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12-17-2007, 06:32 PM
This isn't going to be too detailed, but I wanted to get it down so that others may benefit from it. Our group consisted of DH, me, DS1 (5yo), DS2 (21mo), my mom and my dad.

Menus and prices are available at www.allearsnet.com

Tusker House (breakfast): This was a character buffet breakfast. Nice because we got into AK at 8:15am before it opened at 9am, so it didn't slow down the start of our day much. Character interaction was so-so; they moved past the tables pretty quickly. Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy were there. Food was quite good and there was a large selection. I loved the orange banana bread. I'd definitely recommend this one.

Jiko (dinner): Not really worth the 2 table service credits (dining plan). The flatbreads were excellent. We all had the filet, and it was very good. Kids meals were overpriced. Service was slow. I'd go back and pay cash for a selection of flatbreads as our meal!

Crystal Palace (lunch): Character buffet meal with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. Characters moved fast past the tables, and we had to wait a looooong time (over an hour) for Pooh. Tables are small and crowded, and it is noisy. But the food was very good, and the dessert spread is impressive. We'd go back again.

Garden Grill (lunch): Character meal with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. One of our all-time favorites for character interaction - they really stop and spend time with you, and come by again and again throughout the meal. Food is served family-style (all you can eat, brought quickly right to your table) and is quite good. Tables are small and crowded, but the restaurant feels small and quiet since it rotates (very slowly) around a center station that is enclosed. Some water noise from the scenery. While you are there, take the boat ride downstairs - my boys loved it (DS1 asked to go a second time)! This one is top on my list for future visits. Make reservations early for groups of 5+ as they don't have a lot of bigger tables. Groups of 4 or less won't have a problem getting ressies even on short notice.

Akershus (dinner): Princess dinner (DS1's request - he is intrigued by princesses these days). First course is buffet-style, second course is ordered off of the menu. Dessert is family style. We felt ordered around (step here, wait there, no over here) at this meal. Food was fine - definitely edible (except the stuff underneath the salmon dish) but not memorable - but the service and atmosphere just didn't do anything for us. Princesses moved through very quickly. We won't do this one again.

Boma (dinner): Buffet dinner. We've been there before and enjoyed it, and we weren't disappointed this time. One of the best dessert spreads of any of the buffet meals. Noisy but our table was roomy and comfortable enough.

Tusker House (lunch): Buffet. We liked the breakfast so decided to give lunch a try. Lunch has no characters (only breakfast). Food was fine, but not great. I don't think we'd go back again unless we needed to eat a sit-down meal at AK (there aren't really any other options, except Rainforest Cafe - blah).

California Grill (dinner): The view is spectacular. We were there for the fireworks, and it was worth it just for that. The meal was fine (kids' menu was weird - only appetizer option was a few leaves of lettuce and a few croutons for $4) but the filet was better at Jiko. I had a veal dish that reminded me of baby food, it was so (too) soft. Desserts were quite interesting and mostly quite good.

Boma (breakfast): Also a buffet. It was typical breakfast fare, or maybe we were just sick and tired of eating by then. French toast was made of raisin bread and was good. The custom omelet line was long, so maybe those were good (we didn't have time to try them).

HTH someone - questions, let me know!

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Thanks for the tips (esp the fireworks/CA Grill tip)!