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09-15-2001, 01:37 PM
Just wanted to pass along a bit of information to those of you who might be yearning for the more contemporary look of Issi baby furniture.

Against the Fields' wise advise that Issi was too pricey, etc., I went ahead and purchased an Issi crib and an Issi changing table combo unit. Unfortunately I fell in love with the Jacquard design in the Issi line and couldn't find anything else that satisfied me once I'd seen the Jacquard.

Well, first of all we spent loads of money on the crib, which did not come with a drawer and the drop-side mechanism is indeed loud.

Secondly and this is my real bit of "I can't believe it" information, the changing table has no place to secure a changing pad! I spotted this in the borchure and asked the dealer who said the back railing in the Issi Jacquard would lift off, you secure the straps of the changing table underneath this railing, to the back of the unit. When I received the unit it was fully assembled and it didn't look like the back railing could, indeed, be removed at all. I called the dealer and he put me in touch with the manufacturer. I called Bonavita 3 times, each time getting a voicemail to leave a message. I still have not heard back. I called the dealer back and told him of my problem and he put me in touch with his local distributor who told me he did not really know what the Jacquard looked like, but suspected the back railing would not come off and I would have to buy straps, attach them to the changing pad and run them up the back railing and down the back of the unit. I said this was not asthetically pleasing and certainly not what the way the changing pad was pictured in their brochure.

The bottom line is we now have what amounts to a buffet table, which looks lovely, but is certainly NOT a good changing table.

Finally, if anyone needs to know about this, as well....the Halo mattress does not fit in the Issi Jacquard crib. The deal said it would, the distributor said it would, the manufacturer said it would, Halo said it would, but IT DOES NOT.

Lots of money out of pocket, lots of aggrivation ... hope this post can help someone avoid the same problems in the future.