View Full Version : Last Chance: Laura Ashley Outlet in VA is Closing

01-22-2002, 10:18 AM
Just a note for anyone in the DC area-- the Laura Ashley outlet at Potomac Mills is closing! We were there yesterday and there is not much left-- but it's mostly 70% off or more. We got a yellow gingham crib bumper for $36 (reg. $125) and a tortoise and hare dust ruffle for $9 (reg $30). They had a couple tables of other assorted crib bedding items but not much that matched. They did have at the front of the store quite a few 4-piece crib sets for $27 (70% off the $90 price)-- they were a multicolored balloon-like pattern. Things were going fast (we wished we'd known sooner that it was closing)-- the saleswoman said that Laura Ashley is closing 15 stores and this is one of them. There aren't any other outlets though!