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07-29-2002, 07:06 PM
Hi, everyone! For those of you who have decided not to use a bumper and/or dust ruffle, does the crib look "naked"? I know from reading the Baby Bargains Book, and another book that these are optional items, and that I am being pulled in by all the cute designs out there. We are on a strict budget. We did invest in a nice stroller (a 2001 Peg Perego Venezia on clearance), a changing table (to save my back!), and want to invest in high quality sheets for the crib mattress (I am looking at getting the Carter's sheets-which are relatively inexpensive-recommended by another poster on this forum, along with the Stay-Put sheets or Lands' End sheets

Any ideas or opinions on purchasing a crib bedding set? Or on decorating the room so the crib doesn't look so bare?

Thanks so much!

Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and baby boy on the way (9/30/02)

NY Mom
07-29-2002, 08:32 PM

I think it a crib without a bumper and dust ruffle does look bare. But you can do it on a budget. Also, your little one will bump his/her head on the side of the crib without the bumper!
I ended up getting my daughters crib set on Ebay. I was also going to look at Martha Stewart's stuff at K-Mart or Target.
I opted not to go with the "designer" look like I did with my son (i.e. Winnie the Pooh). I did my daughter's room in pink gingham and picked up pieces here and there on sale, clearance, etc.
Another thought, try gargage sales. I recently picked up two pink valance curtains for $1/both.

Good luck!

07-29-2002, 09:50 PM
I second the Ebay option - I just picked up a Classic Pooh set for under $40.00. I already bought the comforter when TJMaxx was selling them a year ago and found the bumpers and bedskirt on Ebay, as well as one of the wallhangings. I've also found lots of little items for the Pooh theme and I don't think I've spent $200 yet - and I'm almost completely done. It's risky when you're working with a set theme and buying pieces separately, but as long as you're patient, and you're not looking for something obscure, you should be okay.

EDD February 28, 2003

07-29-2002, 11:42 PM
I opted for no bumper, although I did have a crib skirt (given to us) which helps the "naked" look. But the skirt had to come off when the mattress was lowered, so now I really have the "naked" look!

The thing to think about (especially being on a tight budget, which I know all about) is... who really cares? The baby? Certainly not. Dad? I highly doubt it. It's really you that you are decorating for. And, really, you can spend your money on much better and more useful things (like the sheets). I'm guessing you'll receive (or have received) many baby blankets already. Just use those for warmth. You won't need a special coordinated set. I got a couple of those wall "cling" sets (transportation, and alphabet) and stuck those on the walls in my son's room, and that was plenty of decorating for me. Believe me, you won't miss it if you don't buy a bedding set. All it adds is a little aesthetics. And really, if you've got a nice looking crib, that's enough IMO. My advice is, don't bother buying a bedding set. Decorate in other ways.

07-30-2002, 02:40 PM
Hi, Ladies!

Thanks for the advice. I have been on the ebay boards and seen some good prices on dust ruffles and bumpers from Pottery Barn. I am still undecided about whether to use the bumper and/or dust ruffle. Luvbeinmama, you are right about DH not caring if the room is decorated or not - he just tells me to get what I want (within reason!). We did the bumper and dust ruffle from Carter's with DD (now 6 years old) and they have not lasted. They were pretty cheaply made, but we didn't feel like we could ask someone to pay $200-$300 for a bedding set for us at the time.

Thank you again for the advice!


07-30-2002, 03:39 PM
Have you tried places like Big Lots, Value City, TJ Max? My Big Lots had a trendy sage (i.e. ugly green)Teddy bear bumper and a very cute Looney Tunes bumper each for $4.00. If I buy plain pastel cribs sheets and make,buy or cut down a twin size dust ruffle in pastels, it will all match. Also the BRU had some sets that were on clearance for $50.00.


07-30-2002, 08:13 PM
I agree. And you can't use the bumper once they can stand, so you're going to have the naked crib look eventually anyway. We used a bumper in my son's bed, which was the most expensive part of the crib bedding, but he slept in a bassinet in our room for the first 3 months and then only kept his bumper until about 9 months. What a waste! Since they don't recommend them now anyway, I skipped it altogether for baby #2's bedding. Saved me quite a bit on bedding since I only had to buy skirt and sheets!

07-30-2002, 08:40 PM
I know what you mean about the whole bumber vs just sheet question. We didn't get a crib until our son was 6 months old so I really didn't want to spend a lot on the bumber. We got a packages set of Martha Stewart Baby Baby that came with an all cotton sheet, Bumber and quilt for $14.99. It was originally $39.95, but was on sale. It is plain blue on one side and cream on the other. It actually matches the room great. We have decorated with Peter Rabbit accessories. I use the quilt for tummy time since it is too fluffy for the crib.

Just my 2 cents!
Gail (mom of Jack 1-16-02)

07-31-2002, 12:01 PM
I also did the eBay thing (before we were even "thinking" about kids) and got the Boynton crib set (barnyard animals--now long discontinued) that I'd liked/wanted for a few years since I saw it in the Penney's catalog. I paid about $60 for the skirt, pads, quilt, diaper stacker, and pillow. The quilt is on the floor of his playden. The pillow's on the floor in his room--for Mom. The bumpers were on the crib unti he was about 9 months old (he didn't try to climb much). Now all that's on the crib is the skirt--blue and white check, so you can't even tell that it belongs to a particular set. We do have the Lands' End flannel sheets that have little animals all over, so at least that's something. Now that Evan sleeps with a ton of stuffed animals, the crib doesn't look bare--until he dumps them all on the floor! LOL! Do whatever makes you happy. If I had it to do over again, I'm not sure what I'd do. But I didn't want to spend too much on the bedding so that I could spend more money on other things.

Oh, here's one "inexpensive" way to decorate the walls. JoAnn Fabrics sells wooden letters that are about 7" high (?) for about $2.50 each. They often go on sale for less. Anyway, I bought E-V-A-N and painted each one a different, bright color (if you don't have some acrylic paints around, you can get those cheap at JoAnn's, too). Then I nailed some tiny d-rings from the hardware store on each one, and hung them on the wall. Of course I originally put them too close to Evan's crib, and eventually he could reach the "E." I haven't gotten around to finding a new place to hang them yet.

Also, if you haven't painted the nursery yet, consider something more "creative" there. I painted the bottom 36"-40" of the walls a dark green (Martha Stewart's Faser Fir, I think) and the rest of the walls and ceiling a light blue (MS's Delphinium?). Obviously we're going for grass and sky here--I made it wavy, like rolling hills, where the two paints meet. Someday I will get around to adding the white, fluffy clouds. On a tiny strip of wall between the closet and the door to the room, I painted some Boynton animals (that I traced from a piece of wallpaper border that matches the bedding--also an eBay find, but not enough to cover more than one wall of the room, so I didn't use it). I still have to outline those with a black paint pen.


07-31-2002, 11:25 PM

Thank you SO much for your suggestions!!

I will continue to check out ebay, as well as go to TJMaxx, Marshall's, Big Lots, etc. I am STILL trying to decide on the whole bumper/dust ruffle thing. My mom was mortified when I told her I may not use a bumper pad, even when I explained they were now considered an optional accessory! After thinking about it, I can't really do an entire 4-6 piece bedding set, especially a set with a lot of patterns, because the room is small and will have a twin bed, a crib, a glider rocker, and a changing table in it. I may just do the "half-naked" crib - just the dust ruffle and sheets.

I really need a simple room and would like to paint it a very soft baby blue accented possibly with yellow sponge painted stars. Do you know of any brands of linens (besides Lands' End or Pottery Barn Kids) that sell bedding items individually? Also, if I do use the bumper, what brands out there have ties on the top and bottom? I don't sew and really don't want to have to worry about that. For those of you who have found items on ebay and at discount stores, how did they hold up when washed and through everyday use?

Sue, thanks for the idea about the letters. I may just have to go with the baby's initials, because we are thinking of naming him Cameron and that may run into too much money!!LOL

Thank you for all of the previous posts, and for any help you can give me in answering the questions in this post. You are all great!!

Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and baby boy on the way (9/30/02)

08-01-2002, 12:23 AM
I like your idea for the walls, and with so much furniture in a small room, I would definitely go with dust ruffle & sheets. I think The Company Store also sells items individually, but I don't know how much crib stuff they have. LOL at your mom's reaction. A lot of people think the same way. I never considered it an issue, and never re-considered my decision. I remember when DS was scooting up in the bed, I would start him at the bottom, so he wouldn't get all the way to the other end before waking up. He actually got a leg stuck through the rail once during his really active phase, but he was not hurt and he never did it again! Now at 2 1/2, he's pretty calmed down about how he sleeps, which is great since I'm moving him to a bed next month!

08-01-2002, 02:48 PM
Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in about decorating. When I did our nursery a couple years ago I too wanted something simple but also non-gender specific so that I don't have to redo the nursery for each child we have. I am also not a big fan of themes as a lot of them are trendy and may seem outdated after a bit of time. Our nursery is very small, so pretty much all walls are covered with either furniture or doors - too much decoration would have been wasted in it. I painted the walls a solid color (in my case a cream color) and bought little wooden stars and hearts from a craft store in various sizes (2 sizes of each type). I painted the wooden pieces various pastel colors and then created a border near the ceiling with them (2 rows, staggered, varying the colors, shapes and sizes). I used double-stick foam tape to hold them up there (and they are UP there - I'm afraid they'll rip the plaster off when I decide to take them down! :)). Anyway, it was kind of a pain (painting all the pieces, laying out the design on the walls, etc.) but the 3-D effect is really cool. It really didn't take that much time and I'm very glad I chose to do it rather than a wallpaper border. One of my girlfriends did the same thing with little wooden leaves in her dining room. Just another idea for you. Best wishes...


Tondi G
08-01-2002, 08:08 PM
I felt the same way when we were looking to decorate the nursery... I didn't have a theme really so we painted the walls a tan color... called Beach (Behr~Home Depot) and the mouldings and floor boards Crisp white and then painted the ceiling Blue (never got around to either stars or clouds... hehe!) But it is a very nice neutral calming color combo! I ended up finding an older pattern "seahorses" quilted crib bumper from Potery Barn Kids on E-bay and I payed less than 40 dollars for it... by the way their bumpers are very thin and have top and bottom ties ( a friend has a really thick (designer)bumper and it used to scare me!). I then bought some awful knit Gerber sheets... and eventually happened into a PB Kids store and found some adorable sheets that were on sale for 15 dollars or less... bought 2 and have been using them and just rotating when one was in the wash.... they have held up great!!!! I had originally planned to get a crib skirt... and I'm glad that I never did cause once my son moved into his crib after being in our room we had to lower the mattress and a skirt would have interfeered with our drawer under the crib and we probably would have taken it off! If your crib has a drawer you may want to opt for a bumper instead of a skirt! We got a dresser and a nice tall book shelf (from IKEA)that matched our natural wood crib perfectly... the Bookshelf is ancored to the wall of course (you might want to look into one...they get lots of toys and books!!!) and we re-framed some pictures, in a light wood to match the furniture, that I had in my room as a child (my mom still had them!) and got a blue rag rug (also from IKEA) and the room was perfect not over done and didn't scream baby either! Either way check out E-bay... many items are brand new in the packaging and great prices!!!! Good Luck!


08-01-2002, 11:08 PM
Now here is my 2cents about decorating. FOr my son's room I wanted to do a sports theme, so I got baseball pennents and hung them on the wall. On the two shelves inhis room I put baseball hats. Target sells wall decals with baseballs, footballs, basketballs and stars. Target also sells drawer knobs that are baseballs, soccerballs, footballs, amd basketballs. It looks real cute. I got a denim dust ruffle and a crib sheet and bumper from BRU that has sports theme on it.

08-02-2002, 05:48 AM
Oh, I forgot about the drawer knobs! I got (now discontinued, of course) pig and cow drawer knobs from Target for the dresser. Since I had 16 knobs and didn't want to spend that much money, I only bought two of each design and put them on the four small drawers along the top of the dresser. The rest I painted in bright colors.

Target has a line of kid's bedding/furnishings right now that has stars and moons. It's probably intended for girls, but if you just buy the knobs or the wall decorations I would think it wouldn't look too "out of place." The little shelf and bookends are kind of cute, too. Here's the link:


Right now you can get a Lands' End Flannel Crib Skirt on clearance for $14.00 in Sunlight (might go with those yellow stars on the walls).

http://www.landsend.com/cd/ov/prod/0,1467,2_17273_17280_18061_69335_47782_,00.html?si d=4222038068492102740

And Lands' End has flannel crib sheets with Stars and Moons on them. They're 2 for $34.00 right now--a little on the "high" side, but you might get lucky when they come out with their next pattern (not sure when that might be) and get these on clearance before baby's due. That's how I got my "Quack! Oink! Moo!" sheets--when they went on clearance.


Which looks a lot like the Pottery Barn stuff:


Oh, I found this crib skirt on sale $15.99--it sort of goes with your "theme." You could just solid sheets to go with it. Of course they don't have the matching bumper anymore.


And of course Company Kids (The Company Store) has the really cute, but somewhat expensive, IMO) "Wish Upon a Star" quilt and bumper. (But they don't seem to have the sheets pictured in a crib/toddler size.)

http://www.thecompanystore.com/index.asp?xt%5Fparent%5Fchild=true&product=CG83x&dept%5Fid=1540&meta%5Ftitle=The+Company+Store+%2D+KIDS%2FIBed%2DF or+All+%2D+Wish+Upon+a+Star+Quilt&meta%5FDescription=KIDS%2FIBed%2DBoys&meta%5FKeywords=KIDS%2FIBed%2DBoys

Okay, I'll stop now! But I can't help myslef....:-)

08-02-2002, 10:37 AM
These ideas are terrific! Thank you so much for all the decorating tips. Sue B. thanks for all the links in your post. I checked them all out - I agree that the Company Store is a little too pricey for me. I obviously have not looked around enough at Target - I haven't seen any of the things that you all have mentioned. Of course, I haven't been able to do too much looking around - DH travels a lot and I have been trying to get DD ready to start kindergarten.

I went to BRU today after my dr.'s appointment and looked at some of the bedding sets, but they were a little too pricey. The cheaper ones did not look well made. DH wants to go with the "naked" crib look and invest in the Lands' End sheets or the Stay-Put sheets and decorate with paint and a window treatment. At this point, I am inclined to agree with him, especially since he found out yesterday that the job transfer we thought was going to happen this summer (but fell through), may happen this fall or winter (I have already told him that I am NOT moving until after the baby is born!).

Sue, I did order the Lands' End coverlet in white flannel that was on clearance for $12.50 and it came on Wednesday. I really like it, but it is SO big, that I can't use it for the baby right now. I had ordered the Sunlight cotton coverlet (also on clearance), but they were all out of it. I will keep checking the site for other clearance items.

I probably need to make a trip to the PBK outlet about an hour from me, but I just don't feel like driving!! Ebay is just so much easier!

Thank you everyone for all the ideas, opinions, suggestions. You are really helping me out a lot, and I appreciate it!

Toni -mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and baby boy on the way (9/30/02)

08-03-2002, 09:41 AM
The Target stuff is by the kids furniture, of course. Which means in our Target it's tucked in a corner in the back next to the bathroom storage cabinets, toiler paper holders, and light bulbs.

I just thought of another thing I did. I had an "old" smallish brass lamp that was in very good condition, but had just a plain beige pleated shade. Not very exciting for a kid's room, and I didn't want to spend the high prices for a lmap that "matched" the nursery. So I got a lamp shade at JoAnn's (yes, I shop there a lot--have to support the quilting habit!), on sale, that has adhesive on the outside. You buy your own fabric--I picked out something from the calico wall that had "cartoony" country cows on it (cuter than it may sound), cut it using the pattern provided with the shade, and smooth it on to the adhesive on the shade. You can also add ribbon or trims if you want to get fancier. I think I just used a white "tacky" craft glue to attach the fabric to the inside (after you wrap it around the edges). I didn't think a gluegun would work too well.

Another thing I've used (but not in the nursery--not enough wall space since it's on the second floor of a Cape Cod) that I really like are these quilt hangers:


Yes, that's my review on the site. :-) You can paint them to match the theme of your quilt. Or stain them to match your woodwork.

If you have a JoAnn's nearby, sign up for their mailing list (the snail mail kind) and they'll send you flyers every few weeks. They often have coupons for 50% off the regular price of one item. That's what I use to buy the quilt hangers (which normally sell for $9.99 around here). And you'll know when the other stuff goes on sale as well--or you can read their flyers online I think.

I think that's all the ideas I have for today! LOL! :-)

P.S. The wood letters are currently 25% off and acrylic paints are $0.79 each at JoAnn's through next Saturday, I think.

08-03-2002, 10:51 AM

Thanks for the idea about the lamp. I have a white lamp that would be great, but is boring. I'll have to look for that lamp shade. We do have JoAnn's near us. It is the JoAnn's ETC, which is HUGE. A lot bigger than the JoAnn's fabric stores.

I was up very late last night (until 3:00 a.m. - indigestion and heartburn - gotta love it!). Anyway, I thought I could spend my time wisely on ebay. I saw a Boynton Farmyard Animal crib set up for auction. Is that yours, or just a coincidence? It is so cute! Or was that luvbeinmama who had the Boynton crib set?

DD wants to do the baby's room in periwinkle. I have told her that that is a difficult color to find in baby linens. I did see a blue gingham Pottery Barn Kids bumper that reverses to chambray on ebay for a good price, as well as solid blue chambray or blue gingham crib skirts. I could probably get the bumper and crib skirt with S/H for about $60.00. Considering that I went to the PBK store (not the outlet!) when I found out we were having a boy and spent over $200.00 for a complete crib set, I think that is a pretty good deal (I made my husband return all of it!).

I am glad to see the letters on sale, but at this point, we are still undecided on a name. Maybe we could go ahead and get the middle and last initials - it's the first name we can't decide on!

By the way, I am in love with the Barnyard print at Lands' End. Love, love, love it! Unfortunately, the set would be more than what we want to spend.

Thank you so much for your decorating and crafting ideas. I am one of those decorating/crafting challenged people who needs help for new ideas, etc.


08-05-2002, 03:19 PM

Thanks for the picture of Evan's room. It is adorable! Where did you find the dresser? I looked for a dresser that could double as a changing table and could not find one. We went ahead and got a regular changing table in a natural wood tone (our crib is white, but I have a friend who used her changing table in the play room to store toys, books, etc. in plastic bins - our wood furniture in other parts of the house are natural/light wood). Also, was your armoire an unfinished piece of furniture, or did you get an older armoire and refurbish it with paint?


DH has now decided that we need a bumper, because the crib just won't look right without one. He could care less about the dust ruffle. He thought about this after we were in the Pottery Barn Kids store on Saturday. I now want to just do the dust ruffle or have the naked crib look and get some really cool/safe sheets (like the Stay put, baby-be-safe sheets or maybe the Lands' End barnyard sheets that I love? My only concern is that Lands' End scored so poorly on the Good Housekeeping pull test!). Of course, I will change my mind again about all this as soon as this message is posted. Did any of you change your mind about everything several times during your pregnancies? I just can't bring myself to spend $40-$60 for a bumper that I know will probably have to be removed 6 months after I put it in!

Anyway, thanks to you all for your help. Like I said in another post on the Gerber vs. Carters sheets, I know I am being paranoid, but this information was just not out there when my DD was born. I am surprised she survived infanthood with all the mistakes I made!

Thanks again!


08-05-2002, 04:45 PM

If you love the Lands' End sheets, but end up having a problem with them, send them back! Don't they have a 100% satisfaction return policy?

And on bumpers, I found an adorable on for $25 at the Company Store outlet. Do you have any outlet malls/stores near you? I wasn't going to buy one either until I found this one, it is adorable and was half off of the catalog price (brand new, nothing wrong with it).

due 10/12 w/ #1

NY Mom
08-05-2002, 04:58 PM
These ideas are great.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post, if you have any 2nd hand baby shops around, they are great for some things like the bumper.

I'm hitting up one tomorrow in hopes of a changing table cover pad.

Also, try LandsEnd.com and look in the clearance section

08-05-2002, 06:38 PM
Grace and Lori,

You're right! I do need to check out the outlets and 2nd hand baby shops. I need to add that to the other places that some of the other ladies have told me about (i.e., TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc.). It's just so hard to get motivated to go out to all these stores in the heat. Ebay is SO much easier, but I usually like to see the item I am interested in before I buy it. Also, with ebay, there are no returns! Considering how many returns I have made to Pottery Barn Kids and Babies R Us, due to me changing my mind so much, I probably don't need to go the ebay route!!LOL.

Lori, you are right about Lands' End. They do have a guarantee that if you are EVER dissatisfied with a product, they will take it back. My pregnant brain just does not process or remember things very well right now!

Thank you for posting!


08-06-2002, 12:23 PM
The dresser was my brother's, so it's older than I am, I think. But it was originally unfinished and my dad had stained it a dark walnut--the thing to do in the early 60's. When my younger brother decided to buy a new dresser, we said we would take the old one. My dad sanded it down again and primed and painted it. The blue is the same color as the walls. The green was a quart that I bought thinking I would use it on the walls before I decided to go with a darker shade on the walls.

The armoire we got at Ames (using a 30% off coupon). It was also unfinished, so we(I) decided to prime and paint it to match the dresser. I still have to finish the doors on it. I want to do the panels in bright primaries and then either trace cars/trucks etc. on to them or use the decals I got at Target. Maybe that's what I should be working on instead of typing at the computer! LOL!

My Lands' End sheets are a little loose, but I was never concerned about them as far as safety. I have two of the flannel Carter's sheets, but they're just a solid blue and I haven't used them since the bumper came out (guess I'm afraid of the "naked crib" look after all).

08-09-2002, 02:42 PM

Hi, Ladies!

I think we have reached a decision regarding the crib and decorating the room. We found in our attic a crib set (comforter, bumper, and sheet) that my mom had on a crib she kept at her house for the grandchildren to sleep in. She got rid of the crib, thinking everyone was done having children, and gave us the crib set to sell in a yard sale. We never had the yard sale, so the set was just stored in the attic, and totally forgotten about until last night! It is a cheaper set, but at least I won't feel guilty when I have to take the bumper out! And it fits my budget - FREE!! The set is a white background with circus animals and teddy bears dressed as clowns and stars in chambray blue, yellow, red, green , and black. We are cleaning out the spare bedroom now for the baby. It was DH's office (he works out of the house when he is not travelling). When we looked under the twin bed in the room, we found a set of curtains the previous owners left. The curtains are white with yellow stars wtih "ribbons" of color coming off of them in red, blue, and green. How great is that? Now all I have to do is get those good quality sheets that I have been wanting.

For the walls, we are going with a light blue and DH and DD like the idea that I posted earlier about sponge painting yellow stars on the wall. That may be too much with the print on the curtains and the crib set, so we'll see. I will definitely get my baby blue walls though!!

Thank you all so much for your ideas and opinions. You have all really helped a lot, and I appreciate the time you took to post.

Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and baby boy on the way (9/30/02)

08-09-2002, 09:36 PM
FREE is always great!

Maybe you could just do one or two stars near the crib area and maybe a little larger and match the pattern on the drapes if that seems to make sense. Sort of like the stars are shooting out of or over the crib or something? Or try painting a border of smaller stars near the ceiling (or maybe just above crib height) matching the colors on the crib set.

You know me. I'm just full of ideas! ;-)

08-09-2002, 10:32 PM

I am thinking of just doing the stars around the window frame, or a row of stars close to the ceiling all around the room or right above the chair rail. My initial idea (when we were going to have nothing but crib sheets) was to have stars all over the top half of the wall all around the room. Now that the room is getting cleared out, it is a little easier to see and imagine where things will go and how we might decorate. Having DH's work things in here did not help the creative process (he sells industrial equipment for a manufacturer). He has done an awesome job though with everything we've had to do to get ready for the baby, so I can't complain!

I am still going to go to JoAnn's ETC and look for that lamp shade you told me about and look at fabric too. My mom is coming next week to help me get a few final things that I need and I am going to let DH take DD to a birthday party. That way, I can shop without the usual "Can we go now?" - this is from both DH and DD!LOL.

By the way, are you still using the Lands' End do-it-all exclusively as your diaper bag? You had posted that it was the only diaper bag you used on my question about the best diaper bags on the stroller/diaper bag board. I was wondering if it still was your exclusive diaper bag, or if you had downsized now that Evan is older. I am still debating on what to get. I got the Lands End Little tripper, the avent carryall bag, and a cheap baby backpack on clearance from BRU (for $13.98! It is soft and has some pockets and tons of room). I really can't and don't need to keep them all, even though it would be nice to have a diaper bag wardrobe!! Let me know when you get a chance! I am interested in getting the Combi traditional bag as my all day out/possibly everyday bag, as well as the do-it-all. A lot of people on these boards don't like the do-it-all for everyday use, because it is too bulky.

Thanks for the ideas!


08-10-2002, 10:06 PM
I guess it's a little bulky (the Do-It-All), but I use it as my everyday diaper bag. If I/we take Evan shopping, I/we just throw the bag in the shopping cart. If we have the stroller, it goes in the basket underneath. I suppose I've gotten use to it, and don't mind lugging it out of the basket when I need it. (I have a Graco Coachrider "Monster" Stroller--yes, I was one of those first-time parents who was told to get a travel system--and I have a Combi Convenience Stroller, so the baskets are big enough to hold the bag. Although I swear the basket on my replacement Combi is smaller than the old one?!? Or so it seemed yesterday when I tried putting the diaper bag in for what I think was the first time with that one. I know when we took the old one to Disney World, I had the diaper bag and a few light jackets stuffed in there. Oh, well.).

I have the Little Tripper, but never use it. It was a shower gift. I've taken it to Gymboree class a couple times. Maybe I wish it had one more pocket or a place for a sippy cup. Usually if we're going somewhere I need a day's worth of diapers and/or sippy cups and a bib (Maws plastic with the "scoop"), so I like having room to stuff everything, plus a change of clothes (or PJ's--we go to my mom's every Saturday night for dinner. Just got back. And we put Evan in his PJ's before we leave so we don't wake him once we're home--a 25 minute drive). I don't need a "stylish" bag, so I haven't invested in one. I like all the pockets. I like to keep the diaper supplies separate from the food and clean clothes. I think I just have spare rolls of film in the parent's pocket right now. I still carry my purse. The few times I've tried to take stuff out of my bag and put it in the diaper bag, I've forgotten to transfer it back. I should mention that right now my "purse" is a bag that I got a few years ago from Eddie Bauer and doesn't look anything like a purse. ;-) I've been good and haven't started a diaper bag "collection."

One last note, the Do-It-All can get heavy if you have to carry it for long periods. But like I said I try to put it in to something with wheels rather than carry it.

Best of luck! And I want to see pictures of this nursery when it's done. :-) ;-) If I get around to it, I'll try to take a picture of Evan's room once I get the letters back on the wall. The armoire is finally done (except for the "tough-ups" to the paint here and there, but I won't get to that anytime soon. I was too busy painting the hallway/stairs yesterday.)

Oh, and I totally understand about leaving everyone at home when you go to JoAnn's! I went today while DH was at home (and Evan was napping). Of course I go in for one or two things and come out with MANY more than that! LOL! I can never just run in and pick up the one thing I want--I have to look through the whole store! So many projects....so little time....

P.S. I keep trying to find the lampshades on their site, but all I can find is this project that mentions them. http://www.joann.com/content/projects/projectsDisplay.jhtml?articlePath=%2Fcontent%2Fpro jects%2Fstatic%2Fnew%2Fhollywood_lampshades.html I kind of like the cording in the picture. Maybe that's what I should have used instead of the eyelet trim I had on hand. DH doesn't like the eyelet.

Have fun!!!

08-10-2002, 11:41 PM
Thanks for the quick reply about the diaper bag. I will probably order the do-it-all and try it out. I can always send it back if it does not work.

Thanks for the link to JoAnn's about the lampshade. I love the cording too. It's a great idea to add a little "designer" touch. I don't understand why your DH doesn't like eyelet (LOL).

My neighbor is a professional house painter and he is supposed to loan me his color wheel. He uses Duron paint and said that he has painted "Milano Blue" in several clients' baby's rooms. I can't wait to see the color. Oh, the glider rocker we had for DD is white with a blue chambray velour/chenille type upholstery on the cushions. So, everything seems to be coming together nicely, which is a good thing since Monday will begin my 33rd week!!

The only problem with getting pictures to post is that we don't have a digital camera. I told my DH we need to get one. My brother has a digital video recorder, which takes still shots (I think). I am so computer illiterate that I am clueless with all that stuff.

Anyway, if we do get a digital camera (or my neighbor lets us use his), I will definitely post the pictures.

I'll let you know if I find the lampshade and some fabric.

Thanks bunches!


NY Mom
08-11-2002, 11:27 AM
This may be off topic a little, but not really. I would LOVE to see pics of what all of you have done to your nurseries. I have a digital camera so when I get a few moments I'll post pics of DD's and DS's bedrooms I did using mostly stuff bought on Ebay.

Mom to Kevin 4/27/00 and Angela 2/2/02

08-12-2002, 11:21 AM

That's a terrific idea. I would love to see what others have done with their nurseries. A picture is worth a thousand words. Did you see Sue's nursery? She had an attachment on one of her earlier posts.

I wonder if we need to start a new post with pictures, or just keep adding to this post. Anyway, please do post your pictures.

Thank you for posting all your suggestions and helping me with my questions.


08-13-2002, 07:09 PM
I don't have a digital camera either--well, not a "real" one, just this free one that DH got when we got our internet satellite service or something, and it STINKS! Anyway, what I've been doing is paying the extra $10 or so everytime I get my pictures developed at Wal-Mart and get them on CD. That way I can upload them to my Yahoo! account for all the friends/relatives to see. Of course now we have a Cannon All-In-One, so I could print out digital pics if I got a camera and some photo paper.

08-19-2002, 12:38 PM
Just wanted to mention that when I was at Target the other day, I noticed a lot of the stuff for their stars/moon pattern was marked down. So was some of the transportation and sports patterns stuff. Guess they're getting ready to come out with some new ones! I picked up the picture that goes with the transportation pattern (the decals I put on Evan's armoire) for about 30% off. I stopped myself from buying the toybox that looks like a truck--it was still over $20. Now I have to find a place to hang the picture in his room!

08-19-2002, 11:06 PM
Hey, Sue!

Thanks for the information about the sale at Target!

I was at BRU on Saturday with my mom and we were stocking up on last minute items for the baby. It's still hard for me to pass up all the cute designs of bedding that they have at the store, but I did!! No, it was not will power, but the fact that I had so much other stuff in my cart and the thought of my credit card melting in the machine that stopped me! We had to get a new car seat, in addition to other essential items.

That was my last shopping spree. I went to the dr. on Friday and my blood pressure was elevated every time they took it and I had a trace of protein in my urine, so they tested me for pre-eclampsia. Got the results today and it was negative, but my BP is still elevated, so hubby and my mom have put me on unofficial bedrest and DD has offered to be my "servant".

Anyway, thanks for the information - maybe I can check the stuff on target.com. BTW, I ordered the Lands' End Do-It-All on Saturday to try out, based mainly on your recommendation. I don't know if they have revamped it or just gotten new colors, because they had a hard time locating the bag in the system. When they did find it, it had a new item number. It should be here in the next couple of days. Can't wait to get it!

Good to hear from you!

Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and baby boy on the way (9/30/02)

08-20-2002, 11:55 AM
Based mainly on MY recommendation. Boy! I hope you like it. ;-)

I looked at a bunch of diaper bags at Target and TRU on Saturday, just out of curiousity mainly, and I didn't see any that I liked better than the one I have. There were some that were comparable, but none that were "better."

BTW, I have the bag in Woodland Sage. Can't remember if that's one of their current colors. I did one of those "first time mommy" things and got the color because it went with my Graco "Monster" Travel System--in the Sawgrass pattern which is sort of sage and yellow. So I asked Lands' End to monogram our last name on it in pale yellow. He he! Regardless, I probably liked that color best, anyway, and I like the "subtleness" of the monogram. I guess it's subtle.

Take care!

08-20-2002, 08:33 PM
OK, based on your recommendation and that of others, as well as the Fields. That will take the pressure off of you if I hate it! (LOL). You and some of the other posters did give the bag very high ratings, and I need one for those all day out events with DD (who has decided to trade being indoors taking ballet to being outdoors in the winter playing soccer. I haven't signed her up yet - I guess I'm hoping the longer I wait, they won't have any spots available!!). I also got the Little Tripper and really like it so far too.

DH and I bought a quart of paint today to try out in the room. It's called Snowdrop by Duron. Hopefully, it will turn out OK. We were actually trying to match it to the blue color in a sleeper I bought on Saturday, because it was such a pretty color of blue. I'll let you know how it turns out. I am feeling better today due to the "bedrest", so I am hoping to venture out to Target tomorrow and check out the sale on the stars and moon stuff, since that is what DD really wants to decorate her little brother's room.

I'll let you know if I get anything! BTW, I ordered the do-it-all in a new color called Sapphire Blue. I hope it will be pretty, because I have no idea what it looks like! Woodland Sage is no longer available for the bag on the internet, and when I called Customer Service, they told me the colors available were black, navy, bright red, and sapphire blue.

Thanks again!


08-21-2002, 10:26 PM

I got on target.com and saw a few things for the stars and moon theme and the tranportation theme. Was it just a few items that you saw on sale, or the entire lines? They only had a few of the items on sale on the website. I didn't get to Target today, but will tomorrow after taking DD to school. I'm all for getting things on sale. I will also be checking out Marshall's and TJ Maxx, since they are in the Target shopping center.

I also posted a note to you under the stroller/diaper bag forum about the Do-It-All bag. It came today and has been redesigned from what you see on the website. You can read the post under the other forum. So far, I like it, but the interior bottle pockets (the bottle pockets are now inside) don't hold the large avent bottles too well. Of course, DS will make the decision about which bottles he likes (I just have a lot of Avent, because my SIL gave me hers - all I had to do was get nipples).

I may stop by JoAnn's ETC. tomorrow too and look at the wooden letters you were telling me about.



08-22-2002, 04:59 PM
Okay, I know this thread is getting a little "out of hand," but too bad! LOL! I suppose we could start a new one? NAH!

The stuff that was on sale was everything in the line except for the more "general" things--like the shelves with the plastic bins for toys. I think they consider that part of the Transportation line, but since it doesn't have cars and trucks on it, I guess it wasn't on sale. But the twin bedding, the clock, the mirror, etc. was. I didn't pay too much attention to the stars and moon stuff since it was alreay kind of picked over (and I don't really need any of it). But I remember thinking, "I have to get online and tell Toni it's on sale!" LOL!

Hmmm....I don't think I'd like the bottle pockets on the inside of the bag. I use them for putting the "empty" sippy cups in when Evan's done. And I used them to hold large bottles of water when we were on vacation.

Good luck and happy shopping!

08-29-2002, 01:13 PM
Hi Toni -

I actually took the very simple approach to decorating our nursery (and I'll try to attach a link for you below). The bedding is Balboa Blue from Cottontale designs, and honestly, all you really see is the printed fitted sheet and the blanket (which will never get used because it is too thick) draped over the end of the crib for now. One suggestion is to get the fitted sheet in whatever design you chose, and invest in a couple of the "Ultimate Crib Sheets" that lies on top of your fitted sheet (is white) and attach with snaps around the slats in your crib. It still allows you to see the design of your printed sheet, and yet makes it much easier to do laundry because all you do is pull off the Ultimate sheet. (my friend swears by it).
For the room, I stenciled (minimally) and purchased curtains at a discount curtain warehouse really cheap (I think they cost me a total of $30 for 6 panels for our bay window).
I picked up a framed print at Linens N' Things in the clearance bin that actually went well with the theme (sailboats/lighthouses), and also a small little end table that is a lamp table near my glider (cost me $25). Everything I bought, I got on clearance and only bought things that I really loved and thought would work well. We bought a couple of unpainted shelves and hat racks from Home Depot and painted them ourselves.
There really is so much you can do, but believe it or not, less is better! Once you have all the baby things in there (like the mobile on the crib and other toys), they tend to overshadow any major decorating anyways (in my opinion).
Well, here is the link to my nursery page if you are interested. I see you're do not long after me (9/19) - hope you are feeling well in these last few weeks and good luck!


NY Mom
08-29-2002, 03:44 PM

It looks beautiful!!

One of these days I have to get aroung to taking pics of my nursery!


08-29-2002, 08:26 PM
Love the nursery- you did such a great job decorating on a budget. You've inspired me to think I can do it too! Did you say your bedding was by Cottontale? I loved the cushy, sailboat wall hanging.

I'm curious if you went with the diaper genie. I've been trying to find out if the type I got is any good, but no one seems to know much about it (Diaper Dekor).


08-30-2002, 12:05 PM
Hi, Rhonda!

Thank you for taking time to post and for the attachment. The room is adorable. I wonder how DH would feel if I asked him to build a bay window in the baby's room(LOL)?

You and so many of the ladies who have posted on this thread have been such a big help in helping make decisions regarding decorating and doing it on a budget.

I have a question - do you like the nursery organizer that you have by the changing table? We don't have the money for a dresser right now and our changing table has 2 open shelves, so I was thinking of getting the organizer or just putting plastic bins on the shelves to hold his clothes. We got the Diaper Depot to attach to the side of the changing table to hold diapers, wipes, creams, etc., but we still need a way to organize and store his clothes, etc.

Ladies, I would love to see your nurseries, so please attach pictures if you can!!

Toni - mom to Katherine(5/19/96) and Andrew (edd 9/30/02)

08-30-2002, 04:29 PM
Thanks Christina -
I actually went with the Diaper Champ as opposed to the Diaper Genie. Reason being, my friend said it really is a pain to buy the refills on the Diaper Genie. She went and bought the Diaper Champ and loves it because it uses regular tall kitchen garbage bags. I went purely on her advise. I don't know much about Diaper Dekor, but have seen it in the store. Let me know how you like it!

08-30-2002, 04:33 PM
Toni -
I got the nursery organizer at Babies R Us and it is pretty sturdy - holds a lot of things too. I can't remember what it costs, but it wasn't much ($20?) and it's worth it to store you frequently used items.. for me, I got it to put bibs, burp cloths and bath items in. There is a compartment (on the left) that has a lift top. I use that to store my wipes and supplies in. I say go for it - it has lots of shelves and things to store those extra clothes in.


08-30-2002, 09:18 PM
I saw the same organizer Rhonda uses at Target today. I didn't check the price but I'm sure it's around 20 bucks.
They also have the quilt clips I've been looking for, but didn't know where to find. Little stars that hold a quilt or, in my case, blanket up on the wall. Can't wait to get started!!!


08-30-2002, 10:34 PM
I've posted about these before, but thought I would mention them here again. They are unfinished quilt hangers that you can stain or paint to match your decor/quilt. There's a little marble between the blocks of wood that holds the quilt in place, so it's rather easy to get the quilt in and out. I haven't used them in the nursery (2nd story of a Cape Cod and no wall space left), but I have used them elsewhere. They are $9.99/pair at my JoAnn's, and I am on their mailing list, so I just use the 50% off coupons they send me all the time.


When I get around to posting pictures of Evan's nursery maybe I'll get around to posting pictures of the decoratice painting I've done on some of these. I think everytime I do them I get more and more elaborate to match the blocks of the quilt! LOL! But you could always do a simpler motif to match the nursery theme.

08-25-2003, 11:02 PM
I'm the one that has the Boynton set. Chances are there's one like mine on eBay. They show up there more often then I originally thought when I bought mine.

I didn't buy the letters until after Evan was born since we weren't 100% positive he was going to be a he and not 100% sure on the name. But the letters (wood turnings? I think they call all the wood things) do go on sale quite often.

We don't have any of the JoAnn Etc. stores around here. Probably just as well, although it would be nice to be able to take the classes they offer.

Yes, I love the Lands' End Barnyard print, too, but they came out with that after I got all my stuff. The sheets I have are the older "Quack! Oink! Moo!" print--which was more pastel.

I'll attach a picture of Evan's room how it appeared just after he was born--the lampshade and letters weren't done yet, and we've since added an armoire painted to match the dresser. But at least it gives you an idea of what his room looks like. That's the Boynton pattern on the piloow on the rocker. We had the rocker for a long time before we had Evan. Otherwise that would have been a different one (that matched better), but we weren't going to spend the money on a new one. Although I often wish I had one with padded arms. :-)

I'll glad I could help with some suggestions. I like to pass on any ideas I can think of for "creative decorating."

P.S. I was up at 2:30am painting the knobs for Evan's dresser the Saturday before he was born (he was born on a Sunday--16 days early). I would often wake up in the middle of the night and spend time working on craft or quilt projects. Gotta love the "side effects" of pregnancy. :-) But I think Evan recognized the sound of the sewing machine once he was out of the womb!