View Full Version : Bassinet Sheets for Badger Basket Jumbo?

03-11-2002, 03:57 PM
Hi - We purchased a Badger Basket Jumbo bassinet and are very happy with it, but I would like to get a few extra bassinet sheets for it. We got a bedding set with it, so we have one white sheet, but I'd like a few more (less washing!)

The mattress measures 16" wide and 30" long which seems so close to the regular size bassinet sheets (ABC makes percale bassinet sheets that are for standards that are 15" wide and 33" long - do you think these won't be wide enough or would work b/c they have all around elastic?)

Anyone out there have suggestions on who makes them & any experience with them?


03-12-2002, 02:05 PM
I have what I'm pretty sure is the Badger jumbo bassinet (bought it used). I have ABC flannel sheets that I bought off the internet, and they fit the pad just fine.