View Full Version : Used Crib question (second child)

08-02-2001, 08:07 PM
I know that it is absolutely forbidden to buy or accept a used crib, even one only a few years old. But what about a crib you've used yourself. In other words, what do you do when the second child comes along? Can you use the crib you used for the first child? Any opinions?


08-05-2001, 10:45 PM
Yes you can as long as the crib hasn't been recalled and stored properly w/ all its hardware. I think if it was made before 1990, the slats will be spaced too far apart and you'll need a new one. To check for recalls, go to cpsc.gov (it might be cpsc.org). I would get a new mattress if you had your old one stored in the attic uncovered for a while b/c years of dust probably settled in. If you stored the mattress in plastic, I'd let it air out for a few days, then decide if it is good enough for a new baby. If in doubt, buy a new mattress.

To be even safer, call the manufacturer of your crib & ask if it has been recalled. Also ask them for new hardware & a set of instructions. They should do it for free & even if they don't have the original instructions, they'll mail you a copy of thiers on file.

just my opinion . . .