View Full Version : Koala Baby Bedding

08-11-2002, 06:50 PM
Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of this bedding? I saw it offered in Babies R Us and wondered what others have encountered with it.

Thanks for the help!
Tracy R - NJ

08-15-2002, 12:28 PM
Don't know about the sheet. But they have inexpensive solid color sheets,bumpers,and dust ruffles that may match whatever your color scheme is. I had a few great patterned sheets from California Kids and Company Kids (good sales sometimes) that all had red in them somewhere, so I bought a solid red dust ruffle from Koala. Solids are hard to find otherwise. You don't want to change the dust ruffle and bumper every time you put on a new sheet. Wasn't going to buy the bumper, and had researched the book about the best bumpers, ties on top and bottom, etc, but at about 4 mos my son kept getting his leg caught in the rails. I refused to shell out >$80 for a better made bumper that he'd only use for a few months. He's 6mos now, probably doesn't really need it anymore since he's moving around better, and could probably extract his leg if he needed to. But I must say that this bumper is REALLY flimsy. One tie broke off already. There are only ties on top, so the whole thing flips up, down, and all around. Sometimes he still gets his leg wedged underneath and through the rail. But I really like the sheets I bought elsewhere because they have elastic that goes all the way around.