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09-09-2001, 05:43 PM
We are considering buying an Italian-made crib that eventually converts into a child's bed/seat, and the salesperson at Buy Buy Baby (who claimed she did not work on commission) insisted that the ONLY mattress the store recommends for this type of crib is the "Colgate Sophisticate" coil mattress at a whopping $199.99!

The salesperson explained, "The crib mattress and the car seat are the two purchases where you want to buy the best you can afford," and that having an extra firm, durable mattress was much more important than the crib, since all cribs are about the same other than styling. She even pushed us toward lower price cribs so we could afford the mattress!

Has anyone used or heard of the Colgate Sophisticate? I see that the Colgate brand gets high ratings in Baby Bargains, but there is no mention of this product (maybe it's new?).

11-22-2001, 12:59 AM
Hi. I know this reply is late but, hope it will answer questions. First, I am with Colgate so I know the answer. The Sophisticate is a mattress we make exclusively for BuyBuyBaby. When we set out to make this mattress our plan was to make the finest dual firmness innerspring crib mattress available anywhere in America. The componenets in this mattress are the best we could get...some are even custom made exclusively for Colgate to be better than the similar components found in the crib mattress manufacturing indusrty. As for the importance of the crib mattress purchase, this too, is true. But, crib mattresses are a personal preference purchase, i.e., not everyone likes the same mattresses. This is why there are so many styles. Foam or innerspring, get the best crib mattress that you feel comfortable having your baby sleep upon. Thanks and congratulations on the new baby.

11-23-2001, 10:40 AM
How nice to get a reply from the manufacturer! I ended up buying a Colgate III foam mattress instead that was very firm but less expensive. We are still waiting for the baby, but I'm sure the mattress will be great.

12-27-2001, 08:43 PM
Crib mattresses will range in price from $20.00 to $200.00. They all have one thing in common: BIG PROFIT MARGINS!!! While wood products provide profit margins of 18-40%, matresses can reward the seller with margins as high as 70%. When a salesperson recommends sacrificing crib quality in favor of an overpriced mattress, RUN FOR THE DOOR! I suggest purchasing any good firm mattress from a reputable manufacturer with at least a 10 year (non-prorated) warranty. There are several excellent choices in this category that (realistically) retail in $50-$100 range. My preference is foam because they're light in weight and easy to work with while providing more than adequate support.

08-21-2007, 04:49 PM

We bought the Babi Italia Lifestyle crib and purchased a Colgate Classica mattress on the web. Our reason for doing so was that these 2 items were going to be used most out of every item our son will have. We had lots of hand-me-downs from friends, so we didn't need to spend a bunch of money on other things, so we splurged on the bed and mattress. The crib will last his lifetime and the mattress he will be sleeping on for about 6 years (plus, if we decide to add another to our family, they may use it as well).

Also, sleep is one area that is so delicate... the lack of it, the type of it, the timing of it; it was worth the added price tag for a mattress we felt would aide in better sleep. I have even gone so far as to get in the crib with my son, and the Colgate mattress is comfortable. Get the crib you want, and get a matress you can afford. You can always upgrade to a better mattress later if you feel it is causing discomfort.

Best of luck!

Mama to Cypress