View Full Version : WOW!!!! Just went crib bedding shopping...need to throw up!!

10-06-2001, 05:44 PM
Hi everyone...
I'm expecting in three months and my grandmother will be helping me with the purchase of my first child's bedding set. Not particulary thrilled with the selection at Babies R Us, and my mom suggested I see the beautiful selections at Bellini and Buy Buy Baby! WOW!!!! 995, 795 and 699 bucks for a 4 piece crib bedding set!!!!!!!????? Mind you, they are gorgeous but I need to get real!
Does anyone know where to find some of these sets @ Bellini and Buy Buy Baby at a more inexpensive price? Am I dreaming? LOVED a pattern called "I Like Mike" and "I Love Lucy"...but they are about 600 bucks!! I love those quilt and ribbon sets though but don't feel the need to spend all that money (as much as I would love to on my little princess!). any websites or stores with that kind of bedding--quilting and ribbons? Help!!! I have the urge to splurge and will not give in!!!