View Full Version : Tips/advice for 6 hr flight with 11 mo dd?

12-16-2007, 11:30 PM
I'm trying to figure out what to bring for dd to eat for dinner during out flight. Something not too messy that she can feed herself. I'm thinking maybe a little grilled cheese sandwich and peas? Also cheerios of course (although I think she is getting tired of those). Any other suggestions?

Also I'm looking for general advice. It's a 6 hr flight from NYC to LA. It leaves at 3 pm and dd usually goes to bed around 7ish. She's still nursing so I'm hoping I will be able to nurse her to sleep for the last part of the flight, but we'll see how that goes. She gets pretty distracted. I'm also planning to bring a new toy and maybe check out some new books from the library. We've flown with her before but not since she's been crawling so she is going to be squirmy. Luckily dh will be with me!



12-18-2007, 06:31 AM
I did a 6 hour flight when DD was that age. I think I fed her whatever it was that they gave me but I am all about convience. My DD also loves peas so I bought some Just Tomatos dried peas for the trip. Not as good as fresh but she ate them. The Gerber dried fruits and veggies with the ziploc top are great for travel as are Baby Mum Mums. I also bought a thing of Gerber puffs and stuck them in the side pocket of my backpack meant for bottles. I carry a snack trap in my bag and dole out the snacks in small bits at a time.

As for the flight, I'm sure your DD will be fine. A few new toys and books are great. For the flight I took when my DD was 11 months I bought her the My First Purse http://tinyurl.com/2twd2v and it was a huge hit. It kept her entertained almost the entire flight and she didn't really play with any of the other toys I brought. Found objects are great, like the headphones for the movie, magazines, barf bags etc. I let my DD go to town on them. Oh and I like to travel with a few take and toss sippy cups. I pack them in my bag and fill them after I go through security. If you have a baby carrier your DD likes it would help. I found that walking the area by the bathroom for a bit helped my DD go to sleep. Being in the carrier blocked distractions on the plane.

Good luck!