View Full Version : need bottle warmer recommendation

12-03-2001, 11:11 PM
i need a bottle warmer recommendation to use with avent disposables. has anyone used the baby tec bottle warmer sold by one step ahead? it looks good and the description says that it does not overheat bottles and can be used with disposables, although i thought i read somewhere that the description is wrong and it cannot be used with disposables.

i have the new avent system and hate it. it doesn't work well with the disposable bag. the heating is inconsistent, and i don't understand when the bottle is ready (the light goes off for a while and then on for a while--no blinking just off and on randomly). also, mine leaks water.

i have seen good and bad review for the other two popular warmers (dusk to dawn and night and day). there doesn't seem to be a clear standout. everyone has something bad to say about all of them! i sure would like one that doesn't overheat, heats consistently, works with avent disposables, and is easy and quick to use. is there one out there like that?