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04-02-2002, 01:46 PM
I am mostly breastfeeding my son, but because of my situation, I am also supplementing with formula. I prefer soy to milk and currently am using Isomil Soy formula with Iron. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on this brand of formula or if there is a better brand to use? Thank you for your help!

04-02-2002, 03:20 PM
For a good discussion of various formulas, check out http://www.askdrsears.com/ and click on Bottlefeeding.

While Dr. Sears is very pro breastfeeding, there is also a lot of good information about formula feeding on this site. On this site, you'll note that while there are often very good reasons to give a baby soy formula, most doctors recommend using a milk-based formula as the first choice.

In general, as long as you are using a commercially purchased formula (not a "home-made" formula) from a reliable retailer, they are all nutritionally complete and meet the same safety standards. The main differences between formulas and brands are their various protein sources and compositions (this info is on the Dr. Sears site). The "best" formula is the one that agrees with your baby.