View Full Version : A suggestion to moms on the go with formula( Powdered and maybe concentrated)

06-26-2001, 04:40 AM
I haven't check all of the message yet so I'm not sure if anybody have ever talked about this. But this is a pretty good idea for those who are using powdered formula. ( This idea is widely known to formula feeding moms in Japan.)

When you go out with your baby, how do you take the formula? For most moms, I assume they take the mixed one in a bottle already.
But that's not a very good way to do since bacteria will start growing up not too long after you fix the formula. And if you are sure to go on the road for a while and you don't know when he/she want to be fed??? Note: I will talk about the powdered formula but you can still use the idea--hot water and cold water--for the concentrated formula.

OK, my whole idea is that you can fix the "fresh" formula on the spot for your baby with these items I mention below. Well, it's been a kind of while since my son had graduated the formula, I might forget some. I will try my best.

How about buy yourself a sleek stainless steel thermos bottle, may be a size of 16oz. or bigger, which is just like the one you can see at the starbucks at about $29. (You can use any kind of bottle, but this kind is more durable and not using glass inside. Also, it's much smaller than the one using glass inside and plastic outside.) Fill the hot water in the thermos.

Also, get a one small plastic bottle of 7-up or coke or "that kind". Or you can just buy and use the bottled water. Fill the cold water and take with thermos bottle.

Now, for the formula, you have 2 choices to do according to which kind of bottle you want to use, regular plastic one or disposable one.

*** If you want to go with a regular plastic one, either you can pre-fill the bottle with amount of formula you want or use "divided" formula container or small ziplock for the formula.(You can still use the disposable bottle's bag to make pre-mesured packet folding and taping the top, like mentioned below)In this case, you can either fill "only" formula or "only"water in a bottle in advance. But don't forget to make some more bags.
Also you might want to take some extra nipples if you always want to use the clean one.

*** If you go with disposable one, just fill the amount you need in a bag, fold the top of the bag 3-4 times ,"tape it" and put it aside. Do not forget to put one prepared bag( or empty bag ) in a bottle case with nipple if you don't want to exposure the inside of the nipple in a diaper bag. You might want to take some extra nipples in a bag. (AVENT has the perfect case for their nipples.)
You can use the clip like the one from AVENT instead of taping the top. Don't forget make some more bags with formula.

By this way, you can "already mesure" the formula in advance and can prepare as many as you want without hasstling and spilling the power on your lap.

OK, it seems like this method is troublesome for you but it's ready to go now.

On the road, when your baby need formula, just fix the formula and feed.
****NOTE : When you fill the hot water in the either bottle, try fill small amount and add some cold water right away. (Try not to fix at one time pouring hot and cold water, or formula will just get stick in the bottom) Then shake(regular bottle) or rub tthe bottom (disposable one). Also it's better to do this way for any plastic ware not to release any "bonding chemical" into the formula by the hot water.
I will mention this later.

Anyway, how is the idea? If you like it, give a try for your next going out with your baby.

Have a nice day!!