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  1. Black and Whites
  2. any ideas for cute christmas cards?
  3. Circumference of newborn heads?
  4. Mobile idea...
  5. clown theme centerpiece ideas?
  6. Anyone making something special for the holidays because of their new little one?
  7. B&W pictures for do-it-yourselfers
  8. Where to find baby-safe paint
  9. Cootie Cover makers - question for you
  10. making own crib sheet savers
  11. Quick but strange question...including preg test in baby scrapbook...
  12. Looking for a neat way to display wallets, etc.
  13. Anyone making their own Christmas Cards?
  14. Making your own handprint ornaments
  15. Anyone tried "Transfer Goop"?
  16. Christmas Card Photo - Need Backup Ideas
  17. Test of Avatar
  18. knitters
  19. Paint-your-own Pottery for Christmas
  20. We just made handprints with Scupley clay!
  22. Review of Shrinky Dinks for laser jet printer
  23. Personalized Baskets
  24. ladies who crochet (sp??)
  25. Holiday Ideas from the heart
  26. Homemade Christmas gift - Is this lame??
  27. Time Capsules
  28. Homemade Birth Announcements?
  29. Christmas Ornaments
  30. Baby Hands/Feet "Art"
  31. Source for made by so and so labels to sew into handmade stuff
  32. Two websites for kid/baby crafts....
  33. Homemade burp clothes?
  34. Need sweater pattern
  35. silohuettes (like the kind you get done at disneyworld)
  37. Transfer Magic bites! Avoid it like the plague!
  38. So I'm already thinking about Valentines Day...
  39. Little metal clippies for bows? Does anyone know where to find?
  40. Homemade Valentine's Day Handprint/Footprint cards
  41. How-to-Knit books
  42. making baby shoes
  43. Help with Valentine's Day card
  44. Good sewing machine for my sister(begginer)
  45. Scapbooking Party Questions
  46. Pattern for stroller cozy??
  47. Baby Announcements
  48. Tempera Paint for footprints?
  49. On the idea of tempura paints--I want to make my own thank you cards
  50. Question for Knitters
  51. Washing instructions for cashmerino?
  52. Last-minute Valentine's Day projects
  53. Another question about yarns
  54. Uses for old formula cans and baby food jars?
  55. making calendars
  56. where to find a rubber stamp of DD's name...
  57. St Patrick's Day Cards
  58. Has anyone made their own Boppy-like pillow?
  59. looking for pattern for baby/toddler girl bubble suits or rompers
  60. Refinishing Little Tikes Mission style furniture
  61. DIY night light or mobiles?
  62. ideas for baby food jars?
  63. Knitted baby blocks?
  64. For those who scrapbook....
  65. Has anyone tried making their own diaper bag?
  66. Craft funny!
  67. Dying Yarn
  68. Handprint Painted T-Shirts ??
  69. Knitting question
  70. DIY Wallet Photos and PhotoShop Elements
  71. cute ideas for basketball themed room ?
  72. Trying soooo hard to figure out this knitting thing...
  73. Felt balls.... pics included.
  74. Thanks Dana! The felt balls are so much fun to make!!
  75. Knitters: Best way to block cashmere / wool?
  76. good knitting resources?
  77. SERGERS - anyone have one? recommendations?
  78. Embroidery for a knitted wool soaker
  79. Photo Baby Announcements
  80. Painting on Fabric
  81. Needed Mother's Day Ideas
  82. Curtain valence pattern?
  83. pattern for toddler beachwear
  84. Pics of felted balls.
  85. PBK tri-fold hand/footprint frame plaster problem
  86. Baby outfit from adult T-shirt
  87. Scrapbook question. Please help a beginner!!
  88. Sewers: looking for inexpensive machine recommendations
  89. A question for those who have made the felt balls...
  90. Plastic to make a stencil with
  91. Another scrapbook question!
  92. Knitters
  93. Making a diaper bag... any advice?
  94. Bargain Hanna Andersson Cotton Yarn for Knitters & Crocheters
  95. Dyeing a knitted felted wool bag
  96. The cutest knitted dress ever!
  97. Need help finding a knitting pattern
  98. Fabric Picture Frame Instructions?
  99. Stenciling on baby furniture surface? Stencil Sites?
  100. My first scrapbook page!
  101. Pattern's for crib bedding?
  102. Baby book suggestions?
  103. Any crocheters/knitters want a project?
  104. Ink for Handprint
  105. Candy Bar Wrappers for Baby Shower Favors
  106. Were your wool balls fuzzy?
  107. A home page for my baby?
  108. Photo Cards- the kind you insert a picture into
  109. Where can I buy "transfer-mations" by Camp Kazoo?
  110. Any great party favor ideas?
  111. restaining IKEA furniture?
  112. How do you take handprint/footprint?
  113. Little Sprout Baby Jacket
  114. creative diaper bag help
  115. Ever made a hooded towel?
  116. Diaper Bag pattern
  117. Printing your own invitations - paper question
  118. Has anyone made photo frames from salt dough?
  119. Wall Border Help!!
  120. test-please ignore
  121. D-A-D-D-Y frames at Target
  122. Looking for feedback on an invite?
  123. Sewing question
  124. JennyLynn - I finally finished my bag!
  125. Painting mural on wall - what kind of paint?
  126. Scrapbookers: What's your favorite adhesive?
  127. Where to buy or how to make alphabet letters?
  128. Jo-Ann coupons for halloween stuff
  129. Rashmi (papal) - Instructions - Scrapbook for Baby
  130. Enlarging/framing birth announcement
  131. Knitted Poncho patterns anyone?
  132. Sewing a Stroller Blanket
  133. Anybody sewing a Halloween costume? Help w/Pattern Search
  134. Sewing Machine Help
  135. handprint tablecloth?
  136. A6 envelopes
  137. I hate Michaels!
  138. Show me your fav. homemade paper stuff. A bit long, but fun...
  139. Stiffener
  140. big fat sale at joann fabrics!
  141. Need some type of "clear" protectant
  142. Anyone know about stamping...image of my first attempt attached
  143. I just discovered A C Moore
  144. Christmas project for a 1 year old- Ideas needed
  145. Got the Funky Monkey!
  146. A C Moore SALE 9/12 6-9 pm
  147. Anyone have any diaper cloth crafts?
  148. bucket hat pattern??
  149. No-sew fleece blankets (cross post from Around the House)
  150. Painting wood trains
  151. Tatting
  152. Where can I find ideas to make my own birthday invitations?
  153. Best item to use the 50% off coupon on at Michaels or ACMoore?
  154. Found a cute site with craft ideas...m
  155. any scrapbookers out there?
  156. Vellum Envelopes: what type of pen for addressing?
  157. Paper for Christmas cards
  158. Ladies I need a little business help... longish...cross post from Lounge
  159. Calling all scrapbookers
  160. Snoedel experience?
  161. Can anyone help a new knitter? (Advice on yarns, patterns, etc)
  162. Finally finished diaper bag
  163. CRAFTERS: Any good websites for invitation/scrapbooking/crafting supplies?
  164. Anybody use a family tree software program?
  165. Anyone have a pattern for knitting a pumpkin hat?
  166. Resources for homemade birthday cake ideas...
  167. Anyone ever made shoe covers for costumes?
  168. Ease of use of stained glass products?
  169. painting furniture
  170. Any advice on stenciling/painting a mural in nursery ?
  171. Thumbs up for SewBaby Fleece Poncho Pattern
  172. Looking for baby milestones 12x12" scrapbook paper...
  173. Displaying alphabet frieze
  174. Halloween Craft
  175. Scrapbook page kit for each month?
  176. Make your own luggage tags
  177. Burp cloth question
  178. Suggestion for sticking craft foam to painted wall
  179. Retro Scrapbooking paper?
  180. Baby page ideas for scrapbooking
  181. Ordering digital prints online, where?
  182. Want to try making my own birth announcements...
  183. digital scrapbooking?
  184. Picture frame ornaments
  185. Paint and wood for wooden blocks
  186. Any ideas for cute Thanksgiving crafts?
  187. Ideas for putting a name on a Christmas stocking?
  188. material for making flashcards on a ring?
  189. artbeads.com gives good CS
  190. Suggestions for scrapbooking gifts
  191. kool-aid dying...
  192. Felted purses, mocs, etc?
  193. Felted Purses -- anywhere to purchase?
  194. Fleece Poncho
  195. Any easy craft ideas for preschool teachers?
  196. Life saver ornaments
  197. Chalkboard and magnetic paint
  198. Fusible interfacing?
  199. LOOK! I made this!
  200. Brother sewing machine
  201. Attn knitters: nice baby blanket pattern?
  202. shower crafts
  203. Valentine's Day
  204. Cross Post:: looking for advice on pre baby crafts for older sibs
  205. Stroller liners? x-post from diaper bags....
  206. Help--I want to paint a wood table and chairs set--need info!
  207. Does anyone here do woodworking?
  208. need a one-piece pattern for baby:
  209. What to sew?
  210. What sewing machine should I get?
  211. Ideas for a music-themed bedroom
  212. Smocked Bishop Dress patterns--where to find?
  213. How to make room-darkening roman shades?
  214. Ring Sling questions for making my own!
  215. Photo Books...ofoto or snapfish?
  216. Scrapbooking 101- my first attempt is in the works
  217. Need someone to help me fix this... (pic)
  218. Any ideas for coloring easter eggs - without the eggs?
  219. Scapbookers: do you go mobile?
  220. "Creation by you" baby story?
  221. Decorating clay flower pots. Anyone do this?
  222. Handpainted yarn co-op yahoo group
  223. blanket rescue needed!
  224. Scrapbookers: recommendation for scissors?
  225. Doomed!
  226. Mother's Day Craft Gifts
  227. Diaper Bag for cloth diapers
  228. Crafty moms- need ideas will this work painting on glass to remain outdoors
  229. How to use old-fashioned photo corners?
  230. Looking for a great scrapbook kit!
  231. Family portrait suggestions?
  232. Recovering glider cushions
  233. latch-hook?
  234. HELP
  235. I'm looking for a specific fabric--please help!
  236. Hand prints
  237. Scrapbookers--looking for opinions on Coluzzle or similar
  238. How to draw names on plastic pails?
  239. Has anyone made a taggy blanket?
  240. a bit off topic, but had to post it somewhere! :)
  241. Nancy's Notions 30% off one item thru 6/6
  242. Please help me identify these wall/window hangings. . .
  243. First Creative Memories Party
  244. Moms of 2 or more, how do you do your scrapbooks?
  245. Wanted- Cloth diapers for burp clothes
  246. Scrapbooking- Where to buy supplies on-line?
  247. Do you buy fabric online? If so where?
  248. Calling all quilter's - basic quilting books and websites?
  249. plans for a sand and water table?
  250. empty paint cans? need for wedding gift...