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05-13-2002, 12:24 PM
I am confused about what I need for the crib - I know there are waterproof mattress pads, vinyl mattress covers, waterproof crib pads, crib sheets and the "ultimate crib sheet." Do people use all of these items or are any redundant? What order do they go in? Am I missing anything? Thanks for your help!

05-13-2002, 02:11 PM
Honestly I used a mattress pad and regular crib sheets and was fine with this. I used a bumper til both my kids reached about 7-8 months and took them out. I also used sheet savers when they were small. They were made by NoJo(this is going back quite a few years!) and you tied them to the crib like a bumper but they laid on top of the sheet. It was an extra protection for your sheet from spitting up and wetting. It wasn't very big though. I would just put it where I laid the baby down, right where their face would be(back when we put them on their tummies!). I don't know if they even make them anymore. Like I said, this goes back about 11 years! Some babies like to pull sheets off and they can become entangled. Mine didn't. I always used quality sheets that fit the mattress very well. So, they were even a bit tough for me to change sometimes! Have never used the "ultimate crib sheet" so I am not sure about that one.


05-13-2002, 06:05 PM
They do still make sheet savers that tie to the rails of the crib. I just bought some. I've also seen people use lap pads, etc. when babies are too small to turn over.

I chose to get a waterproof mattress pad from Land's End even though the mattress is supposed to be waterproof. I figure it's much less expensive to wash and even replace a pad than to risk the mattress getting damaged.

05-13-2002, 08:23 PM
Here's what I did.

I got two mattress pads that just lay on top of the mattress itself. They are vinyl on one side (I out this side to the mattress--it doesn't slip then) and flannel on the other. I got them at BRU. They are the same size as the mattress. I got two so that I could wash one and still have one on the crib. I didn't see the need for a mattress pad cover like you would have on your own bed--too much padding and two expensive.

I actually have four flannel sheets, although I don't know if I've ever needed that many. Maybe in the beginning. Again, you will need at least two so that when one is in the wash, one is on the crib.

I also had four sheet savers that I used in the beginning, before my son was rolling around all over the crib. These were nice because if he spit up pretty badly I didn't have to take everything off of the crib, just change the sheet saver. They won't really help against leaky diapers, because they aren't actually waterproof. But they are good for the spitting up.

I think that's it.

05-13-2002, 11:21 PM
I was given a crib/mattress (only a few years old, and really not used), so I was not sure about how waterproof the mattress might be, I just assumed it wasn't. So I got one of those mattress pads that is a regular pad on top, and lined with vinyl on the under side. Boy was that a waste of money. The FIRST TIME I washed it, the vinyl tore in many places. Little tears, but if that's just from one washing, then watch out! So I got the vinyl mattress cover (the one that just covers the entire mattress like a bag), and a regular mattress pad, and have been very happy with this solution. I, also, used those waterproof crib pads (some big, some medium) when my son wasn't moving around much and was spitting up all the time (they go on top of the crib sheet, so you don't have to change the whole sheet, just the pad). That made things a bit easier. I only have 2 crib sheets, and seem to get along with that just fine. There are times a third might be handy, but for the most part, it's just fluff. I do want a second mattress pad at times, though. To protect your mattress, though, you don't need to be redundant. Just one "waterproofing" layer is fine, whether that be the mattress itself or a mattress covering.

I never used bumper pads... I wouldn't waste your money on them. My son did get his leg stuck through the rails once (and only once), but I have a feeling that bumper pads might not have prevented that.

The "ultimate crib sheet" just was too expensive for me, I didn't even try it.

I'm moving my son to a toddler bed (another gift, God just keeps providing for this child!) this summer as we have another baby due in October, so I'll be buying another setup like I have on the crib.

Hope this helps!

05-21-2002, 09:02 PM
I used a waterproof mattress pad, then put a waterproof pad that just laid on top (carter's makes some nice ones, i just don't put them in the dryer), then used a sheet..... The point of doing this, which was a suggestion from my cousin.... if the baby wets through the sheet, you only have to remove the sheet and the pad, leaving the regular mattress pad, therefore making it easier to change, especially if in the middle of the night...which isn't a bad idea if your baby wets/spits up a lot.

Well, don't do that anymore! My daughter is 10 months now, and she actually never really spit up/wet in her crib (ok, I know, I'm spoiled). So now I just throw the sheet over the mattress and that's it! It's actually easier to put the sheet on and I feel like it goes on snugger. If there comes a time that she needs a pad again, I would probably just use a regular pad (one that doesn't all around the mattress).

I did use the NoJo sheet savers when she was tiny, but not anymore.

For my bedding, I bought a great set, by Pine Creek Bedding. I went for the skirt and bumper and plan on taking out the bumper when she starts standing. I feel better using a bumper, but i'm sure it's fine if you don't have one. I just made sure it had ties on top and bottom and they weren't too long. I also double knot the ties rather than bows, my husband recently lowered the mattress for me and retied using bows, and she was able to pull it off!

My best suggestion would be to buy/register for what you think you might like to try. You should have duplicates of what you want, but only open ONE of each, so if you don't like it, you can return the others. I did this and actually returned some stuff I didn't think I would need and got other things I did. (I think I had 3-4 matress pads, and returned 2, same w/ some sheets, etc.). HTH :-)

05-22-2002, 01:40 PM
Go for the "Ultimate Crib Sheet"! It is great and worth every penny to me. I actually have a waterproof mattress pad and then a cute fitted sheet on the mattress. Then I put the Ultimate crib sheet on top of that. This might sound like a lot but here is my theory: If the baby wets the sheet at night I only have to take off the Ultimate crib sheet and voila...another set of clean sheets is waiting underneath! I have two Ultimate Crib Sheets so there can always be one on the bed even when I have to wash one. If you only use the Ultimate Crib sheet(which you can do), it is not very cute from the side-just a naked mattress. The Ultimate Crib sheet is so easy to take on and off and holds up really well in the wash. I highly recommend it!

We also used the sheet protector when he was very little and spit up a lot. Later, he started getting a little curious and tangled in it so I quit at that point.