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05-29-2001, 04:42 PM
Has anyone purchased a Domusindo crib? After lengthy research with JC Penney and several personal calls to their supplier and corporate headquarters, I was finally able to track down the manufacturer of this sleigh crib. I know that they are made in Indonesia, but am concerned about safety.

02-08-2007, 01:51 PM
I know this is an old posting but I thought for those currently looking at Domusindo (JC Penney nursery furniture), I'd help out.
I just recently purchased the entire Tori nursery set - the crib, four drawer dresser, changing table and hutch by Domusindo from JC Penney.
It is a great set. Excellent deal (around $1200 for all of the above plus a quilt holder and conversion rails for the crib, the shipping was fast and it came packed VERY well and in perfect shape (I hear horror stories of damaged furniture all the time).
It is made of all solid wood - no pressboard. Even the back of the "open parts" of the hutch is a thin peice of real wood - not carboard like most.
It does take some assembly which is not hard. The directions are fairly clear and all you need is a hammer and a screw driver - they give you an allen wrench.
The crib is convertible to toddler bed, daybed then to twin. It has 3 adjustable heights which you have to unscrew all 4 supports to adjust - not hard, just not on a spring loaded adjuster like on other cribs. Also, none of the sides drop down as with other cribs - which I like as reading about those kinds have made me nervous from a safety standpoint.
The dresser and changing table have drawers that secure when pushed all the way in so kids can't easily open - a safety feature my wife noticed right away. The glides stick a little but just need greasing I believe.
The furniture is heavy (excpet the crib - it is manageable) so you'll need help moving it once it's assembled.
We bough it in the cherry finish. That finish is VERY shiny - a laquered look and I am noticing it collecting dust fairly quickly but other than that, it looks very rich and seems exceptionally durable. We haven't had the baby yet so hopefully over time it lasts but for how solid it is, I can't imagine having any problems.
The dresser and changing table come assembled. You have to put the hutch and the crib together - not hard but takes a couple hours at most.
Anyhow, great deal using 'cutebaby' as a discount code at JC Penney to get 15% off the entire price. They even have a glider and ottoman set for $199 in cherry we bought but haven't got yet - pretty cheap for a fully furnished nursery. Hope this helps someone!