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08-14-2000, 06:29 PM
I saw the Childesign Neptune Crib at ibaby.com for $104 ... I thought it was a great deal considering Denise & Alan gave the company a "B" rating. The crib seems to have all the necessary safety features. It even has a three position adjustable matress height and teething guard on both sides of the crib. I was all ready to get the crib until I noticed in the picture that it has a double trigger. I called ibaby.com and they told me that the crib is a new model. I thought all Childesign cribs made in 2000 have the knee-push system? I understand the inconveniences of operating the double trigger system with baby in hand. But as I began to think, don't you only lower the rail when baby is in the crib and leave the rail down until you put baby in the crib? So, is the double trigger really a taboo? Does anyone know if the hardware on this Childesign crib is durable?

01-22-2001, 07:20 PM
We just purchased this brand of crib from Walmart yesterday. We're not due until May, but wanted to see if an inexpensive crib was sturdy etc. (cost was $120/130)
We have the sleigh type crib; cherry wood. It looks great; very sturdy, BUT as you've pointed out that dual trigger is a pain. At first my husband and I couldn't even work one side of it.
It's a little better after getting used to it; but your arms are spread out their entire length just to do it.
also, it's not a parts problem it is just the way the trigger is made. Talk about safety; no child will ever be able to work it.

I think we will keep it; when the mattress is at its high point, you can just lift baby over.
And when compared to similar styled cribs that cost $500 and up; this is very nice.
Hope this helps