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02-06-2001, 09:58 AM
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We love our Ragazzi crib, its quiet railings that don't wake our daughter and the beautiful craftsmanship. The price wasn't bad either, cribs with loud foot pedals were priced the same or higher than our Ragazzi sleigh crib.

I did notice that the finish (cherry) is peeling off at top of sleigh where it curves over. This is a hazard for when our daughter starts peeling it off. And the lifetime warranty does not include the finish or paint covering...

Does anyone have a similar issue?

02-06-2001, 02:14 PM

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Wow! That doesn't sound like a good situation! How old is your Ragazzi crib? Did you contact the store you bought the crib from to see if they can look at it and give you their opinion? Did you call Ragazzi directly?

We would agree that this is a serious hazard and we wouldn't recommend using the crib. You may want to consider reporting the problem to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov).

Denise and Alan

02-06-2001, 03:27 PM
LAST EDITED ON Feb-06-01 AT 01:28PM (Mountain)[p]Denise and Alan,
Thanks for replying. I called Ragazzi today, they told me to call the store I bought it from. Great news! The store ordered me a replacement left side and will call when it arrives (6-8 wks). We will pick it up, replace the side, then drop off the defective piece.

I thought I would have trouble because it is not part of the warranty. So far so good.

We got the crib in September and just started putting our 4 month old daughter in it!