed PT?
  44. Please help me! Adventures in potty training.
  45. Baby Bjorn potty - where to buy?
  46. Does it count as progress if she goes when I remind her?
  47. It's official - She is Potty Trained!!!
  48. How do you teach a child to poop on the potty?
  49. While doing "naked time"...
  50. Showering a 2 year old?
  51. Car trip with a new potty trainee?
  52. Best potty for little one with chunky legs?
  53. Anyone use The On the Go Potty by Potette?
  54. Yay-I think we're done!
  55. primo 4 in 1 toilet trainer?
  56. Oh, boy. He's BM'd in the potty! Twice! But that's all!
  57. DS pees in toilet but sprays all over!!
  58. Wiping
  59. HELP!!! Will he ever be PT!!! Need Support and Suggestions!
  60. Still in crib...potty training?
  61. attempting to START potty training a 21 month old
  62. non-Thomas choo-choo underpants?
  63. Potty Training Help/guidance
  64. Cloth Diapers vs. PODS
  65. Travelling potty? or not?
  66. Stand-alone Potty Chair vs. Adult Toilet with Potty Seat?
  67. Best "emergency" potty for boy
  68. Potty training DD
  69. What is after size 6?
  70. Potty Training DS?
  71. potty training doll...
  72. Afraid of public restrooms
  73. I'm back. *sigh*
  74. She pooped in the potty...now what?
  75. Which is the potty seat that flips up?
  76. Starting to think about PT and so lost
  77. LOL! Now DD wants to use the potty!
  78. Folding Potty Seats
  79. Thoughts on Potty Training Elmo?
  80. Potty Training Seats for Elongated toilets?
  81. Potty Regression
  82. I'm in Denial-- Is It Time?
  83. Anyone have the Parents Magazine 3-in-1 potty?
  84. Gerber all-in-one waterproof trainer
  85. What is your favorite travel potty trainer?
  86. Won't poop in potty; stomach hurts
  87. Frustrated-DS still having accidents 1 1/2 years after potty training
  88. Dumb question about potty chairs
  89. Am I approaching potty training the wrong way?
  90. Is it too early to start?
  91. DD won't pull her undies down to go potty...
  92. Potty training DVD?
  93. First-time Mom to a 17-month old boy who's showing interest...
  94. Tantrums with potty use
  95. DS refuses to sit down in the tub
  96. What's after Size 6??
  97. Cloth Diapers
  98. flip n flush for elongated toilets
  99. 14-month-old Hair Loss
  100. Two questions (x-post from Baby Butts)
  101. Pooping Potty Training
  102. Anyone use the 3-in-1 toilet training system??
  103. WWYD? Doesn't mind wet underwear
  104. potty training using "naked" method
  105. bjorn vs. graco rewards
  106. Almost 3yo DS defecating all over the place :(
  107. WWYD - no bathroom on 1st floor
  108. Day time versus night time control questions (X-posted in BB lounge)
  109. Baby Bjorn potty, which one?
  110. Is DS ready for potty training? Any recommendation on books?
  111. Anyone tried the Fisher Price Fun to Learn Potty ??
  112. Dr. Phil Potty Training Book ?
  113. Potty Training Doll ?
  114. How to keep DS from peeing on toilet rim?
  115. When to go to underwear/confusion about going back and forth with underwear and diapers?
  116. toddler toilet
  117. Stupid PTing question
  118. I found some cute character towels at wal-mart for $13
  119. Potty Chair or in-toilet Potty?
  120. thinking about PTing--bunch of questions
  121. Is He Ready?
  122. Pull ups with coverage
  123. Where are all of the posts?
  124. Potty Training Dolls
  125. Well, I think he is potty trained, yay!
  126. Interesting Potty training tool for boys
  127. What do you do about "accidents" on shoes?
  128. Inflate-a-potty?
  129. Primo Freedom Trainer or Contoured Cushie Step-Up Potty?
  130. Waterproof training pants for nighttime?
  131. Potty Patty doll vs. Corolle Emma doll?
  132. they don't care at all!?
  133. Travel potty for girl?
  134. Night time Potty Training???
  135. babybestbuy.com?
  136. Potty to Delay Bedtime
  137. URGENT - I have 2 weeks in which to totally potty train DD
  138. Wiping bottoms --- how do you teach this?!
  139. book suggestions?
  140. If you used bribes during potty training
  141. Anyone try the folding travel potty seat?
  142. Where to Start?
  143. Are undies getting smaller?
  144. Pampers Feel n' Learn vs Huggies: Opinions?
  145. Advice? She thinks she's ready, but she's not!
  146. Here's our Potty Training Story...so far
  147. Should I start potty training or wait?
  148. Best Soft Potty/Trainer Seat??
  149. Best training undies?
  150. WOOO HOO first time she pooped on the potty
  151. What to do about holding?
  152. Why does she only go in the potty while being naked ?
  153. Potty Training for Poop first
  154. Took Paci Away -- DD Won't Sleep
  155. Potty Training Dolls/Elmo & Videos?
  156. Question for those who have the Graco Rewards Potty
  157. Method Flushable Wipes for cleaning the potty
  158. Feel like I did a bad thing PT
  159. What's the most absorbant diaper available?
  160. Need a quick primer on cloth diapers for a heavy wetter
  161. Lump in DS thigh--Vaccine related or something else, HELP? (x-post in BB)
  162. Good doll which would also assist in PTing
  163. Potty training at 16 mos. - what to wear and potty
  164. WWYD: potty training at daycare
  165. The sweetest words this mama could hear...
  166. Help!
  167. Favorite Potty?
  168. PTg on the go
  169. Getting rid of the pacifier
  170. Help-Poop regression (longish)
  171. Dentist and Toothpaste questions
  172. Potty Training Reward Chart
  173. Portable potty seat?
  174. Experience with older child bed-wetting?
  175. Anyone else with a LATE pooper on the potty?
  176. We started potty training today....it did not go well
  177. Teeth Grinding in 3 year old
  178. Toddler manipulation/potty training (LONG!)
  179. Deleted, thank you
  180. Is she too young??
  181. Traning Pants Reccomendations Wanted
  182. PT - Piddle Pad?
  183. Mixed PT: #1 working fine; #2 has to be in a diaper. Advice?
  184. When do you stop giving potty rewards?
  185. Can you put Imse Vimse trainers in the dryer?
  186. He only wets his pants at daycare
  187. am i horrible or what?!
  188. Fear of bathing/water-longish
  189. keeps peeing in panties
  190. Can't get kids to poop in the potty
  191. PT for 7mo old
  192. Daycare won't start PT my 2-year-old!
  193. Almost 5 and not PT at night
  194. Potty Watch
  195. Can pull-ups be tightened around the waist?
  196. Potty Training advice for working mother
  197. Potty recs for TALL kid
  198. BEWARE Toddler Wipes are NOT flushable
  199. Hi I need addvice.
  200. Out and about potty
  201. Help! son will sit but won't go
  202. WWYD: DS taking it sllllllllooooowwwww with PT
  203. Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Vs. Baby bjorn toilet trainer
  204. Am I missing a pt'ing chance here?
  205. He pooped on the rocking chair!
  206. Open to suggestions
  207. Daycare demands for Pull-ups
  208. How to fix badly tangled hair?
  209. should I start PT??
  210. How many pairs of training underpants should I get?
  211. Update on PTing!
  212. My Son Refuses To Poop on the Potty
  213. My Son Refuses To Poop on the Potty
  214. want to potty train 18 month old. when is it too early?
  215. What is the difference between toddler wipes and baby wipes?
  216. I bought the potty chair, now what do I do?
  217. Is there a good potty training app that does this...
  218. Anyone else's kid only going to potty in the late afternoon?
  219. Two step stool suggestions?
  220. Potty training and rough nights
  221. Best toilet seat insert
  222. Opinion needed
  223. Help! Potty advice!
  224. Does this sound like a good plan for potty training?
  225. Doll to help with potty training ?
  226. PT 2 yr old boy--WWYD?
  227. Cloth training diapers
  228. Diaper Over Underwear?
  229. When to start potty training and what method?
  230. If you did a three-day potty training method....
  231. Why won't my 3.5 year old tell me when he has to pee?