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  1. Adopting "older" infant -- what gear will I need? Help!
  2. Introduction
  3. Intro/our story--domestic, open adoption
  4. Agency info
  5. Wondering about the costs of adoption US and Int'l
  6. China's Dec02/Jan03 referrals coming?
  7. Dec/Jan referrals have been mailed!
  8. FYI Adoption Christmas Ornaments
  9. Adopting in 5 weeks
  10. Independent adoption
  13. We have a BOY!
  14. Keeping Bio family as family...how much is too much?
  15. Neve, any news?!?
  16. WSJ Article on International Adoption
  17. Gift for Birthmother and Birthfather
  18. Any breastfeeding (or plan to) adoptive mamas here?
  19. New China rumor... FOUND OUT IT'S NOT TRUE
  20. We are leaning towards adopting from the Ukraine...just want to share
  21. where to register?
  22. FYI-Interesting article about the change in American families..
  23. Riding the rollercoaster...
  24. adopting from china
  25. Referrals are coming!
  26. Any Ukraine news, Melissa and Neve?
  27. @--->------ Kimberly & Robert Hill Referral ------<---@
  28. Sub-Sahara Africa Adoptions
  29. Sharon, any news?!?!?!?!?
  30. Thanks and an update on Mia
  31. Today is Mia's first birthday
  32. Well we finally have a travel date for our son
  33. FYI--in case anyone is interested in getting a flag flown over the Capitol
  34. Any China adoption updates?
  35. I will be updating my Ukraine web site/research thread
  36. Travel approvals are in!!
  37. Need your input!
  38. Adoption Announcements
  39. Updated photos and stats for Mia!
  40. Thanks for the thoughts & prayers - they worked!
  41. A great thing just happened
  42. A list of Employers that offer adoption benefits!!!!
  44. Neve & others who've research Ukraine adoptions...
  45. We have an itinerary! - Mia is ours on Mon 1/12
  46. Talk to your accountants-10,000 tax credit per child
  47. I wish I had read this prior to my decision to adopt
  48. Gosh I am bummed...
  49. Gift suggestion for my niece please!
  50. We have travel approval!
  51. Steve's job starts adoption benefits right a way!!!
  52. A Big Hooray for Adoptive Parents and . . .
  53. Kim and Holly
  54. China or bust!
  55. Where are the other threads?! Need your help PLEASE.
  56. Greetings from Hefei, Anhui, China!!
  57. It's Mia Day!
  58. She's OURS!!
  59. Photos!
  60. More photos
  61. Need help with bfamily!!
  62. Question for Neve...m-
  63. More from China
  64. Friday's journal
  65. A fantastic adoption story-IN PROGRESS-IN UKRAINE NOW!!!
  66. A book on Open Adoption folks might be interested in
  67. visit to the orphanage?
  68. Recent adoption books that you like?
  69. We're home and safe! - NEW PHOTOS
  71. China adoptions...which agency and did you like them
  72. So stressed out!!
  73. Mia's doctor appt
  74. Leaving tomorrow
  75. Discrimination by Enfamil???
  76. Anyone familiar with La Vida International???Cambodia adoptions???
  77. Has anyone read Adoption After Infertilty?
  78. Referral! It's a Boy!!!
  80. Welcome Home, Holly and Jamie!
  81. Hard to believe but our second post placement visit is done
  82. Adoption journal in progress-UKRAINE
  83. How hard are adoptions from India or Guatemala...
  84. Russian Adoption? (and intro)
  85. pictures of Jamie
  86. How did you get started?
  87. ? for Kim on cert. of citizenship
  88. FYI--the USCIS has proposed an increase to certain fees
  89. Parenting book for multiracial families
  90. Accepted our referral!!!
  91. Who's next?!?
  92. Adopting a baby between 6-12 months -- not sure what all we need!
  93. Another friend's adoption journal in UKRAINE
  94. Tapestry Books and "Adoptive Families" magazine
  95. Found Russia Return Address Labels for Adoption Announcements!
  96. Sending adoption books turned out great!
  97. Adoptive mommies, how are you passing the time?
  98. USIC fees going up (international adoption related)
  99. need gift for mom/adopted 15 mo girl from Guatemala
  100. New photos and medical update!
  101. Am I the only one offended by 20/20's show on "eliminating" couples
  102. We finally have the last document we need to file Luke's paperwork
  103. we have several NC parents in this forum I notice:)
  104. on pins and needles
  105. Another Ukraine adoption journal happing right now-just arrived
  106. a company that helps w/passports and gives adoption discount
  107. A new ChinaBaby in my area!
  108. Hello! Getting ready to adopt from Colombia!
  109. Ukraine...again...Neve?
  110. Why a name change?
  111. Ukraine journal -adopting "older" children
  112. Need gift opinions for a friend who is adopting a 2 year old girl
  113. Bottle suggestions for transition from Russian orphanage...
  114. Where do I start?
  115. Finally figured it out
  116. REFERRAL!!!
  117. A Ukraine journal for those interested:traveling tomorrow
  118. Adoption article and links in Parents Magazine
  119. 3 updated pictures of my cutie
  120. Book or Website Recommendations
  121. IT'S A BOY!!!!!
  122. We are visiting next week!
  123. International Adoption Baby Story on right now (3 pm PDT)
  124. NAN AR formula
  125. update: our adoption travel blog
  126. Nice surprise--Luke's foster family send him a gift
  127. JOURNAL LOVERS: This is my "best adoption buddy"
  128. National Geo special "China's Lost Girls"
  129. OT sort of - feeling out of sorts
  130. few pics posted!
  131. Adoption costs
  132. Adoption blogs
  133. adoption tee shirts
  134. Could we do an update on everyone???
  135. Ukraine journal leaving July 2nd appt on the 5th I think
  136. Indiana moms and moms to be
  137. Hoping to adopt...a few questions
  138. What to do while waiting
  139. Sensitive questions regarding home study
  140. What to bring with you when child you are adopting is born...
  141. New journal seeking sibling-got referral today
  142. My DH's adoption questions
  143. What to bring - picking up my son in Guatemala
  144. Note for Catherine & a bit of a brag
  145. Here's a journal in process-I waited to post it
  146. Yesterday we got THE CALL!!
  147. one step closer!
  148. Another Journal- fun couple NAC appt while we slept last nite
  149. Questions for those that adopted an infant or are adopting an infant from Guatemala?
  150. Domestic adoption within the US.. where to start???
  151. Jubilee--Julie--I just PM'd you regarding an adoption options class in Portland
  152. Travel Approval is here
  153. want info on China adoption
  154. Did anyone get their FBI fingerprints rejected
  155. Ughhh - LONG journal court not waived in country 9 weeks
  156. Saving a child- question
  157. Adoption countdown counter
  158. For Neve
  159. Kalebsmama - How are things going?
  160. Blog/journal info
  161. Couple in Ukraine having homestudy problem- can you help?
  162. Referral!
  163. Here is a FANTASTIC journal to read
  164. Adoption journals
  165. Private Domestic Adoption - helping a friend
  166. Russian adoption article in September's Parent Magazine
  167. For anyone traveling abroad- new govt web site
  168. Welcome home gift?
  169. update on us
  170. Anti-adoption Groups
  171. Disappointing news for a couple in the Ukraine
  172. Help for clueless travel/stay domestically
  173. I saw this on the news,,,summer program
  174. we might lose lily
  175. It's Official!
  176. We're home--with our baby boy!
  177. I enjoyed this thread on FRUA-
  178. LINK to tons and tons and tons of adoption "niches"
  179. we lost Lily
  180. First-time Poster Adoption Story
  181. Here's a new Ukraine journal from my group- appt today
  182. OK, so just starting down this adoption trail....
  183. Going to China!
  184. Holli/Toddler adoption
  185. I'm feeling so blessed today
  186. Neve, how is the adoption journey now?
  187. Journal lovers-this is a good one (COMPLETED)-ukraine
  188. Holli - biting my nails for you!
  189. Could someone refresh my memory please...
  190. Debbie - Know anything yet?
  191. Agency ethics
  192. Holli - We have the same name!
  193. man, it's easy to forget all the paperwork steps!
  194. Some good reliable adoption links?
  195. OMG - Holli - Congrats/I'm sorry
  196. Anyone feel like renaming it "Waiting" instead of "Adopting"?--long
  197. Fantastic SIBLING (3) journal in Ukriane-completing now
  198. Adoption story in The Boston Globe Magazine today (China)
  199. CAN I JUST SAY...
  200. Emmiem - are you back from China?
  201. A "special needs" journal (in progress)-family seeking special needs girl
  202. Anyone in an open adoption situation?
  203. If you find this offensive please consider writing or calling
  204. A journal of one of my adoption "cyber" best friends-
  205. A wonderful wonderful wonderful update on family who adopted 4
  206. Happy Adoption Month!
  207. Taiwan Adoption
  208. "Adoption Story" mini-movie at cheerios.com
  209. hi everyone..
  210. We had our day in court . . .
  211. Want to do an adoption Blog but don't have time?
  212. Well we have our application to start for our second child
  213. So...what do you think of the Angelina Jolie headlines?
  214. One year ago today...
  215. Neve...
  216. Bursting at the seams and wanted to share with all of you since I know you would understand
  217. Neve's Adoption Blog
  218. leaving for guatemala tomorrow
  219. GONE adoption books - free - mostly China related
  220. Can you believe this?!
  221. Anybody heard of pre-adoption counseling?
  222. International vs. Domestic Adoption
  223. Adoption as first choice and dealing with family resistance
  224. Advice on what to register for when adopting a 1 year old?
  225. Tips for adoptive parents
  226. Did you get paid 'maternity leave' when you adopted?
  227. Domestic Adoption - How long does birth mom have to change her mind?
  228. Can we do another update on everyone?
  229. Request for recommendations for books, resources, etc.
  230. Formula Question
  231. Car Seats for Intl Flight
  232. Homestudy Payment
  233. Today is 1 year!
  234. deleted
  235. Medical Kit
  236. I can't believe we have to drive to Char. to get our fingerprints done
  237. Any good places to see what's needed for a 6-12 month old?
  238. Adopting and will be in a hotel for 2 weeks with a newborn - what to bring?
  239. at the risk of jinxing myself...
  240. How did you start your journey?
  241. Need ideas for donation
  242. Country-specific sites?
  243. Is there such a thing as indipendent international adoption?
  244. New here...domestic adoptions anyone?
  245. Do you carry your child's documentation when you travel?
  246. I saw the prettiest baby today....guess who it was???
  247. Wonderful news an agreement reached in Vietnam
  248. Gripe about Hallmark card. . .
  249. shower ideas?
  250. Ukraine is putting a hold on adoptions