View Full Version : another pack-n-play as bedside bassinet question

09-18-2001, 03:58 PM
I'd like to keep a bassinet in a pack-n-play next to the bed to keep the baby next to me at night. We've got cats, and I'd like a full canopy to keep them out and, later on, to keep out bugs when I use it outside.

For this purpose, would it be better to get one with a bassinet that takes up the entire length and width of the PNP or a smaller one? I would guess that a newborn would like the smaller size, but they would outgrow them faster.

I could also buy a separate canopy if anyone has found that some PNP bassinets are better padded or more comfortable than others.


11-15-2002, 11:24 PM
How much weight does the bassinet hold is the real issue. I have a 3/4 size pnp and it works great. Some people have said the full size sags a little too much. If they hold the same weight I would go for the 3/4, the baby will outweigh it before they will outgrow it. BTW I have 3 cats and they are completely uninterested in the baby. she makes too much noise!


11-16-2002, 01:39 AM
We used the full size bassinet (because the P-n-P was a hand-me-down). It seemed to work fine and I never noticed the sag. We moved about 5 weeks after DS was born which meant that it was a lifesaver in both the old house and the new one as we could take our time getting set-up and looking for a crib. DS outgrew the age requirement (3 mths) long before he outgrew the weight (6.8 kg. He was only 5.7 at 3 mths). I do have one cat and she loved to sleep in the p-n-p, despite the noise. I couldn't find a canopy to fit the bassinet so we just closed the door at night and naptime.

Good luck!