View Full Version : Anyone deal w/Babysheaven.com and/or have info on Babys Luv brand cribs?

06-20-2001, 11:14 PM
I found the Babysheaven.com website and they have the best prices I've seen so far. But I'm always skeptical, especially since the prices on their cribs are so low. For instance all their cribs are of the brand "Babys Luv" and I've never heard of that brand. Yet they list all the specs and the features seem to rival the more expensive brands. For instance they list the Baby's Luv cribs as such:
-A durable, fashionably designed, easy to assemble and safe crib.
-Just snap in stablizer bars, put mattress in place, slide in
rail and you're done.
-No tools necessary.
-Transforms from crib to toddler bed
-Patented, no-tool safety construction
-Childproof fail release
-Five-position posture perfect mattress support
-Stabilizer bars to keep crib stable & sturdy
-Double drop sides with Quiet Track so baby is not disturbed
-Warmth of natural solid wood.
-Standard interior dimensios 28"x52"
-Overall dimensions: 54 1/2"W x 30"D x 52"H
-JPMA certified.

Thank you.

07-08-2001, 10:20 AM
The version of BabyBargains that I have (I think it is #3) mentions the Baby Luv brand but it appears under the parent company name of Delta. I recently purchased the crib at Baby Depot (model 4970 aka Versailles) and really like it. The cost was very good $219. The features that it has are great. In the book- they give it a C rating - but the reason for the low rating have been resolved in the newer versions. For instance the one I have has knee drop release, whereas the book mentions that you have to use two hands to manage the release... not so any more with this model. I actually think it is quieter than the Simmons ones that the store had for much more money. It has the spring suspension and the materials are very nice quality wood with very good coloring.