View Full Version : Anyone order from iMaternity?

12-18-2000, 10:46 PM
Found some items I liked for reasonable prices on iMaternity? Anyone ordered from them? Good company? Heard anything? Please let me know. Thanks.

01-16-2001, 11:49 AM

I also found their prices reasonable. I just ordered from them last week. I haven't received my order yet. I'll check back in and let you know. These were the most fashionable/affordable clothes out of the stores and web sites I visited so far.

01-19-2001, 02:26 PM
I just received my order today and I am very happy with it!

02-17-2001, 04:58 PM
Thanks for the tip. Let us know if there are any other good sites for clothing out there. Thanks again.

05-03-2001, 01:18 PM
I placed an order with them about 2 months ago, received the item but decided to return it (quality was fine, I just thought the material was too heavy for Springtime). They handled the return just fine and exchanged the item for a couple of other things without any additional shipping charges. The new items arrived quickly and without any problems.

No complaints about iMaternity! In fact, I was thinking about placing another order soon.

05-13-2001, 10:07 AM
iMaternity's stuff is okay. Just do NOT order any Dan Howard line clothing. I have not been happy one bit with their slacks. They are overly heavy, expensive, and the quality is just not worth the price. If you have read the book "Baby Bargains" , Dan Howard's stuff weighs in with a grade of 'D'. I would personally rate them an 'F'. I just wish that I had read Baby Bargains before I bought these things. Dan Howard's return policy is also bottom of the barrel, too. (No refund, just exchange).
Their coupon offers are not that great , either.
I am glad if just one person saves time and trouble by reading this.

06-27-2002, 08:34 PM
I found Plus Size maternity clothes at iMaternity that were really a lifesaver. The arrived with hangars and fast. No complaints.