View Full Version : Crib by Forever Mine furniture

08-09-2000, 12:34 AM
I am interested in knowing if anyone has had any dealings with the company Forever Mine. They seem to have an excellent crib, the All American. It is priced at 229us with a $75 shipping charge from their factory in Quebec, Canada to CA. It passes all the tests and "do's" for buying a crib according to the Baby Bargains book. Thing is, I now won't buy anything without checking out the book yet this crib isn't in there so I am hesitating. They have a web site at www.forevermine.com. Denise or Alan, maybe you've heard of this company? Thanks.

10-28-2000, 10:57 AM
I recently bought the three-drawer dresser with changing top and am very happy with it. It is great-looking, very sturdy and the changing top can be removed once it is not needed. I am considering buying a crib from them as well.

01-04-2001, 11:13 AM
I am also interested in purchasing the Forever Mine crib, but would like to know if anyone has purchased it already and what they think of the product.


02-03-2001, 11:58 AM
How does the hardware work on this? Is it hidden? How does it lower?

02-16-2001, 09:17 PM
I am also considering a crib, but am trying to figure out approx. shipping cost. The order form just states that "shipping will be added to the order" but I need at least a rough idea. I emailed the company, but haven't heard back and need to make a decision right away. Would you mind sharing with me how much you paid in freight for the dresser and what state you live in?

02-22-2001, 07:22 PM
We are considering ordering the Forever Mine Crib as well, and have requested a catalog and sample stain (the computer screen is no way to match expensive furniture). What information I was able to find about Forever Mine came from two sources - the Baby Bargains mailbag from Jan where a father couldn't say enough good things about the crib, and the website itself which has the instructions on how to put the crib together. If you look at (and read) the instructions you can see a little bit more about the crib. Hope this helps!

03-05-2001, 03:21 AM
I bought this crib and it is FANTASTIC. No creaks or squeaks. Simple lift and press with your knee to lower side - a breeze with one hand and holding a baby. Beautiful finishing, very sturdy and follows all of the recommended items "the Book" tells you to look for. I paid $75 shipping to Southern California. I used to own a Morigeau Lepine and am happier with this purchase. It doesn't even wiggle. Customer service was A+ when I had a question putting it together. Kudos Forevermine!