View Full Version : need breastmilk storage / pump bag /disposable liner recommendation

12-06-2001, 07:33 PM
i would like to buy one bag that i can pump straight into with my medela pump and style pump. then, i would like to be able to store the milk in that bag in my freezer. then, i would like to heat the bag in a bottle warmer. and last, i would like to be able to put that bag in my avent disposable liner holder and feed my baby out of that bag (now a liner). is there one bag that will do all of that?

the gerber seal and go bags cannot be heated in a bottle warmer. the avent bags seem to leak if you even look at them funny, so i am hesitant to store them in the freezer. i am even a bit hesitant to use them in my avent bottle warmer because they seem so flimsy! however, i am concerned about using any bag with the avent dispoable system that is not avent (afraid of leaks there too). any ideas? money is not a concern--just convenience is. thanks.

12-12-2001, 04:56 PM
I only know that Medela has some pretty good storage bags, 50 for about $20. I don't know if they will do all that you hope for, good luck!

Minnie Mouse
12-12-2001, 09:20 PM
I am working and pumping for my 4.5 month old daughter using the following...

Medela PIS
Avent Disposable Bottle System (with a few of their traditional bottles)
Gerber Seal & Go Bags
Medela Milk Storage Bottles

I started out using the Isis at home and just using the traditional bottles for occasional use. When I started back to work we started using the disposable for daycare (as planned). I started with the Avent bags and you're right, they leaked all over the place...even with their clips which are very difficult to use correctly.

Then I switched to the Gerber bags. These are definitely the MOST convenient and easy to use...although pricey for a box of 25 they are $6.99 at Babies R Us and $5.99 at WalMart. Target also sells them, not sure of their price.

This is what I do... Pump into the Medela bottles and store the bottles in the fridge at work during the day...and for the ride home in the cooler compartment. At night I gather together the bottles and balance them out so I have 4oz for each. [this is what dd typically drinks] At this point I pour each of the 4oz bottles into the Gerber bags after putting dd's name on it, the date and a 4 to denote the amount...sharpie markers are great.

I bring 3 bags(bottles) to day care each day...MWF I place one fresh one in the freezer and use one from my freezer stash to rotated the oldest milk out (about 1.5 months old)...TT I give them all fresh milk.

DD only has to thaw 3 bottles a week that way. They Do Not use a bottle warmer or a crock pot (common at day care centers), but put it in a cup of warm water, replacing the water until it thaws. It takes about 20 minutes or so. The fresh ones they warm up the same way...just to room temp or so.

This way you don't even need the warmer at all and you have the convenience of using the Seal and Go bags.

I have some bags as back up with me at work, but frankly find it a lot easier to pump straight in to the Medela bottles. Many times I do not get enough out of one side to make up a bottle and I find the oz markings on the side of the bags(all of them, not just gerber) to not be accurate..and the bottles definitely are very accurate.

So this is what I do in practice...I hope it helps...


Oh, BTW...put a rubber band around each of the cones (at the neck) and attach it to your nursing bra hook (only top ones). The suction helps keep it on and you don't have to hold the horns through the entire pumping session!!