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  1. FitDeck Cards - LOVE!
  2. Shakeology/Beachbody/ Low Carb Express???
  3. I won the biggest loser @ Boot Camp!
  4. Not losing many pounds at Boot Camp
  5. ISO armband that works w/ otterbox
  6. So effing sore
  7. Anyone doing P90X
  8. Question for anyone who has ever done a "Boot Camp"?
  9. Spring/Summer 2012 Couch to 5K Support Thread
  10. Found an easier way to keep a food journal
  11. WW Checkin
  12. Trying Primal, anyone else?
  13. Electrolytes??
  14. MFP question/ when to do what exercising
  15. Yoga or Zumba...
  16. Why aren't I loosing weight?
  17. Anyone doing Insanity?
  18. Would you do Zumba
  19. Low carb while pregnant?
  20. Jillian michaels body revolution?
  21. Help I need a low cal alternative for potato chips
  22. What are your favorite athletic socks?
  23. Forgot how much I loved Body Pump/ Group Power
  24. Trying to get rid of the Mommy belly
  25. What speed do you set your treadmill at if walking?
  26. And I thought I was doing so well...
  27. free webisodes/mini workouts by Tracy Anderson
  28. muscle toning at home?
  29. Cardio Kickboxing
  30. Top Country Songs for a run?
  31. Does anyone use a bodybugg or fitbit?
  32. Foot Injury - need workout recs!
  33. I'm getting realllllllllly frustrated.
  34. Bummer..had to size up swimsuit
  35. Wii Fit - good birthday present? And a silly q...
  36. Anyone presently doing WW?
  37. MapMy..... Apps - LOVE
  38. South Beach/Low Carb for the experts
  39. Metabolism question
  40. Good ab workout???
  41. WW Mamas
  42. C25k Help - Updated Post #6
  43. WW? Fitbit? Help!
  44. Anyone have any good affirmations?
  45. Nothing really fits
  46. WW Group
  47. My first 5k tomorrow!
  48. What do you eat in an average day?
  49. Anyone do cross fit?
  50. Cardio-hula, anyone? :)
  51. What I don't understand (clothes)
  52. post your weight loss success by going gluten free (or low carb)
  53. Post your goals and workouts!
  54. Neck and back soreness from running
  55. Has anyone worked out with Tracy Anderson?
  56. Did you really loose 20lb on Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred?
  57. Anyone try Bar Method?
  58. WAHOO 20" box jump!
  59. WW Folks and Other's who are dieting/healthy eating, how was Thanksgiving?
  60. good long sleeve tops for cold weather running?
  61. Wii fit plus
  62. Any chains w/ "light" hot cocoa?
  63. favorite compression pants
  64. HUGE congrats to boogiemom - 100lbs lost!!!!
  65. Whole30 anyone?
  66. Favorite yoga or Pilates DVD?
  67. Low carb tips for this bean loving novice?
  68. Question about MFP and LC or GF
  69. MFP and exercise
  70. Has anyone tried intermittent fasting?
  71. Yoga DVD to do with DD1 (9yo)
  72. new low carb menu at panera!
  73. Anyone do Crossfit?
  74. Recommendations for an elliptical machine?
  75. I'm in love with my new fitbit one
  76. Any WOHM moms doing Whole 30?
  77. If you are on My Fitness Pal, are you meeting your sugar goal?
  78. I just joined a gym for the first time in nearly a decade
  79. Help, newbie WOHM needs to lose lbs - easy tips?
  80. What did you do after you completed C25K?
  81. Is it possible to reduce the appearance of Cellulite?
  82. Weight Watchers and dairy free....
  83. REcommend a detox program
  84. any tricks for staying motivated through MFP?
  85. running gear for a 5k...help a newbie
  86. Spring whole30
  87. How's everyone doing?
  88. What do you eat for lunch?
  89. Bad knees? What exercise?
  90. Just joined Myfitnesspal:Update Q in post #7
  91. MFP: new "names" thread
  92. diet bet-- anyone interested?
  93. what "tools" are helping you lose weight?
  94. Runners- Achilles
  95. Dealing with comments
  96. MFP: Extra calories after exercise?
  97. Workout WWYD
  98. overate by 1,000 calories
  99. Half marathoners, check in!
  100. Is this normal?
  101. I need workout DVD suggestions
  102. The FitBit Flex (wristband) is here!!
  103. fitbit, body media or hrm....xpost
  104. Not sure if Adkins diet is right, so now what?
  105. Weight Watchers...how easy is it?
  106. s/o Atkins thread- What does low carb mean to you?
  107. doing the whole 30 starting June 1 HELP
  108. working out option with a 4 months old
  109. recommend a quick work out dvd
  110. HIIT on the elliptical
  111. Coconut milk, berries, almonds
  112. Best workouts for getting more fit/toned (vs losing weight)
  113. Anyone try the 8hr diet?
  114. Anyone have the Weight Watchers Active Link?
  115. How to diet with a friend?
  116. whole30 log
  117. if you lost weight on the whole30 or similar paleo diet how much?
  118. Exercising in the A.M.
  119. Need ideas for GF, lower sugar breakfasts
  120. Which is better? - speed or distance?
  121. Did your body have to adjust to starting to run?
  122. Not allowed to walk for 3 weeks--any exercise ideas for me?
  123. If you have made dramatic, permanent changes to your diet... (TMI)
  124. Half IM? Experience?
  125. Fitbit?
  126. running shoes for kids
  127. Heart Rate Monitor Recs?
  128. What has helped you break through a plateau?
  129. If you work out first thing in the morning, what do you eat before you work out?
  130. How early do you work out if you exercise in the morning & how do you stay motivated?
  131. Runners please recommend your favorite handheld water bottle.
  132. Has anyone ever used Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis program?
  133. Weight training exercises at home?
  134. Workout headbands
  135. Celebrating!
  136. Best diet?
  137. Online personal trainer?
  138. Would you do a diet that uses liquid 'meal replacements' - hospital
  139. Sweatshirt for Running in the Cold
  140. If you do low carb
  141. Question for runners, esp. longer distance
  142. Dietbetters, MFP & Others Check In!
  143. Winter running pants/tights
  144. I need motivation ideas
  145. I did it!
  146. OK, I Admit It ...
  147. What fitness dvds would be one step up (harder) than Leslie Sansome's walking dvd's?
  148. Need to take it easy on my knee- what to do at gym?
  149. ISO weights for home use
  150. Step360 on sale!!
  151. 2014 Whole30-- Week of 1/6
  152. Advice..never jogged in my life.
  153. Pure Barre?
  154. Anyone else doing shakeology?
  155. 2014 Whole 20 - Week of 1/13
  156. MFP users
  157. Strength training DVD - easy on knees
  158. How to run with iPhone
  159. 2014 Whole 20 - Week of 1/20
  160. Jan 2014 workout check-in!
  161. 2014 Whole 30 - Week of January 27
  162. Tell me about your Crossfit experience
  163. Is anyone else doing C25K?
  164. What's Next After Whole30
  165. Trip to NYC with 7 year old DD
  166. Feb 2014 workout checkin!
  167. Has anyone tried TRX?
  168. ACK! I want to binge!!
  169. Couch to half marathon?
  170. Good stretching routine?
  171. How do you use MFP in terms of portioin and recipes?
  172. Long Distance Running
  173. Anyone doing intermittent fasting?
  174. Best Prenatal DVD
  175. 21 Day Sugar Detox
  176. Really need some help getting started...
  177. Anyone have experience with Idealshape or fitbit and can share?
  178. Update on FastDiet (intermittent fasting)
  179. Tell me about running
  180. Favorite headphones for working out?
  181. Staying safe when running alone - thoughts?
  182. Not only have I not lost, now I've gained a few pounds.
  183. Plantar Fasciitis, tendonitis, other?
  184. how many steps do you take per day?? (update #22)
  185. Time to train: Fall half-marathon check in!
  186. which fitbit?
  187. good shorts for running?
  188. fitbit - hype?
  189. fitbit and MFP
  190. MFP and home cooking
  191. Next step in redefining my health--want to build muscle
  192. Going to try 5:2 diet. Please give me updates for those of you on it!
  193. Got a Fitbit....and I'm a bit obsessed!
  194. good Youtube videos for working out
  195. progress with Fitbit (or similar)
  196. Anyone else hungry?? Low- cal snack food suggestions?
  197. Kettlebells - what size?
  198. Weight loss: slow and steady or fast?
  199. Cold weather running clothes recs
  200. Fitbit?
  201. cleansing/changing up my food habits/lose weight
  202. 21 Day Fix? Anyone?
  203. Favorite Yoga Clothes?
  204. Fitbit and other fitness monitors?
  205. 5k training app?
  206. Device to track swimming distance
  207. Running watch recs?
  208. Anyone have a favorite guided workout app?
  209. I'm really hungry. :(
  210. Need help kick starting something
  211. MFP and Fitbit
  212. fitbit charge HR or Fitbit Surge?
  213. Free weight lifting mamas
  214. Accountability thread for holiday time workouts
  215. Treadmill or Elliptical - How did you choose what you have?
  216. How do you carry water with you when you run?
  217. Fitbit? Hr monitor?
  218. Weight watchers anyone?
  219. Tell me about the FitBit
  220. Fitbit Blaze???
  221. Camp Gladiator??
  222. spring/summer exercise accountability thread!
  223. Tabata workout
  224. best food scale?
  225. help with toning and building muscle in my arms..
  226. Sworkit app (no gym, no excuse)
  227. Favorite protein powder?
  228. Lost Five Pounds so sharing my tips
  229. Shakeology?
  230. Fitness Blender?
  231. summer fitness/accountability thread
  232. Spin Bike
  233. getting rid of that tummy pooch!!
  234. Gear/outfit for outdoor running
  235. winter fitness/accountability thread
  236. Anyone still doing intermittent fasting?
  237. Sites for meal ideas
  238. Slowly making progress
  239. Beinniner HIIT videos and any tips on starting with Fitness Blender?
  240. Looking for good SHORT (less than 30 minute) workout videos
  241. Am I doing it wrong?
  242. Good yoga video source?
  243. ISO help strengthening my feet
  244. Do you track macros?
  245. I lost 20 pounds.
  246. Thank you to the IF posters - Iíve lost 20 lbs!!
  247. I hate hiit!
  248. Fitness routine win - Ring Fit (nintendo switch)
  249. Which free on-line workout?
  250. Accessible easy indoor workouts during covid?