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  1. Scrapbooking- 6x6 page 20 page albums
  2. Dr. Seuss Postage Stamp--Framing question
  3. hanging a quilt
  4. family fun article for sand and water table
  5. Digital Scrapbook Programs?
  6. playsilks - where to buy blank silk scarves
  7. safe finish for children
  8. icky baby matisse flower fabric - who is manufacturer?
  9. Anyone know what kind of varnish is safe for homemade wooden furniture?
  10. Photo Stamps - Cards or Keepsakes
  11. Fabric for cloth wipes
  12. Fabric transfer
  13. Knitters... What to buy?
  14. How to sew your own floppy seat cover
  15. How do I paint plastic?
  16. Suggestions for someone who hasn't a clue about knitting...
  17. Toddler Hooded Towel Instructions
  18. Flerville like Material XP from babybags
  19. Chalkboard Paint and Glow-in-the-Dark paint
  20. How much fabric do you need for a 2T fleece PJs? What fabric?
  21. How can I make a Moby like Carrier?
  22. Cross post- CLAY hand prints
  23. Musical Mobile Parts
  24. Any opinions on the Viking Scandinavia 300?
  25. I think I wanna crochet. Am I nuts? UPDATE
  26. good paint for painting a box (halloween costume)?
  27. Making Decorative Burp Cloths?
  28. Sewing machine Qs *long*
  29. Procion dyes question... odd results
  30. X=Post - Free Rubber Stamps!
  31. Hmm--how to decorate a wagon to look like the "100 Acre Woods"
  32. Scrapbooking Fonts
  33. Oversized Knobs for Chest of Drawers
  34. Painting child's table and chair sets
  35. I want to take up knitting again- help!
  36. Video/stills editing software
  37. Can you dye an Ultimate Crib Sheet?
  38. Has anyone tried making their own Diapees and Wipees?
  39. Fabric Depot
  40. hand and footprints
  41. X-Post - Free Creating Keepsakes Fonts
  42. Christmas Cards
  43. Replacing snaps on pants?
  44. homemade calendar
  45. 12x12 Scrapbook help needed -- Where to find paper pages w/ holes?
  46. Charcoal or Animal Drawings
  47. Best place to buy cheap felt?
  48. ISO: Animal photos!
  49. x-post: ISO of play dough recipes
  50. car seat covers
  51. Paint Pen
  52. Metal Label Holders for storage bins? Have you seen them anywhere?
  53. Magnetic blackboard paint?
  54. ISO instructions to make a fabric "town" (m)
  55. Waldorf dolls - need tips for making one from a kit!
  56. Headbands for Little Girls
  57. Xmas stocking
  58. Baby Shoe Pattern (UPDATE w/Pics)
  59. Stamp pad ink that's really washable?
  60. Need craft idea for first birthday party
  61. sewing machine dilema
  62. Valentine day cards to hand out?
  63. Another stamp ink pad questions
  64. Scrapbooking with your child
  65. playdough help
  66. refinishing a dresser!!
  67. Printable flat cards?
  68. Urgent--help needed on paint/ceramics project
  69. Digital scrapbooking software
  70. Place That Emobsses Leather Scrapbook Albums
  71. Elmo/Sesame Street Clip Art Source (X-post with Lounge)
  72. Repainting a stenciled dresser
  73. finger-paint turning mouldy?
  74. What kind of fabric should I use to make a baby blanket?
  75. Which iron-on transfer paper works best on fabric? muslin, cotton-knit, etc.?
  76. Make your own board book
  77. Happy Birthday Flag - Embriodery
  78. Free Sloppy Borders
  79. Need inspiration for painting table and chairs
  80. Making a tutu?
  81. In search of new craft idea
  82. X-post (bedding): Lambs & Ivy material sources?
  83. Weatherproof & Waterproof personalized labels
  84. Stuffed Fabric Letter Patterns
  85. Quilters: I think I'd like to join your ranks!
  86. 40% off Fabricdepot.com
  87. Diaper Case
  88. Bubble solution/projects/fun
  89. Has anyone tried iron-on transfer paper?
  90. Hardbound holiday book?
  91. Sippy Cup Labels
  92. Felted stocking pattern?
  93. Anyone ever make a rug for a baby or child's room?
  94. What craft project are you working on right now?
  95. Anyone make a superman costume?
  96. Sewing question: Bias Tape
  97. X-Post from Layette: Help me make a Mickey Mouse Costume!
  98. Update: Sewing a ladybug costume?
  99. looking for Beach Ball pattern
  100. "Simply Green Giving" review (in link)
  101. Can you stand one more ladybug question?
  102. Making an art supply carry-along?
  103. How to remove wood stain/varnish smell from dresser?
  104. making collage t-shirt- best way to do
  105. Decent yet cheap sewing machine?
  106. woodworking pattern for Zig Zag Tower (or Cascade Tower) from Hearthsong catalog?
  107. Published memory books
  108. Can I decorate Take &Toss cups with Sharpies?
  109. Birthday Centerpiece ideas?
  110. Staining raw wood toy box and adding decoration to top - help!
  111. Hooded Towel
  112. Where can I buy ribbon online?
  113. Need to make wings
  114. Help with Minnie Mouse Theme
  115. Made "Ghosts" with DD's footprint
  116. Tutu -
  117. help making clippy baby hair bows
  118. Making receiving blankets
  119. Handprint Thank You Sayings???
  120. I need to make sequined shoes for Halloween costume
  121. piggy/baby bottle bank
  122. Best prices for ribbon?
  123. salt dough ornament recipe? HELP!!
  124. Is anyone doing homemade gifts for family?
  125. Thanksgiving Crafts with kids? Post your favorites here!
  126. Instant Doorway Puppet Theater
  127. Thanksgiving crafts
  128. Does anyone have a Cricut?
  129. Paint your own Pottery ISO project ideas
  130. DELETE- sorry, could not figure out attachments right (Word Doc)
  131. Is there any way to paint fake wood furniture? (Xpost Lounge)
  132. Looking for wool felt beads/balls (crosspost with around the house)
  133. Want to make SUPER t-shirts
  134. ISO: good toddler-made gifts for family
  135. homemade tree ornaments
  136. Source for fabric/sewing boards??
  137. crafts with toilet paper rolls?
  138. sewing machine help!
  139. Doll clothes patterns?
  140. Does anyone have the receipe for Non-Melting Snow?
  141. Anyone have a glue gun they're in love with?
  142. Anyone have a great printer (AIO) to recommend for composite photo/text pages?
  143. Cute Idea for Displaying Christmas Cards
  144. Purchasing used sewing machine....
  145. What's the best 12" straight trimmer for scrapbooking?
  146. Does anyone have a pattern for a breast feeding cover?
  147. sock monkey socks and fabric
  148. Material for binding
  149. How much fabric to buy?
  150. Ideas for decorator samples
  151. ISO Non-toxic paint for blocks
  152. Need Valentine craft ideas for gifts
  153. Stainless Steel Look Paint?
  154. Calling all BBB Knitters and Crocheters
  155. Any ideas on what to do with the crib bumper once DD has outgrown it?
  156. CD spindles - what can I make?
  157. Baby Crafts
  158. Pattern for diaper and wipe holders?
  159. Covering wipes case
  160. homemade "Safety" items
  161. Custom quilt made with baby's cloths/fabrics?
  162. Anyone ever made a rubber stamp from your own artwork?
  163. Fabric Markers or Crayons? Need recommendations please
  164. How to hang artwork on wall
  165. I need quilt patterns like Pottery Barn, Company Kids, etc
  166. Easter crafts, anyone?
  167. Veronica (ellie's mom) and other quilters: The Quilt Show
  168. UPDATE: Sewing Machines and Patterns for Beginner
  169. Ideas for an un-useable crib?
  170. Decorating with tulle
  171. Looking for instructions on how to make cloth decorated baby wipe cases
  172. Someone who sews - help!
  173. Painting birdbath, what paints?
  174. Where can I find DIY birth announcement kits?
  175. Smocking? Any experts here?
  176. Fonts/Guides for painitng names to personalize?
  177. Making Peter Pan hats
  178. Chalk placemat help!!
  179. Size of quilt for a 12" doll?
  180. Where can I buy kids' stuff to personalize?
  181. Fave. Crafting Blogs?
  182. Wrapping with fabric - what type of tape to use?
  183. How would one make a Superman cape?
  184. Applique for apron--where to find?
  185. How to do a fruit basket
  186. Make ahead freezer foods?
  187. Glass/plexiglass for MOMMY pictures
  188. Headscarves/bandannas/headbands
  189. Halloween Costume Patterns
  190. Paying someone to quilt?
  191. Avery fabric transfers (iron-on)
  192. Help me with Halloween?
  193. Want to make something for my son on the way
  194. How do I make a Tutu???
  195. Flowery accessories for costume?
  196. What can I make using fleece?
  197. Looking for a sewing pattern
  198. Looking for "circus tent" fabric (wide striped pattern)
  199. Pattern suggestions for Monster costume
  200. Outdoor playhouse fabirc
  201. Baby books: Aimee J Baby Days Album vs. Baby Feats by Jack's Scrapbooks?
  202. scrapbook questions
  203. halloween costume--how to get a crown to stay on bald infant's head?
  204. Learning to sew?
  205. Sesame Street Pumpkins
  206. Help! Problem with DIY wings
  207. Digital Scrapbooks - PSE vs. Creative Memories vs. other?
  208. paperangel.com review of rubberstamps??
  209. Has anyone made soap with dc?
  210. anyone who makes their kids' clothes or does other crafts with fabric/ribbon/buttons...
  211. What to use as stuffing for a draft excluder?
  212. What are these called?
  213. Handprint Trivets
  214. How do you make a diaper cake?
  215. Sewing machine prices on the rise
  216. Chair Backers
  217. Where to find non-toxic paint?
  218. Has anyone bought a refurbished Brother sewing machine from Overstock.com?
  219. Where can I find good-quality plain t-shirts?
  220. great find! wool blend felt for food/toys
  221. How to preserve footprint clay models?
  222. Any fun Valentine's Day craft ideas?
  223. Any edible Easter craft ideas?
  224. ISO Handprint Craft Book
  225. ISO Craft Books
  226. Can you make your own muslin swaddling blankets?
  227. AG doll sewing forums?
  228. Good rotary cutter for fabric?
  229. dinosaur skeleton excavation--ideas for medium?
  230. Any tips for tye-dying?
  231. Best place to buy pom poms
  232. Birthday Banner-using a crib bumper cover
  233. Favorite Patterns for Dolls/Stuffed Animal Clothes???
  234. Favorite blog/websites for craft ideas?
  235. Cute FREE Doll Pattern...
  236. Stuffed animal patterns?
  237. Diy Christmas stockings?
  238. Homemade Christmas Gifts
  239. paint bellows
  240. Iron Transfer on Nylon?
  241. ISO: Have you seen this craft item?
  242. "faux gingerbread" with graham crackers and
  243. DIY stocking holders?
  244. New life for old crayons?
  245. Making I Spy Bags
  246. Glitter question
  247. Statehood quarter collection
  248. Toddler Hooded Towels
  249. Kindergarten Craft for End of March
  250. Need a creative Valentine gift line