View Full Version : Does anyone know of a good place to buy My Dog Spot Sails the Seven Seas sheets & accessories?

02-05-2001, 01:16 PM
Now that my husband made the decision to buy the My Dog Spot Sails the Seven Seas crib set (I'm blaming it all on him), I'm searching for a reasonable place to buy extra sheets and some of the extras. Has anyone found a good place?

05-17-2001, 04:33 PM
We just decided on the Seven Seas crib set, too. I ordered the stuff from a store called Handcrafters in Livingston, NJ--the My Dog Spot web site (www.mydogspot4kids.com) lists suppliers by state and also gives a phone number if you want to contact them directly to ask about distributors. Since many of the Seven Seas accessories are in bold primary colors (the fitted sheet is bright yellow, the sail of the boat is red), we'll probably be doing our own thing with accents, especially since the MDS stuff is SO expensive (~$30-36 for a crib sheet)! For example, you can find flannel crib sheets in primary colors at the Company Store (companykids.com) and regular woven sheets at Land's End. The Company Store also had several rugs that would go well with the Seven Seas pattern--either yellow, red or blue area rugs and little throw rugs shaped like stars. They also had a little lamp with a red shade with little cut-out sailboats on it, for half the price of the official MDS sailboat lamp. Finally, we're planning to hunt down some unfinished furniture and lamp bases to paint in coordinating colors, although we may buy some of the MDS fabric to make curtains for Baby's room.

05-22-2001, 04:59 PM
Do you have any stores associated with the Baby Express network in your area? I saw the My Dog Spot Sails the Seven Seas and the My Dog Spot Plays with Color on display in one of their stores over the weekend. It was great to actually see it in person. They also seemed to be at a greater discount than the specialty stores...maybe because they are a chain. (The four piece My Dog Spot Plays with Color set was $309 - I'm not sure of the price on Sails the Deven Seas.)

02-08-2002, 08:57 PM
Now that I've used it for several months, I thought I'd post my review for other people to see. We bought My Dog Spot Sails the Seven Seas. It was beautiful! However, after 9 months of use I really wish I hadn't spent the money on it. Here's what we found:

1) Pali cribs have drawers so the dust ruffle can only be used until your bed needs to be lowered to the bottom rung (around 8 months)
2) After a zillion washings the sheet is still colorful and still very rough - I thought it would get softer, but it just didn't
3) The quilt was seriously impractical - it didn't even really work for lying the baby on the floor
4) The bumpers - Where do I start???!!?? - They were awful! Because the main part of the bumper covered 3 sides (including the 2 long sides of the crib) we couldn't tie it on AND slide the rail up and down when the mattress was up at the top. It was an either/or choice. Once we moved the mattress to the second level that worked fine but more trouble started. The baby managed to tug on it so hard that by the time she was 7 months old, she had managed to pop off 4 of the ties. Those things are not sewn on very well. We washed the bumper once and found that the ends of the ties unraveled horribly. Because the bumpers were so very padded, when she started standing up in the crib (8 months) she would stand on the bumper and be dangerously close to being able to get out of the crib. They had to go immediately.

So, at 8 months, we could no longer use any piece of the bedding set.

03-04-2002, 05:54 PM
hi there - don't know if you get the updates on email from Baby Bargains but they announced on Feb 26 that My Dog Spot has gone out of business. So, I would hustle and buy it online where you can find it...if you are still set on it!? Might be able to get a bargain on the set and extras, but it will probably get increasingly harder to find!