View Full Version : more on pumps and milk sorage

02-04-2002, 11:39 PM
Hi! I plan on breastfeeding but I know that I will have to use a pump part-time when I go back to work. Luckily my sisters-in-law have hand-me-down pumps for me to use (Ameda and Medela)although I haven't decided which pump I like best yet.

My plan is to store and freeze expressed milk in plastic storage contaners (not bags) and/or reusable bottles. My concern is bottle compatibility with the pumps. My sister-in-law who used the Ameda claims that all bottles, storage containers and nipples are interchangeable. Yet, when I researched the different brands, some brands like Avent need an adapter(?) if I want to use Avent storage containers w/ a non-Avent pump. I also recall reading in BB that not all nipples can be used with bottles that are not of the same brand.

Is there any brand of bottle, storage container and nipple which can be used without having to buy too many other accessories for the Medela or Ameda breast pumps?