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05-20-2001, 07:14 AM
is anyone using these sheets? i love the additional safety, but it seems like they would be a huge pain to change, especially if the mattress was heavy (coil instead of foam). any comments? any thoughts on a really safe crib sheet that doesn't involve heavy lifting, sweating, and wrestling with a mattress?

see http://www.babysheets.com/ for info. on these sheets.

05-29-2001, 11:27 AM
I am very, very fond of our Ultimate Crib Sheets from www.basiccomfort.com/www.babyabby.com. We have coil mattresses (gift from my parents) that are heavy (we have twins) and these crib sheets have been back and time savers. I use the decorative (and skimpy!) sheet that came with our bedding set over the mattress, but put the Ultimate Crib Sheet on top of it. It has elastic straps that go around the crip rails (under the bumper pads if you're still using them). It's a thick product with a bit of padding and a waterproof layer under the sheet.

To further save my back, I put Kiddopotamus' Easy Change Crib Sheets on top of the Ultimate Crib Sheets. These are just flannel sheets that snap around the rails. Work kinda like a cozy topper. I just take off the flannel sheets when they get dirty, and when the Ultimate Crib Sheet gets dirty, I replace both layers. I rarely get down to the sheet on the mattress. UNFORTUNATELY, Kiddopotamus has stopped making their sheets. The only place I can currently find them is at cyberbabymall.com. They're on clearance and only come in pink.

I've never seen any safety ratings for these sheets, but I think they are quite safe. I like Kiddopotamus's elastic strap placement and double snaps better that Basic Comfort's. I've written Basic Comfort and asked them to change their strap placement and start making flannel topper sheets like Kiddopotomus's sheets for the sake of future moms! They've saved my sanity.


05-29-2001, 11:37 AM
Thanks for the information.

The Ultimate Crib Sheets are ones that I am actually considering. What is the difference between the Kiddopatums' sheets and the Ultimate Crib Sheet? Is the UCS waterproof and the Kid not waterproof? What are the differences in the snaps and elastic straps? I am concerned with our baby unsnapping the sheet and getting tangled in it. But, I am also wondering if an infant strong enough/agile enough to unsnap the sheets would be able to get untangled without harm.

Thanks for any additional help! This is a confusing time for a new parent!

05-29-2001, 07:03 PM
Hi Julie, Yes, the Ultimate Crib Sheets are waterproof. They have a woven top "sheet" layer, a middle "mattress pad" layer, and a bottom "waterproof" layer. The Kiddo sheets are just a layer of flannel fabric.

The UCS have six straps--three on each long side. The kiddo sheets also have six straps--one on each corner and one in the middle of each long side. Also, the kiddo sheets have two sets of snaps on each strap--double protection.

The ends of the UCS do tend to roll up slightly. If they had straps positioned on the corners, that would be prevented. It's not a major problem, but it does bug me a little. I still heartily recommend the product.

I think a kid would have to be pretty strong and coordinated to unsnap either sheet.

The UCS is only available in a white woven top fabric. That's why I liked the flannel kiddos--good for winter and for summer when the AC is turned on full blast. (And the kiddos keep the ends of the UCS down--aargh!)

Baby Abby has the cheapest prices I've seen for the UCS.

One other thing I like about the UCS is that it is comfortable for babies to lie on. We received Carter's waterproof mattress pads which are just vinyl on the outside. A woven sheet on top of that just isn't very comfortable--I'm sure it doesn't "breathe" at all. So if you decide to go another route than the UCP, make sure you get decent fabric-topped mattress pads!

Good luck! Jennifer

05-29-2001, 07:13 PM
thanks for the useful information. it really helps to hear from someone who is actually using the product. since you explained the slight negative of the ultimate crib sheets (rolling up slightly due to no corner straps), i can see where i could just get my mom (super-seamstress) to add corner straps (and double snaps to all the straps) to account for that--if i felt it was needed for safety reasons.

i think that i will just pick out some nice sheets (but not the safety sheet that goes on like a pillowcase--too much trouble) and use the ultimate crib sheet on top of it. that combo should be safe and really useful. thanks a lot for your help!