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05-13-2002, 01:47 PM
I am due with my 1st baby in August and am planning on returning to work approx. 12 weeks after the baby is born. Based on my research, it seems that the Pump In Style is what I want.

I have one friend who has one from 1996 and one who has one from 1997 that are willing to let me use theirs - obviously I would purchase new "personal parts". My questions is if there are differences, and if so, what are they, b/t the model on the market now and those? Any help, advice, suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!



05-21-2002, 05:16 PM
breastpumps are single-user products, therefore it is inadvisable to borrow someone else's pump. the FDA recommends against sharing pumps. (rental pumps are the exception to the rule, because the pump is basically just the motor, and you purchase a new collection kit to use with it.)

also, pumps from '96 or '97 may not be able to get replacement parts if something breaks, because they have probably modified the design slightly. you'd have to contact a medela dealer (like a rental station) to find out the exact differences between models.

the PNS pumps are coming down in price, and have lots of nifty features nowadays. if i were you, i'd just bite the bullet and buy a pump of my own. a pump for under $200 costs less than 2 months of formula (if you figure formula is ~$150 a month, even for the cheap stuff).

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05-22-2002, 10:01 AM
I know Medela says that the pumps are only single user pumps, but the Fields said that used pumps are okay, and I have to agree with them. I've been using a borrowed pump for the past 6 months and it has worked fine for me, no problems at all. It is an older pump. I'm not sure of the year, but I know it's pre-1999. The friend that I borrowed it from is due in a few weeks, so I just got a newer one (2000). The newer one is definitely more powerful. It takes less than 10 minutes vs. the 15 that I had been accustomed to. I don't why. However, I'm really grateful I didn't have to shell out the bucks earlier while we were still buying all of the other stuff for our son. The borrowed one was a godsend.

Good luck with your decision!

06-05-2002, 04:44 PM
A friend gave me a 1996 Pump in Style and I have been using it for 5 months without a problem. I bought new "personal parts" designed for the latest Pump in Style (whichever model is on the market now) and they fit fine.

In terms of what's different on the new models, the new pumps offer 5 speed settings (both old & new pumps have low-med-high suction settings). The new ones also have cuter collection bottles (both new and old bottles fit the old pump, but the old lids don't fit the new bottles). The old models have a slightly different snap closure on the pump's external carrying bag. That's it.

So the old pump probably will work fine for you. Having said this, I STILL feel a little guilty about re-using a pump, even though I have had no problems whatsoever and a lot of people do it.

You'll have to go with your gut. Good luck!

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06-26-2002, 09:53 AM
hi, i know this post is old, but just in case you were looking for more feedback...I think it is perfectly fine to borrow a pump from friends...it shouldn't make a difference for all of the reasons other people have given. If you end up scared to borrow and want to buy new, I would suggest going on e-bay, you can get brand new ones for a lot cheaper. They even sell the new Medela one that is backpack style. (this style isn't available at Babies R Us). Good luck!