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05-20-2001, 07:05 AM
does anyone have the halo mattress system (discussed in the latest baby bargains book)? i am thinking of getting one. it seems to be a "super safe" mattress. i would like to know the measurements and weight of the mattress (i emailed halo but have not heard back). i want to make sure that it will fit into my non-returnable crib. i am also concerned about it being very heavy because i would like to use stay-put sheets (fit over mattress like a pillow case), and lifting a heavy mattress and putting stay-put sheets over it sounds like a huge pain. also, does anyone use the sheets that come with the halo mattress? what are those like?


07-19-2001, 02:16 PM
I'm curious, as well. Will this mattress fit into a Babi Italia crib or an IKEA crib? Any good stories or bad stories about the motor noise. Can I use The Ultimate Crib Sheet on the Halo mattress or whould that negate the benefit? Any thoughts anyone? Thanks.

08-15-2001, 05:52 PM
just to let anyone interested know, i got the halo mattress and did not like it. i am shipping it back. if you are buying this mattress, be forwarned that you MUST use the halo sheet that comes with it (i did not want to do that). the sheet is white and only covers the top half of the side of the mattress. in addition, the mattress is rigid like a cement block, not like a coil mattress, so putting it into and taking it out of your crib can be very, very difficult due to the tight fit and rigidity. once you get into your crib though, if you use the halo sheet, you shouldn't have to take it in or out again.

also, be advised that the mattress arrives assembled, although the instruction booklet indicates that it is not assembled. call halo before doing any sort of assembly/disassembly.

they are coming out with a new model very soon that is supposedly less rigid and can accomodate other crib sheet brands.

they were very nice about the return process.

i ordered the colgate classica I foam mattress and am anxiously waiting for it to come!

08-16-2001, 05:30 AM

Wow, if I'd only gotten your message just a few days earlier. I just ordered mine and it's being shipped! Ugh. It's earlier in the morning where I am, perhaps I can call them today once they open and see if has actually shipped. I'm certainly going to ask them about the less rigid model and when it might be coming out.

It's interesting that you mention about using only their sheet. I had emailed Halosleep to see if their mattress would fit in an Issi crib and whether you could use the "Ultimate Crib Sheet" with their mattress. I got a quick response that the mattress would be compatible with any crib sold in the US, but no answer to my question about using another crib sheet other than their own. I even followed up with a second email, but still no response.

I couldn't seem to find anyone who had ordered or used the mattress and even my posting to this board wasn't netting a response so, I took the chance and ordered it. Oh well.

How did they handle the return process? How costly was it to you to return the item to them?

Finally, would you let me know what you think of the Colgate?

Thanks so much for your posting.

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08-16-2001, 06:34 AM
you never know--you might end up liking the mattress. i think a lot of people do, and the book does recommend it. so maybe, i am an oddball. if possible though, i would inquire about that less rigid, new model. you might have a better chance of liking it.

i wanted to use the ultimate crib sheet too! we must think alike. however, i wanted to put a sheet that would match my nursery decor on the mattress and put the ultimate crib sheet over that--so that's like TWO sheets. i think that you could physically use the ultimate crib sheet with the mattress. you would just put it on top of the halo sheet. however, based on the mattress owner's manual it seems like they recommend AGAINST using any sort of waterproof pad (other than the halo sheet) with the mattress due to ventilation, etc. i didn't know that when i ordered it, and i would have worried about that if i had kept it because i really want to use the ultimate crib sheet. you might call and ask about that specifically.

they were very, very nice about the return process, but i was pretty upset about the whole deal because (this should NOT apply to you) my mattress was missing the sticker that said THIS MATTRESS IS ALREADY ASSEMBLED. therefore, i followed the instructions included and disassembled and assembled my mattress for no reason. during the process, the mattress fell and chipped my brand new $1500 changing chest. because of that debacle, they issued a UPS call tag, and i am NOT paying shipping to return it--they are. i am also expecting a full refund of my purchase price--including shipping. i don't know if that would apply to everyone who returns the mattress though--i doubt it.

i'll post about the colgate when it gets here. i ordered it from baby universe, and it hasn't shipped yet. i have high hopes for it.

good luck in your mattress search!

09-15-2001, 01:39 PM
Just in case anyone is interested...the Halo mattress I received did NOT it in the Issi Jacquard crib I purchased.

Issi/Bonavita told me it would, the local dealer told me it would, the Issi/Bonavita distributor told me it would, and Halo told me it would...but...it did NOT.