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03-20-2001, 03:09 PM
We bought a Pali crib (Sabrina). Liked its overall quality and styling. We were told to go shop early for cribs (wait could be 8-10 weeks) so we started 9 weeks earlier (end Jan 01). Surprisingly this crib was in stock but we decided to wait for the next shipment which was expected end Feb'01. Meanwhile I looked at this website and found that Pali had trouble delivering cribs in 2000 so we were on the edge a little bit. The crib was delayed by about a week and arrived first week of March 2001. So it seems like the delivery problems are in control.
Overall I was pleased with the crib but few things need to be mentioned :
(1) Pali uses some laminate particle board in its frame. I learnt this fact on assembly, but somebody mentioned it on this site (which I read after the fact). But anything on the outside which you touch is beechwood. Laminate may not be necessarily bad but then one has to evaluate the overall cost of the crib from that perspective.
(2) The directions for assembly that come with the crib are just BAD and printed on cheap thin paper. (Mine even tore from handling during handling). If Pali was looking for 1 improvement this could be it. In addition there are some grooves and holes in the crib (for manufacturing ease) which are not there on the instruction manual, confusing things. But one can figure it out after spending some time. We got done in about 2 hours - with help from another Pali crib owner friend.
(3) My crib did NOT come with a product registration card. So I have to keep an eye out for recalls (if any). This may not be the best way to do business in USA for Pali.

Overall we are happy with the crib. Its reliability will come out when it put it to use.

This site and the book have been quite useful. So I decided to share my experience.