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  1. Safest seating arrangements?
  2. Decathalon vs. Regency?
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  10. Comments about the Intera?
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  12. husky seat
  13. best seat for large child
  14. Recaro Young Sport
  15. need advice re: Britax seat
  16. Head spinning from the choices, need some suggestions
  17. Is the Britax MA crotch buckle position a problem?
  18. your opinion of a nice booster seat for under $100
  19. new carseat for 4yo, 39 lbs, 42"
  20. Recommendation for the Recaro Young Style
  21. Booster in back seat of Ford F150
  22. Confused about which booster
  23. Needing suggestions for next car seat
  24. 17 months old, 33.5" tall, 32lbs, need hbb w/ 5 pt harness
  25. Need help explaining to her father why she needs the high backed booster seat...
  26. Recaro Start
  27. HELP We thought the Apex would be out last seat... What now?
  28. Second car seat recommendation-5pt harness with booster?
  29. Thank you and another question...
  30. Hybrid booster seat needed
  31. Convertible seat for Ford Expedition
  32. Booster seat for 2006 Mustang GT?
  33. police recommened 5 pt. harness high back booster seat
  34. Britax Regent Install
  35. fitting a Regent into a third row Sienna 2004
  36. Recaro Young style vs Britax Bodyguard?
  37. x-post in BB--Help me pick a booster for my 3 yo.
  38. Booster for vacation
  39. When can I use a booser seat?
  40. Buy Recaro Young Sport now, or wait?
  41. Time for a Booster Seat?
  42. Booster recommendations for 4year old, 41" tall, 39 pounds
  43. SAFE to use rubber mat under Parkway?
  44. Husky versus Regent
  45. Need a new seat
  46. vy small 3.5 yr old, but Marathon just doesn't seem right anymore?
  47. getting in of booster by herself...
  48. Graco Turbo or Britax Parkway
  49. Too tall for roundabout..
  50. Need new seat
  51. Need some feedback
  52. confused about car seat and need help
  53. Does Regent work in Odessey & Sienna?
  54. 2yr old and 5 month old...which car seat should I buy?
  55. Why doesn't Britax Make Wizard Anymore?
  56. need cheaper carseat or 5pt. harness booster for grandma's car
  57. What are the top rated Booster seats for 4+ year old, 40+ lbs
  58. Recaro Young Sport & Apex (cross post to BB car seat forum)
  59. Need to get a new seat for dd... sorry so long
  60. what comes after MA???
  61. 5 year old weighs only 35 lbs -- what seat should I get?
  62. Buying New SUV / Car - Need Recommendations
  63. Confused about booster seat choices
  64. New seat for 3 year old or for infant?
  65. Booster for almost 5-year old
  66. Recaro seats
  67. Does anyone have a Recaro?
  68. Need to choose a carseat for a 5 yr old girl, 33 1/2 pds, 43 in tall and small framed
  69. car/booster seat for bmw 330ci
  70. Car/booster seat for under 2 yr old, nearing 30#
  71. Torso GROWTH & car seat opinions for 3 yr 10 mo old
  72. Regent VS Booster w/ side impact protection?
  73. Minivan with all row side curtain airbags..booster seat
  74. Graco Platnium CarGo or Eddie Bauer High Back Booster?
  75. Parkway booster wings
  76. Can you use car seat covers for your vehicle with a carseat?
  77. Need opinions for boosters
  78. Does anyone have a Compass or Evenflo Big Kid booster?
  79. Regent? Marathon? Other? Help!
  80. Booster for carpool
  81. suggestions on next seat for almost 3 y.o. fairly tall boy
  82. Car seat decisions- what do you think?
  83. Deciding between the Turbo Booster & the Evenflo Big Kid Deluxe
  84. Opinions on Graco Platinum or Ultra CarGo???
  85. Recaro Young Sport or Marathon
  86. Cosco seats - Apex and Alpha Omega Elite - so confused!
  87. Check out the new Jane's....
  88. Recaro Young Sport review, and pics
  89. Graco Turbo Booster or Britax Star Riser Comfy
  90. Apex
  91. Cosco Apex 65 - tightening straps
  92. Tech's help me: husky vs. marathon and compass review
  93. next carseat/booster
  94. Need a replacement seat fast -- any ideas?
  95. Britax Parkway v Recaro Young Style and booster questions
  96. New carseat or booster after the Roundabout? This is so confusing to me.
  97. Which booster w/5pt harness is FAA approved?
  98. Confused about which carseat
  99. I need help finding a booster just for air travel.
  100. Do I still Need A Booster?
  101. Regent vs. Marathon - was Which Booster for a tall 2 Year Old?
  102. britax regent in VW jetta
  103. Need a third car seat!!!
  104. What typically comes after Marathon?
  105. Which is NARROWER: Graco Turbo or Britax Parkway??
  106. Portable (for the car) DVD Player
  107. Air Travel Car Seat Help
  108. Fisher Price Safe Voyage Booster
  109. WIDE booster?
  110. Ford Explorer: Need to Fit Three Seats
  111. Need Advice about BoosterCar Seat
  112. Graco Platinum Car Go
  113. need help with booster seat
  114. Which car seats should I consider?
  115. To switch or not to switch??? That is the question!
  116. Recommendations for 2006 Honda Civic
  117. Thanks to this board I just ordered my car seats...
  118. Compass B500 or Parkway Booster Seat?
  119. 3 carseats in backseat dilemmas
  120. Cosco HIghback Summit Eddie Bauer
  121. Need Help with 3 car seats in Dodge Durgano
  122. Booster Car Seats-which is best??
  123. What should i get? please advise
  124. a fourth Britax?
  125. 5pt Seat for 4-year-old
  126. Old enough for a booster?
  127. Will 2 Marathons fit side by side?
  128. Booster for average weight but over 100% height?
  129. Do I buy a booster or another carseat?
  130. Safeguard Go...?
  131. Graco Safeseat booster or Britax Parkway?
  132. Safety 1st Espira
  133. Booster seat help - I am confused
  134. I'm confused about Booster Seats
  135. Marathon vs. Decathlon
  136. Jane' Indy Plus Review at car-seat.org
  137. Britax Marathon or Regent?
  138. Which Evenflo Booster?
  139. Which Combo for DD?
  140. 2nd carseat?
  141. To soon to switch to a Booster?
  142. Need New Car Seat Quick!
  143. Difference between the Safet 1st and Cosco Apex 65
  144. The Britax Marathon Arrived today - I'm a Convert!
  145. Britax Marathon vs Britax Decathlon
  146. Need a booster seat that can also be used on a plane
  147. Light weight 2nd seat?--Primary seat is Regent
  148. 2nd car seat
  149. Marathon Couture patterns at Elite Car Seats
  150. New Nania?
  151. One last question before I buy the Britax Parkway
  152. next carseat for 3 year olds? xposted baby bargains
  153. Anyone see the Woodstock Parkway IRL?
  154. The magic booster question
  155. Need help finding new seat
  156. Need narrow seat options for DS: Tote N Go, backless booster?
  157. New Camry. Apex in the middle?
  158. Britax Parkway - Soft Fabric?
  159. Cute Backless Turbo covers at Target
  160. flying/traveling w/booster & checking them on flights
  161. Convertible Booster / 5pt harness
  162. Read the Jane' review - confused!
  163. Read all your posts and still confused.
  164. Britax Regent in a RAV 4
  165. Safety 1st Apex in VW Passat Wagon?
  166. Need to replace 2nd seat - also used for travel
  167. Need backup carseat for 41" 39# 3YO - for travel and 2d car
  168. Which Britax?
  169. Please, no lectures. Just suggestions for a booster.
  170. Height limits on Britax Marathon
  171. Please help, shopping for 2nd car seat for ds...
  172. Sorry, I have the same question
  173. Marathon or Regent
  174. more Britax advice, please?
  175. Replacing styrofoam
  176. Parkway vs Compass or other booster?
  177. Safeguard Go Booster or Britax Regent ?
  178. booster for travel?
  179. new carseat or booster, 3 kids in backseat?
  180. new carseat or booster, 3 kids in backseat?
  181. Joolsplus - harness height on Radian vs. MA?
  182. What age do you use a booster ?
  183. Britax Regent- where to buy in NYC/NJ?
  184. Britax Regent: where did you buy?
  185. Help with seat for grandma's car
  186. Next car seat for long, thin 5 year old??
  187. Britax College Parkways...on hold?
  188. Booster for an obese child
  189. safest option for my child
  190. what is the safety ratings on 5 pt harness vs should strap
  191. MomtoB - another question for you
  192. Shoulder width
  193. How much longer is it safe to leave DS in his Roundabout?
  194. Joolsplus
  195. Best Price on a Radian?
  196. Weight Limit on LATCH? 2004 Toyota Matrix
  197. Need advice on carseat which will be used overseas next year
  198. Britax Boosters: Parkway vs. Bodyguard
  199. Anyone have a Jane Indy Plus?
  200. booster for my small 4 1/2 year old
  201. marathon height questions
  202. Nania Airway Belt Positioner Clip
  203. Releasing seat belt for booster...
  204. Radian 65
  205. Best Booster Seat?
  206. best booster for sleeping toddler
  207. Edited--ignore this post, already answered
  208. Am I crazy to buy a parkway instead of a harnessed seat for 2nd seat?
  209. Seat options for 2.5 YO?
  210. Evenflo Deluxe Booster vs. Parkway
  211. Evenflo Generation VS Cosco Summit
  212. Combo Seat w/Harness Over 40 lbs.
  213. dumb, dumb question
  214. Cowmooflage pattern coming in Parkway?
  215. Britax Marathon, Decathlon, Regent?
  216. Booster for a 3 year old?????
  217. Safeguard Childseat?
  218. Marathon vs Regent vs Recaro Young Sport
  219. Britax Regent & Flying -- is our Evenflo Triumph still safe?
  220. What matters most: harness, metal, latch or sip? Which seat for me?
  221. 5-point harness seat beyond 40 lbs.
  222. Britax Hugs system
  223. Marathon or Forward Facing car seat/booster
  224. Secondary car seat - Booster v. Harnessed Seat
  225. Eddie Baur Delux 3 in 1 car seat
  226. Britax car seat on sale!
  227. Tech help pls-5.3 yr.old-42 in/42 lbs, just ordered Boulevard-need 2nd seat
  228. booster seat or combo?
  229. Need to buy 37# 42"
  230. RECARO?!
  231. Flying w/booster & Compass B510 :(
  232. Is a used 2003 Marathon worth it?
  233. Best combo booster seat for 38" tall, 33 lb DS?
  234. ToysRUs Regent??
  235. Musical car seat - infant moving up, new seat for toddler?
  236. Safeguard Go combo/booster or Regent?
  237. Just when I thought I had this all figured out
  238. Thanks - I did the math for 2 under 2...here's what I decided
  239. Britax Regent question
  240. Back again... Radian, Recaro Young Style...
  241. I'm back with another question...
  242. Best seat for almost 4yo?
  243. Sunshine Kids Radian 80?
  244. Recommendation for booster seat for second car that won't be used as much?
  245. Install Radian 65 question (yup me again)
  246. 30# 36" 3 y.o needs new car seat
  247. selling car seat
  248. Time to replace a 4 year old Britax
  249. Britax Parkway/Jane Indy
  250. Harnesses sticking on Britax Regents - need help